What Is The 4 Hour Work Week About?

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What is the 4 hour work week about?, The 4 hour work weekMost people go about their daily lives hating their jobs, complaining about their low wages, hating their bosses or companies that they are employed by and never taking any steps towards improvement. It is sad that people do a lot of complaining and very little to make any type of changes in their lives.  Sometimes people do way more talking or dreaming then to find actual answers to their boring, stressed out lives.

So I know you are asking that burning question of, what is the 4 hour work week about? I just want to share with you what it basically consists of, some remarks, some reviews and then you can make a decision for yourself, give it a try, or you can

 stay in that boring life of yours.

Although there are different versions of this book, the author, Timothy Ferriss, gives his readers the opportunity to experience a better style of life, to escape the rat race, to work less, and as he claims to earn a five figure monthly income. (You just have to read the book to find out about the details on how this is done)

This book (including the different versions) will expand your horizons, get you motivated & thinking of how you can make changes in your own life.

Ferriss explains:

  • How he went from  working 80 plus hours a week and only earning $40,000 a year to a huge difference of earning $40,000 a month and his famous claim of working 4 hours per week
  • How to exchange a long term career and replace it with shorter work periods and more  frequent “mini-retirements”
  • More than 50 practical tips and  real life scenarios from readers who have  found success when finding out how to double their income and reinvented themselves
  • Finding high-tech shortcuts, tips and tools  to make a complete turnaround in your living status and transform yourself into a entrepreneur.


You will find such unique topics as:

  • The ultimate way to handle time managementWhat is the 4 hour work week about?
  • Escaping the office life
  • The low information diet
  • The art of refusal
  • Income on autopilot
  • Embracing the mobile lifestyle
  • The top new rich mistakes
  • Dodging bullets
  • Rules that change the rules
  • Tim’s story and why you need to read this book


Although some people see this information as just entertainment and some found it not to their own personal needs, the majority of individuals enjoyed the book and learned a variety of techniques and lessons to use in improving their lifestyles and finding success.




“The book is stuffed full of ideas and resources for rethinking one’s position in life and offers real hope to those floundering in the rat race that one can grab the reins and live a better life.”

“There is plenty of thought provoking ideas to take away from this book.”

“Some ideas are crazy but it always good to view all the possible outcomes.”

“Even if you don’t employ everything in the book (go out and create an online business, quit your job and become a member of the new rich) you can still walk away with at least 2 – 3 jewels that will improve your life.”




  • What is the 4 hour work week about? It is about changing your life around. Get the book, put yourself into motion, plan out your steps and make a commitment to getting things done. The book is available through Amazon and at a very low cost. Check it out for yourself and then kick yourself into high gear.


  • If you having been searching for a legitimate way to start your own online business, have a better retirement, need multiple streams of income, then check out my #1 recommendation, where thousands of people are finding great success.  


Never Stop Learning…Angela

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