What’s The Best Home Based Business For Women

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I do not want to become Scary Mary, I will not become Scary Mary, a lost, undecided, do-nothing Mary!.

Allow me to explain, Scary Mary (last name withheld ) recently asked me the same question I hear from plenty of other people, what’s the best home based business for women? Scary Mary is seventy years old, she collects $1110 a month in social security, she still works a part-time job (out of necessity) earning approximately $360 a month making her monthly income $1,470.00. Talking with her recently, she broke down and told me details of her financial situation and her life style, where right now her monthly bills total just $50 less than her income and in the last year she was stressing out over her money. We went over her situation and bills, and together Mary and I determined the following details that literally forced her to face reality:

Mary owns her small home, which is in need of repairs

She has no savings

Mary’s income consists of social security and a part-time job (where she is afraid she will have hours cut in the near future)

She has downsized as much as she can

She could increase her income minimally if she stops paying on two credit cards

She could sell her car, but needs it for the part-time job, (the value is minimal)

Because of her bad credit she can not refinance her home

She has already turned to local senior services

If a repair or a replacement was required in her home or vehicle she could not cover it

She has cut down on her food budget as much as possible

She has no family in the area to help her

She has borrowed money from a few friends & still needs to repay them

She needs more income, but due to her age, does not know where to turn

It was obvious that the truth was hitting Mary, all she kept repeating was “I don’t know what to do”. The only answer she kept coming up with was that she did not want to go out and find another part-time job, but she kept mentioning that she wanted to work from home. Lucky for her, she was still in good health and her mental thinking was clear, yet Mary just needed to be shown a different direction to take instead of obtaining a dead-end, part-time job, with a twenty year old as her boss, and yes Scary Mary, you can have a home based business.

Mary’s situation is not an isolated case and she is actually not alone, millions of people of all ages are in the same boat, one bump in the road, one unexpected expense could cause financial disaster, turning into another homeless statistic.

In most cases homelessness is a temporary situation, yet there are many that experience it for a good part of their lives. A desperate need to earn extra money for bills, unexpected expenses and just providing for family, leads many to the same stale thoughts that encased Mary’s thinking, not knowing how to prepare for the future or any type of unexpected expense, and especially not having extra streams of income.

I started making a list of possible areas of opportunities that not only could she do on her own time but more importantly on her own terms. Telling her story and sharing ideas with the millions of people just like Mary, who are struggling every day, who are facing the possibility of job loss, facing retirement with little or no extra income, will absolutely benefit anyone who wants to make changes and not be in the same predicament that Mary is now dealing with.

Here is a variety of great ideas that anyone can do, figure out what your talents are, get started and then stay with it:

  • baby sitting, after school kid care, adult/senior/elder day care
  • cutting grass, maintaining flower beds and yards
  • sports announcing for local schools and/or sports tournaments
  • short story writing for local papers, specialty newsletters
  • be a personal assistant, caregiver companion
  • how about shopping for someone such as an elderly person, a disable person or even someone that hates shopping
  • delivery service – many major stores offer delivery but for a hefty fee (I recently purchased a bedroom set and the store wanted $85.00 to deliver and I live 2 miles away!) Obviously I found a source that did it for one third of the price. It made me happy and the independent person with a small delivery service happy
  • for anyone who likes to cook, make up fresh meals to sell (everyone is in a rush with no time to spend on making dinner)
  • can you tutor a student in a subject that you are good at?
  • with such a big fitness and diet craze, can you give advice on training/fitness/eating right
  • everyone knows something about something, how can you sell your advice
  • offer a pet sitting, pet walking service, a pet day care, many people do not want to put pets in kennels or cannot leave them alone for hours
  • flea market selling
  • Ebay selling
  • attic, basement, garage, house clean out, help someone clean up/clean out their house and sell the items on Ebay or at flea markets
  • can you perform minor household handyman jobs
  • be a consultant on a topic that you know about
  • become a household organizer, closets, basements, paperwork
  • people turn hobbies of making things into selling them for a decent profit
  • do you live in a resort area, sports city, convention area? Be a property manager to homeowners renting out their property on weekly, monthly basis
  • people are always looking for gift basket ideas, home made cakes, cupcakes, candies
  • give music lessons
  • write how to booklets
  • thousands of eager individuals are learning to build their own personal websites promoting what they love and making money doing it. There is a very simple way to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, try it out for free, get easy to follow steps, with tons of free expert advise. In answer to Scary Mary’s questioning of what’s the best home based business for women, I would tell her and anyone else, it is what you love to do.

