Where Can I Sell My Crafts?

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I know a lot of you make crafts, jewelry,  pet items, unique items and woodworking products, but if you are like most people, I can hear it now, you are always looking for places to take your products perhaps to sell on your own or on consignment. Thousands of crafters are asking that same question of where can I sell my crafts, how do I get started, what are my best options, how do I sell online?  


Places to sell crafts:

You can always sell at flea markets in your area

The same goes for craft shows, fairs, and festivals in your area.

There are some major shows that happen each year and people will travel across the country to set up their stands to sell their wares.

One place you can get started is by contacting your state travel/tourism and business chamber of commerce to get specific details on locations in your own state and surrounding states.

People are selling their crafts, jewelry, toys, wood products, clothing, even specialized shoes on a variety of websites, so I just want to share a few sites that you might be able to connect with:











Directories of craft shows, festivals, fairs, everything crafts and more:


http://www.craftsfaironline.com/   here you will find some great information on nationathb6ep1gsrl shows, group shows, craft malls and organizations holding their own shows. There are ideas, instructions, and a message board that you can talk to other crafters. Also make sure you check out the part of information to create your own craft website.

http://festivalnet.com/  this website has a listing of over 26,000 events going on in North America. Anyone from artists, crafters, vendors and shoppers can find events, buy items,sell their own hand made items and use their resources to get connected. A great area I found was that you can check by each state and even in your area for events. With the holidays fast approaching this is a must to check out.

http://nationalcraftshows.com/ this website gives you listings of craft shows and fairs to benefit the needs of sellers, vendors, organizers and shoppers.

http://www.craftlister.com/  another great place to find listings of festivals, craft shows, newsletters, message boards, chatrooms, vendors and supplies 

http://www.artscraftsshowbusiness.com/ this is another site crafters use to check out events by individual states


Some of these connections offer help to build your own website to sell your crafts, which can turn into a fantastic home based business.



Art fairs, all types of events, Indie shows, music festivals, home and garden shows, arts in the parks, community gatherings, community holiday events, senior citizen centers are just a few ideas of where you could get started with setting up a table and selling your products.,  


 There are plenty of books on Amazon

that can be a great reference of advice!

I know a lady that made her own jewelry, she contacted a local hotel where she lived and was able to set up a table display in their gift shop. She did pay them a fee but she did quite well selling her handmade items and was able to move to a larger city where she continued her progress. She now sells online and works out of the comfort of her home.

Hopefully I gave you plenty of sites and ideas that will give you answers to that nagging question of, where can I sell my crafts?  Keep looking, one small idea can blossom into a much bigger  idea! You can find many opportunities, adventures, make new friends and find an amazing world of “all things crafts”.

  Never Stop Learning….Angela

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  1. working4nine

    Such a great idea for a website. I don’t know anyone who isn’t worried about whether they will have enough money to retire when the time comes. I know I feel that way. I do a lot of crafting but most of what I do is for family and friends. Not sure if I would ever have time to make things that I could sell in any quantity. Keep up the good work.

    1. Angela

      Thanks for the comments and for visiting my site. You need to give your crafting a try. You might be surprised at what you can do. I know that time management is a big issue for most people, they are too busy with their daily lives to think about having retirement money. That is why I am offering tips for people of all ages, when they are ready they will figure things out. Come back and visit often.



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