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What is the Amazon Echo? Amazon Echo speakerWhat is the Amazon Echo?   It is your personal assistant, it is your right hand,  it controls your home for security, it factors in your personal needs and it makes your life more comfortable and organized.  The Amazon Echo is your complete backup for anything and everything you need done, and for finding out any type of information that your are looking for.

The Amazon Echo is a

sleek and stylish hands free speaker. With it’s seven microphones it can pick up your voice and it connects to the “Alexa” voice service on anything you ask it.




With the hands free Echo you can:What is the Amazon Echo?

  • set alarms to wake you up, to give you reminders
  • order food
  • play all of your favorite music
  • get caught up on the news
  • find answers to questions
  • get organized
  • find recipes from you favorite cooking shows
  • remind you of events  and special days your calendar


The Amazon Alexa devices are controlled with your voice through the Alexa app.


  • To activate your Echo, all you have to do is call out “Alexa” and your Echo will automatically light up and streams audio to the cloud where the voice service recognizes your request and will respond with an answer
  • You can start your day by having Alexa wake you up and then offer you daily affirmations and motivational thoughts and ideas to get your day started in the right way.


Use your personal assistant throughout the day for all of your needs


  • Finish your day with Alexa turning off the lights for you and locking the doors
  • You can fill your room with 360 degree of omni directional audio
  • With the voice control, this system can hear you from across the room, accept the command or needs that you are searching for and give you an answer
  • The Echo can keep you updated on the news, the weather, finding answers on local business, or national sports scores.
  • Have a question? Just ask Alexa the question and receive your answer, like to listen to audio books and tapes? It can do this and plenty more                                               


  • You can totally be in control of your:
  • Lights, on, lights off, lights dimming
  • Lock your doors
  • Control switches
  • Close your garage doors
  • Set thermostats to certain temperatures at certain times         
  • Have peace of mind that your home security is set and working
  • Turn on or off a light before or after you leave a room,


Do you ever get in the middle of cleaning, cooking, taking care of chores, the kids, and it hits you that you have to do something on a certain day or time?  No need to stop, just tell Alexa to give you a reminder.

What is the Amazon Echo?


Some people compare it to having their own Star Trek style computer

in their own home


  • The Alexa voice service will work together and connect with your other Alexa enabled devices.
  • Have complete control over the temperature in your home, you can adjust the heat or air just by sending a command to Alexa
  • If you have more than one device using the same wake word, Alexa  will responds from the Echo you’re closest to and will perform the  task you requested.



    Can you use help with such things as?

  • Music, news, media, sports
  • Household controls, and organizational needs
  • Smart home devices
  • Find answers on how to do something
  • cooking, recipes
  • Shopping and to do lists
  • Checking the weather before you leave the house
  • Alarms, timers sounds


Millions of people find the Echo easy to use and truly enjoy integrating it into their daily lives to make their lifestyle more productive and organized


The Amazon Echo is a hands free speaker that is controlled by your voice. All you have to do is ask it something and you will get an answer

People are loving the fact that they can control areas of their home such as speakers, security, locks, visual cameras, turning lights on and off, thermostat setting




  • For some people the Echo takes awhile to get use to, to learn and to program with all phones and home products
  • Some find security issues with integrating with other products
  • People are not using it to its full potential
  • It is not battery operated  
  • Some are finding minor flaws with the system 


  Everything that I have researched points to thousands of satisfied users.  One man even referred to the Echo as his virtual wife! I have to say, whatever floats your boat.


YES, we are moving more into the “Jetson” era. 



So, what is the Amazon Echo?    It is whatever you want it to be or whatever you want to command it to do. It is your virtual reality personal assistant to fit your needs.


There are over eighteen thousands reviews that you can look at if you want to take the time. Thousands of people are truly satisfied with their Echo, they have found how to incorporate it into their daily lives and they love it.

Get your own Amazon Echo right now,


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