Why Make New Years Resolutions?

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Why make new years resolutionsOkay so it is that time of year again, we are getting past the Christmas season and going into the new year. When it comes to resolutions, the majority of people wonder, why make New Years resolutions, is it really worth it? Is it just more hype? Or does it just lead to the routine failure?

Many people put forth an honest effort, but then they end up forgetting about their big idea, or just give up on their resolutions entirely.


So what is a resolution? Definition of resolution comes down to:

A firm decision to do or not to do something

  • The act of solving a problem or issue, dispute or confrontation



Sounds to me like it is the same as setting goals

Many people hang onto the fact that it is a chance to put the past behind them, to make positive changes to make improvements in their surroundings and personal lives.



magic in your mind



So why is it people make their resolutions but then it goes south?

Here is what I am finding out:

  • They don’t find the time to accomplish them
  • Seems like something else always gets in the way
  • They bite off more than they could chew
  • They totally lose interest and move onto something else
  • The majority of individuals set themselves for for failure by setting unrealistic goals
  • Not setting goals at all
  • Not keeping track of what they did or not did
  • Completely forgetting about what their resolution was


What type of resolutions are there?

There could be literally thousands, here are just a few categories: Why make new years resolutions

  • A commitment to finishing a project
  • An act of kindness to someone else
  • A personal goal that you want to reach
  • A self improvement goal, in the area of your health, finances, lifestyle
  • A promise that you made to yourself or to someone


Failure or forgetfulness

We can look at it as that people will start the year out going full force into a resolution or as some call it a promise, but then they fail at it.

Perhaps they took on too much

or life gets in the way.

or they did not plan out things properly

and then the time could be wrong.

For example,  with the whole losing weight idea, (the biggest resolution that millions of people claim they are going to do) that is great but here we are in the winter months and people are cooped up in their houses and they either have to drag themselves to the gym or buy expensive equipment to work out at home. And we all know where that equipment ends up at.

And again it does take tons of focus, determination and can cause a lot of stress. People don’t reanewyear-be-awesomelize it that their timing to start a resolution, at the start of a new year may not be right for them and their situation.


Whatever your resolution, your promise to yourself or to someone else, it is going to be a personal goal for yourself that you want to accomplish. So make it a good one.  One that you can hold dear to your heart, one that you can finish.


Don’t make it enormous and to far to stretch for.

Make it enough that you have to push yourself and work for it but just don’t make it beyond your reach. Take smaller steps. Instead of going on a major diet crash, try cutting down on portions, cut out the sugar, walk more each day.


What do you need to accomplish your new years resolutions?

Well let’s try some:

  • Commitment
  •  Follow through
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Being focused
  • Being true to yourself
  • Affirmations to keep you going
  • Writing things down, keeping lists, or using some sort of tracker



In my opinion lists are important

Make a list of small things you need to get done

Make a list of things you don’t want to work on, that you keep pushing off

Make a list of things you need to stop doing

Why make New Years resolutions?  Can we say that it is a mentality thing? Is it a society pressure issue? Does it come down to knowing how to control your success goals? Or perhaps it is about being focused and committed to achieve that final result? Whatever your answers are, keep your goals and resolutions to a minimum, but still find ways to stretch out to better yourself.

My total resolution is to better myself, healthy, wealth and mentally. I know I have to just keep moving forward.

Share your resolutions here.   


Never Stop Learning…Angela

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