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What Is The Magic In Your Mind“What is the magic in your mind? It could have different meaning to people of different upbringings and lifestyles. Yet people that “get it”, know, that everything that happens to them starts in the mind.

Your environment. your surroundings and all the people in your so called bubble, people that you associate with, and come in contact with, your beliefs and lifestyle, will  all have an affect on what goes on in your life.

Take into consideration and understand that “what is the magic in your mind” is all about,

  is you developing, managing and using your fullest potential to build your most perfect life, your creative knowledge, your ultimate goals to achieve whatever it is that you want out of life.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life, if you truly have the desire and the proper understanding, you can find the power to make things happen.  You mental facilities can be transformed into the performance that will totally enhance your life.   

If you have a strong desire to make things happen in your life, they will happen and understanding the process and kick starting what the “Magic in your Mind” program has to offer will speed up the process like going at max speed.

what is the magic in your mind

  • You have the ability to change the process of the reality in your life.
  • People that have that magic understanding have found out how to:
  • Work and achieve higher  mental facilities and thought process
  • Have a better understanding as to what is going on around them
  • Take advantage of extraordinary opportunities that others totally miss out on
  • Learn how to use thought to get themselves  going in the right direction

People are jump starting their quality of life using specialized techniques that are already in the mind. For you, you just have to know how to use them and when.

Fully understand  mental capabilities  and how it is possible to expand them to greater heights

Become aware of  the possibilities, and find out how to totally develop your mind. Understand how to use it and then capitalize and expand on it.

Are you beginning to see the bigger picture that there is magic that is in your mind and your ideas and growth potential is endless when you understand how to properly use what you already have?

Studies have shown that people only use ten percent of their brain and thinking process. What a sad fact that mental and logical  resources and our ability to make things happen is wasted with no intentions of attempting to use our full capacities.  

Perhaps the world would be much better place if people had the ability and knowledge of the process of using and opening adventurous avenues to great and wonderful adventures with the process of what we have in our heads.



Consciousness,  unconscious, subconscious there are many avenues to explore, expand and to take advantage of. If you were offered the opportunity to expand your thinking and find out what is going on in your mind, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?  Well my friend, you should, and you can.  





What is the magic in your mind?  It is all about finding the way that works for you to live a life full of abundance, fulfillment and enjoyment.  It is all about opening doorways and having an abundance of opportunities available to you to get what you want out of life.


You have gifts and knowledge that you probably are not even aware, and especially how to use them to your full potential.

In his program, Magic in your mind, Bob Proctor from the Proctor Gallagher Institute  thoroughly describes the six gifts that have been given to you by the universe to bring forth the potential that is within you.


Understanding and using the magic in your mind leads to extra ordinary opportunities.

It is about you and the exceptional mental facilities that you can expand and apply to life success.

The real you is developed in your mind, so what you put in, whatever you absorb, you will take away with that type of thinking and outcome, and that is what makes you, the person you are right now.

Wouldn’t it wonderful to be able to change the way you see things the way you process your thoughts and the way you gain knowledge?  Only when you know the secrets of how to accomplish this feat, will you be able to make the changes you need, to readjust your future outcome.

Again, let me say that Bob Proctor (and Sandy Gallagher)  of the Proctor Gallagher Institute gives it their all in their Magic In Your Mind program.
what is the magic in your mind
Bob and Sandy believe that the majority of people never realize  or reach their full potential due to the fact that  they simply do not  understand the proper way to think.

  When asking that question of   “what is the Magic in Your Mind”, the answer can be concerning and covering a  variety of issues, it is all about how you perceive life and the desire that you have to change things to have a fantastic outcome.

Right now I urge you to check out the Magic in your Mind from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Listen and read to what they have to say, and then act upon it, please don’t wait. If you want change in your life, you have to do it yourself.


Never Stop Learning…Angela



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  1. Manuel

    Many of us know that we can make things happen, and that the whole process starts in your mind as a simple thought. The process leading to action is undoubtedly a string of correlated thoughts.

    Sometimes I wonder though, where do the thoughts themselves come from?. Do we really have full and absolute control over our thinking? Sometimes I catch other peoples thoughts and know for sure that they were not mine.

    I find it interesting. The thoughts we have are not matter yet they can affect matter. Vice-verse too, our thoughts will affect our immediate environment.

    Food for thought no doubt

    1. Angela

      Thank you for your deep and enlightening thoughts on this whole matter of our thoughts. The mind is greater then we know and people fail to use it to their full capacity.

      I want to know why more people don’t use their minds more? Anyone want to comment?



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