What Is Success In Life?

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What can be done to become more successful?  How do we find financial freedom? How do we excel in life?  Finding the ultimate answer of What is success in life can hold  totally different meanings and  results for each individual.

Having success  is not just about having money, or  being super wealthy. For some even when they do have money does not complete their meaning of success.

Achieving and having success covers such areas as money, goals, personal accomplishments, family commitments,  health, public commitments and variety of other topics.

What is your meaning of success for you?

Have you reached that sweet spot in your life yet?  thGGETUG2H

Finding your own personal success  in life allows you to have the freedom to  do the things you want to do with little or no restrictions.

The lack of money, being in debt, and the lack of continuous knowledge is just a few of the  biggest restriction that the majority of us carry with some sort of burden. This definitely pulls down the attitude, dreams, and hopes of many individuals when it comes to achieving our daily goals or life dreams.

The true meaning of success in life is  is the state of having  and achieving sufficient personal goals  to live your life the way you want to without having to worry about necessities

Success is viewed differently, and holds a variety of standards  by each individual. It could be something like being able to live debt free, hassle free, not having to work  for someone else to receive a paycheck, having a big house, being able to travel,  to have extra money in your pocket.  Of course success could be for some just the idea of not having bill collectors calling on a daily basis.

Achieving success in life allows you the opportunity to live a happier personal lifestyle.  If you were given the chance to refocus and reorganize your life to allow you more freedom would you take that offer?

Most people just wish for money, wish for a better job, wish for a better life.

Do you see the problem here? It is the wishing part, yes this is one of those vicious cycles of just hoping someday, and yet there is no action on the person to make changes to get out of their present day predicament.thVJXUPZUS

Isn’t it great that success comes in many forms, ideas and comfort areas. You just gotta find what works for you, keep up the motivation and dedication to your goals and then go out and achieve your success, the way you imagined it.

  • Determine what you are good at. Use your talents, abilities, gifts and skills.
  • Learn to do wealthy and successful activities. Do you stay with the same group of doubting thomas, the negative people that might pull you down or do you find a network of people who want success and financial freedom.   Do you stay in the hood or do you climb out of that hole. You decide.
  • Do you continue to educate yourself, to expand your knowledge?

The difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not, is the way they think about themselves, and what their daily habits areI

Interestingly enough, everything is formulated in the mind


Let’s take a look on how you are going to accomplish and achieve your success:

What are your daily habits? Do you….thLSCZZ8N4

  • roll out of bed in the morning and struggle with yourself to go through the daily grind?
  • invest a certain amount of time in yourself each day?
  • learn and experience as much as possible?
  • have bad habits, or routines that can be eliminated?
  • have your day planned out, your week, your year, wait what about your life? You should, on paper, in a journal,  in your phone – start planning
  • keep your mind and body in good working order filling it with only valuable info?
  • remember the saying, garbage in garbage out…this goes for your health as well as your mind
  • look for ideas, do you allow positive thinking to surround you?
  • try to think outside of the box? Do you attempt to figure out how to change things into a  forward direction?

Do you have a mentor?   WHY NOT?   (Check out Brian Tracy’s Success Academy)

300x250 Success Mastery Academy

I am not talking about Hollywood stars, someone in the entertainment field, or the latest gossip.   Find a success mentor that you can  rely on grab ideas from. Take advise from those who already have success. Learn how to change it up and make it happen for yourself.


  • What has to happen first is – that you need to take action !



  • You should be vibrant in  your own thoughts, your own actions.
  • Learn to make them positive thoughts and positive actions. Learn to prioritize
  •  You should set goals and strive to be the best that you can be, or you allow the forces of others to take over your thoughts and dictate what your actions and thoughts should be. Be strong be creative, be in control of your thinking, your actions and your movements each day
  • Your behavior and body language should be in a strong positive flow. How you handle yourself and your situations will give you a stronger outcome.
  • Having success is knowing that you set out to accomplish a goal, you did your best, and the results will give you great satisfaction or propel you to continue pushing yourself to achieve more of a higher goal
  • In finding the answers to  achieving rewards and  what is success in life you have to have the ability to control your thinking, control your life and and change the outcome of how success will come into your life
  • Learn to make smart decisions. That means you need to keep updated on what is important to you, approach your battles and challenges with an informed mind and position yourself with what you feel is the best possible answer or outcome for the situation that surrounds you
  • Have a positive attitude, keep you thinking clear, and your behavior straight
  • Fight your battles with common sense
  • The majority of people that are successful are leaders, invest in yourself, develop your leadership skills and techniques.

If you considered yourself a genuine soul, sophisticated in understanding the concept of bettering yourself, then you should be able to understand the concept of improvement for one’s self and achieving the wealth (whatever type of wealth that may be) your dream will take commitment, work and of course making informed changes.

People  with the same ideas or knowledge that are driven can  be successful  as a group  yet the way each person sees an opportunity will set the stage for how successful the outcome will turn out on an individual basis.

The answer of what is success in life can only be determined by each individual.   Thank goodness we all have our unique views, outlooks, lifestyles and goals.


Why is it the majority of individuals have absolutely no desire to keep learning once they are out of school. Life is an adventure,  you need to have a continuous  learning track with the ability to change subjects and areas of interest. Keep moving forward and never, ever stop learning,.  Enjoy the ride!!

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