Whatever road you take the most important thing to do now is:

determine your talents, your knowledge, figure out what you enjoy doing

start small, start early before you get into the same situation (hence, Scary Mary)

put the fear of failure behind you

stay with it, do not give up

do something positive for yourself

learn to have extra streams of income

DO NOT become another Scary Mary statistic


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  1. Guy Nadeau

    Hi Angela. I’m not even that age yet, but a few more months and I will be 50. Retirement seem to still be far away in a way since they plan to put it almost at 70… But it also looks a little bit scary since we don’t know if we will still have money left for us.

    So the future doesn’t look too bright. Many people like the lady you mentioned still have to continue to work if they want to make ends meet. It’s my goal too to be able to work from home. And I like the list of suggestions you put here. There are one or two I could probably do in my spare time.

    But there are at least two that caught my attention more than the others: Selling on eBay and building websites to promote products. I would like to learn more about these… is there a place I can go to do either one of these things?

    1. Angela

      Thanks for your words, Hopefully others will start doing something about their retirement. A good place to start is with Ebay. Just figure out what you like to do, what your hobby is, what pushes your button and then get started and stay with it!

  2. Marc

    I love the write up. I hadn’t thought about many off those services you listed. So what happened to Scary Mary? How did you help her out?
    Online marketing and building websites is a great thing to try and do. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn those skills. This can be for anyone not even just women.

    1. Angela

      This is a true story and I did go over all of these ideas with Mary, what she finally decided is to see if she can move in with her daughter (although she doesn’t really want to do this) to help cut her expenses and she is looking over a few of the idea to bring in extra money. I will keep everyone up to date on Mary’s progress

  3. Bryan


    This is a great way to help people find smart and easy ways to make money online . I also like how you show a constructive alternative for those who have retired. People today, especially those who are retired, are really interested to find out more ways of creating income.

    I hope that you are able to help a lot of people with your wealth of knowledge.



    1. Angela

      thank you! I know that there are thousands of scams out there, and people are getting taken each day. I will continue to do my best to present legitimate information

  4. Market Merchant

    I’m totally not at the age of retirement yet but it is defiantly always good to know what’s out there so when retirement does come around, we can all be prepared for it. I love your color scheme! Defiantly calming and welcoming and not so bright as to defect traffic!:)

    Thank you for the site and very useful information,

    Zach Campbell (Owner/Operator)
    Market Merchant (MM+)

    1. Angela

      Hey Zach,

      I’m on a mission to help educate EVERYONE about the need to do something concerning their own retirement and have a plan A and a plan B. thanks for the comment on my colors, I am doing my best to keep my site clean, sharp, professional looking and giving a variety of products and issues to read about.

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  6. Cathy

    Hi there Angela,

    Every woman that I know around me is good at at least one thing. My grandma was exceptionally good at making traditional cakes, my mom was a kindergarten teacher and my aunt is a fabulous seamstress.

    I am talking about the generation that didn’t know about using the internet. In fact, the digital world scares the hell out of them. All they know is to focus on one skill and make a living out of that.

    There are a lot of things that we can learn from them, but I find modern women are spoiled with choices and complained too much about what they don’t have (that includes me too).

    So the take home message is – find that one thing that you really like and make a business with it. And since we live in this era, you may as well learn how to create a website already.

    1. Angela

      you are right there are so many types of services that a person can get into, learn to be creative, learn to give extra ordinary service and keep at.

      Thanks for your remarks… I hope others take this info and achieve their own goals!!

    2. Angela (Post author)

      the United States was based on small businesses and I do see a come back to this type of commerce

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