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Finding a decent well paying job seems sometimes impossible to the average everyday worker, but great and exciting alternatives can be found and it is obvious from the millions of people who have already turned away from a dead end job and an unstable economy. Considering and finding rewarding work at home jobs for the individuals who need or want to work, is a fantastic option compared to getting out in the actual work force when faced with personal difficulties or complications, dealing with family issues, health issues or just the idea of working for someone else.

What it comes down to is that people hate their boring, end of the road jobs. For some reason when we all grow up and no longer have our childish ways, our imagination and creativity also seems to fade away. Leading up to an average boring work day, fighting traffic, backstabbing the boss, frustration and anger sets in.

Work at home jobs for the average person might seem exciting or be tempting but reality sets in when   an individual comes full circle of the realization of total commitment, setting and maintaining quotas, some times boring and frustrating work involved, and the scary decision to venture out on their own to possibly quit a job.

 at home an individual who can put in commitment, dedication and uninterrupted long hours ,will lead to an outcome of self accomplishment, increase income, and many times the opportunity to advance in a career or starting a rewarding home based business.

Finding work at home, telecommuting jobs or remote jobs shows us that no matter what age or home life situation, people are attempting to make a change and demonstrates a variety of different reasons as to why they need to or want to work at home.

A few examples of people who need or want to work out of their home:

  • Moms/dads want to stay at home with young children
  • Senior citizens wanting to supplement their retirement income
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals/families who need to have an extra source of monthly income
  • People who do not like to deal with the public face to face
  • Entrepreneurs building their own ideas, projects, business

Working at home, or out of a spare room in your house is not new, and in our unstable world there definitely is not a shortage of people who are discovering new and exciting options from being productive out of their home and loving it.

Now a days, corporations are taking into consideration the structure of the family lifestyle and are catering more to their employees who either need to be at home or who prefer working out of the home with the hours that fit into their schedule. Many are becoming independent workers, contracting with big business in one form or another.

To their advantage, Corporations are realizing that positions such as telecommuting reduces overhead expenses, and allows for employees to be available at all hours and not just the 8- 5 Monday through Friday work schedule.

While looking for work at home, remote jobs, or telecommuting positions, whatever you want to call it, look for legitimate trusted companies that have a track record of recruiting and hiring for such positions.

Here is just a few of the major companies that have offered remote job opportunities …
  • Teletech
  • Apple
  • Xerox
  • Kaplan
  • ADP
  • United Health Group’
  • Humana
  • Flex Professionals LLC
  • Magellan Health Services
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • CVS Caremark
  • Ecolab
  • American Heart Association
  • Hartford Financial Services Group
  • Converys
  • Anthem
  • Forest Laboratories
  • Aspen
  • New Teacher Project
  • Perficient Inc
  • Unisys
  • First Data
  • Amazon
  • Alpine Access
Surveys have shown that the best areas to look at when considering working from home include such opportunities as:

Writer/editor – writing and blogging can be fun and a chance to share your knowledge

Computer tech support/web developer

Virtual assistant/data entry

Call center reps/customer service reps – providing a variety of options dealing with customers

Affiliate work – having your own website/being your own boss (this might be a good options for many readers)

Obviously it takes some time to find and establish yourself with a real company, so things will not happen over night. A priority warning is the clear variety of scams that suurrounds us and takes advantage of vulnerable individuals. For every one legitimate work at home position there are approx 75 phony or work scams being blasted on the internet in one way or the other. Make sure you find an established company that includes its name and contact numbers, where the company is able to answer any questions. If you are not familiar with the company, start with the Better Business Bureau and do some digging.

Finding work at home jobs for whatever your reason may take some work on your part (okay, it WILL take some work on your part). If you do not know where or how to begin this process, there are some wonderful sources available in the process of finding the almost perfect work at home job that would best fit your needs and wants. The trick is to find REAL companies.

You do have to put in the time and do the work. You will probably be an independent contractor, paying your own taxes, and any expenses. The big thing is to keep accurate records, and if possible dedicate a spare room or a designated area where you can spend some quiet time and maintain a business like atmosphere.

You will find hundreds of places to search for legitimate work at home jobs for the  dedicated, aggressive individual within yourself…(you just need to push yourself…how bad do you want it?)

I urge you to discover what is out there and take full advantage of the sources that I have mentioned here today. Best of luck to you on your venture to finding suitable income sources that work for you. Keep learning, keep building, don’t ever give up.


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  1. Jessica

    Hi Angela,
    I really enjoyed your post. You pointed out a lot of great reasons why working from home is now the “in” job that many people want for a variety of reasons. I know for me it all came about when I realized I wanted to work for myself and not any one else. I think many people have that same realization but don’t know where to get started. You seem to be providing a great starting point.

    1. Angela

      Yes, since everyone has different likes, dislikes and most certainly different lifestyles, I am giving people options and ways to get started…and that is the biggest thing… getting started

  2. Mike

    Hi Angela.

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading you article about finding work you can do from home. As most people tend to think that these opportunities are far and few between, or even too good to be true, it is wonderful that you are providing people with real world examples of how working from home is a very real possibility.

    You outline numerous avenues a person can pursue as well as provide a whole host of reputable and mainstream real world companies that are ALWAYS looking for workers.

    1. Angela

      I am doing my best to get the word out for opportunities for people of all ages who want to improve their retirement future. I will only give information on products and companies that I myself would feel comfortable with. Please come back and visit my site again and spread the word !!

  3. Heather Grace

    I am a stay at home mom after leaving a career two years ago. I have often wanted to work from home on something part time but the hours would need to be flexible because I still have small kids. It can be hard to find that kind of work. I found your article and the suggestions very helpful and plan to look into a few of those. Have you heard of cleaning up links for the search engines? I was thinking that might be an option as well…

    1. Angela

      Hey Heather,

      It is great that you can stay home with your children, cherish that time! I have not heard about cleaning up links, that is something that I will have to research. Come back and visit often!


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