What Is Theta Waves?

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What upsets me about life and huge masses of individuals is the issue of people that go through life with absolutely no plans for their future, never attempting to make positive changes. Amazingly  never to  figure out such things as,  what is theta waves or positive attitudes and especially what the affects of not making any type of attempts of achieving financial success or happiness in life.

I hate the fact that individuals (including myself at one time)  commit so much of their own personal time to someone else. I am talking about places of employment. You give them 40 or more hours a week for a wage that I know you do not think is enough (it never is). I realize everyone needs to work in order to provide, yet the majority of individuals are so narrow minded and do not think out of their safety zone.

I am a people watcher, yes I watch people, I listen to what people are What is theta wavestalking about, their stories, the problem of the day, their issues they have, and most of all of about how their own personal life stinks, sucks, is always the same old daily grind. They are literally stuck in a routine rut. What makes me angry, is that people will not, or absolutely have no idea of how to make changes to improve their lifestyles.

I see people with no regard for others in society, their surroundings, even their own health issues.  It just proves to me that the majority of people live an average or  below average, boring life. What makes me angry is that with struggling to make ends meet, providing for their families and surviving in this hectic society, true happiness and wealth is beyond their concept, people follow in the steps of their families before them, remaining in the lifestyle handed to them.

Here is an example most do not want to hear about: generations of families stay in the welfare, government assistance programs, because that is all they know, they teach their kids and grandkids, how to stay in the system.

I put individuals into five life categories. Some people are born  in wealth, some are born to be successful in life with ease, some figure out how to change their lifestyles for prosperous future, the fourth group is the average joe, just getting by each day, dreaming of a better tomorrow but it just never seems to happen, and the fifth is the down and out, deep in the gutter (I will not allow myself or you my reader to dwell here).

Why is it  that people just accept their lifestyle and do not even realize or make any attempt in the possibility of a better potential outcome? It  could be much greater by making changes. Remember the saying give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will have food for his lifetime.

You can make changes….

Do you ever ask the question of What is Theta Waves?  Or how can Theta Waves change your life?

Take a look at these issues

  • Can  you truly say that your are happy in your life right now? Everything is wonderful, there are no money problems, no family issues, no health issues?
  • Can you fully describe your present financial situation, and also outline your future financial goals and plans? Good, bad or just down right ugly?
  • What type of upbringing did you have? For most of us, we grew up poor, some of us grew up in poverty cities, with little advantages. Stuck in the same daily routine.
  • Is your lifestyle now just average, a wonderful, exciting, amazing lifestyle, or have you fallen so deep into a hole, you have no idea of how to get out?
  • Do you have good things happening in your life? Or do you allow your life to be a dull “flat line” with bad crappy issues always holding you back (for example: debt is dragging you down, you always have to pay out extra money for car repairs,  unexpected bills.
  • Does the lack of knowledge or lack of having advantages hold you back? Are you afraid to step outside of your “everyday dull routine”?
  • Are you like most individuals who have a fear of failure or a fear of change? Perhaps you don’t even care, perhaps you like to keep yourself in the downtrodden, debt filled lifestyle…perhaps.

Do you know how to make good things happen in your life?  Or do you seem to attract failure, the wrong type of people around you, never getting ahead in life?


People are not using their brain potential to even semi capacity, let alone full capacity.

So where do  you fall in my five categories of people? Remember those are my own personal types of people and how I categorize them. Perhaps you see it differently, that is your prerogative.  I invite you to leave me a comment on your thinking of my people categories.

Can you imagine how theta waves could possibly change your thinking and your future?

Are you successful in life?  Are you an average Joe or Jane?  Do you allow negative thoughts to fill your brain, hold you back and allow others or circumstances to completely take over your life?

My father always said to me, take care of the small things before they grow into large problems that will be costly to solve. Boy was he right!

I can hear you right now, “What is Theta Waves” and what do I need to do right now?

You can learn how to  change your future lifestyle and how to:

Eliminate the mental blocks that hold you backthH1TCY4LI

Find the positive in all situations

Learn to align your thoughts, your daily activities, and your natural talents  reprogram your thinking

Get the over worked, stressed out situations eliminated from your life

Find the exact ways for your own, personal growth,

Achieve fantastic results concerning your wealth, success, happiness,  and financial freedom

Life is what you make it, so take the pennies in your life and figure out how to make them into dollar bills, and keep advancing. The trick is to do it as easily as possible, with little stress, and in a short amount of time.

 What is Theta Waves and what it can do for your life can only be determined by you. No one is going to do it for you.

Where will you find the answers you seek? You will find them when you look within yourself. Continue to always grow your knowledge and trust in yourself for making positive actions and finding success that you seek. Start your theta waves journey right now.

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  1. RenO

    Honestly, I have not heard Theta waves ever in my life before. I agree with what you said, though. Most people now don’t have plans to do with their future, they just live as it is. And people around me doing that : not trying to achieve financial success of happiness in life. And I think I do that too in some phase of my life, I just feel like I don’t want to do anything. So, thanks for your article! It gives me some inspiration!

    1. Angela

      People do get in ruts and just go through their lives with no direction or understanding as to what life is about. Sad to say many people are “wasted” on drugs, crime, and lack of knowledge. I have had periods of time myself where I just felt stuck in a hole, but I found ways that worked for me, and I am offering products, tips and ideas to people who visit my site. Hopefully people will see the “light” and find changes to enhance their lives.

  2. Kevin

    This is a very interesting article that you posted. I find myself wondering the same thing, as I quietly observe others and do my best to advance my lifestyle. The same question comes up, are they content with their lifestyle? Am I content with my lifestyle? I am glad that you brought this up because I was searching for something similar recently.Regardless, Thank you for the information.

    1. Angela

      Hello Kevin, I am glad you enjoyed the theta waves and yes there is a lot you can learn from this. I can tell just from the little information you wrote here that you are committed to making changes in your life and finding your own personal success! Good Luck to you and remember never stop learning as you continue on your life journey. Come back and visit often!



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