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If you have a desire or need to work from home for yourself, the entrepreneur opportunities are plentiful if you know where and how to get started, and especially knowing the in’s and out’s of getting started. Understandably most individuals feel like that first step could be in comparison to  jumping off a cliff. A frightening thought and a major step for most goal seekers, dreamers and opportunist.

In today’s’ world people are not finding desirable career opportunities with

midsize and large corporations. And now especially after the economic crash, many individuals are turning back, and taking advantage of the micro business, entrepreneur lifestyle.

If you think about it, that is how our world as we know it now came to be. For example, farmers, blacksmiths, panhandlers, street vendors, seamstress, individuals from all works of life used their skills and craftsmanship in order to maintain their own business, not only for survival but to keep the family afloat. Independent individuals who had a skill, knew a craft would set up a small shop or a personalized service and made a living on their own instead of working for someone else.

Now with the internet and television  shows like Shark Tank, people are finding great opportunities to use their creative thinking, making great choices, and building their own business faster than ever before.


Which road will you take:


Work for someone else, be controlled by their hours that they demand you to be there.

Accept the pay or little pay they seemingly think is a generous amount.

Keep dreaming of hitting the lotto…(your chances are better to get his by lightning)

Keep scraping by, month after month

When you work for someone else you are giving up your freedom and your right to be totally in control



So, do you work for yourself…be self employed, or go out and trade your precious time for whatever they want you to do?


There is a group (yes you can be part of this group)  that understands the power of working for yourself. They figure out how to increase their income flow instead of cutting back, eliminating, downsizing and always having that fear of job loss.

They are finding ways to be self employed, and fulfilling their desires and dreams.

I’m sure you have heard of this saying, “You will never get rich working for someone else”



What you need to do to work at home for yourself, start your own business, be self employed, be an entrepreneur:

Step 1   it all starts with figuring out what you can do, your skills, knowledge, expertthAVN06BL5ise, the services you can offer.

Step 2   make a plan, get creative, make something happen.  Share it with the world or share it with your community.   Offer something of value, how can you help other people, what do people complain about? What do they care deeply about?

Help solve their problems, their money issues.  Give them their solutions, give them their entertainment, their enjoyment.  Give them quality and value.

Step 3   learn to take responsibility, learn to do better work that strengthens your beliefs and your work ethics.


If you know it or not….you already have knowledge and skills that can be applied elsewhere.  You have to know how to apply them and where to start.


Think about this….. a small idea can turn into a river of success.

Yes, it can happen to you!

I can hear you saying, but where, what, how? I don’t have a business education, I don’t have any proper skills, I don’t know how to get started. I don’t know what to offer.


Your skills, knowledge + people’s problems = success

Today I am not going to give you fish to eat  – I am going to give you sources on how and where to fish.


  • people don’t want details and long drawn out scenarios…they want the product, the money, the results, they want their problems solved for them.
  • offer freedom for these people – to escape from the daily issues and problems that drag down their world
  • what do people really want? … They want more of something and less of something else.


Wait, what?

  • they want more of the good things, more money, more of what makes them happy, secure, enjoying life.
  • They want less of the conflicts, the issues, the problems, the work, the headaches


Fashion your business idea around helping people

If you could start up even one excellent source of continuous flowing income, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity for a better future?

 Now image the very possibility of being in control of 2, 3, 5,  or even more passive income sources.

You can work from home for yourself. Learn to create real value by giving people what they want. Find a way to improve someone’s life, give quality and value, by offering something to improve someone’s life or to eliminate the pressures of life.



Recommended source:   You gotta check out a New York Times Bestseller, The $100  Startup. Author Chris Guillebeau, shows you how to transform an idea into a successful “work from home for yourself” type of business. Thousands have discovered a huge variety of ideas, and workable tips. They have developed ideas that have blossomed into personal achievements and unbelievable home based business opportunities. 

Also make sure you check out his most recent book called Born For This: How To Find The Work You Were Meant To Do. Chris writes about the method to having your dream job.


Learn to reinvent yourself…Angela


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  1. Eddy

    Thanks for writing this article. I agree that working for yourself is the best option. You get to dictate how much you’re worth and what you do with your time. And no job can provide such freedom. I’ve actually read the book you recommended and I love it. I continue to listen to it to get ideas. So It’s a good recommendation!

    1. Angela

      Hey Eddy,

      Thanks for the great comment. People do not realize the opportunities that are available to them when they work for themselves. When working for someone else you are making that company or that person rich.

      I am glad you are enjoying the $100 Startup Book. Help me spread the word to others!


  2. Nikos

    Today the cost of starting an online business is actually pretty low. Compared to the “real’ world it’s actually a lot cheaper and easier to create your own business online. If you can offer valuable information and solutions to people’s problems you can attract customers. Like you said if you learn to reinvent yourself you can build a successful business.

    1. Angela

      Hello Nikos, Thanks for your interesting and informative remark, now how do we get half of the population to think the same way as you and I do?



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