What Is Smart Goal Setting

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Why is it that less than 10% of people achieve their set goals and the other 90% fail or never get out of their daily rut? That small percentage of people that truly want a high success rate, are aggressively finding amazing answers on topics such as, what is smart goal setting, and what is the fastest way to achieve goals? Could it be that the 10% that achieve their goals are just lucky or do they hold some type of special knowledge to change their lives? What if you could get the same results that this group of 10 percentage is getting?

Perhaps you fall into the category of never or seldom achieving goals? Do you even attempt to set goals in your life? Let’s take a million dollars as an example. Do you believe that if you set goals and worked those goals you could achieve a million dollars? Fact is that the majority of individuals are just talkers, they want that million dollars plus, but will not go after it or do not know how to go after it.

Behavioral studies have shown that the majority of individuals fall into self pity, such as:
  • Being stuck in a job that they hate
  • Going through life with no purpose, no plans, no clarity
  • Can not figure out how to achieve goals
  • Can not figure out how to stay motivated, focused or disciplined
  • Believe they are too old, too poor, in the wrong environment
  • Believe they do not have support
  • Has a low self esteem, a negative outlook on everything
  • Everyday life issues are putting up road blocks

Understanding what is smart goal setting and learning to achieve those smart goals is the key to a successful lifestyle.  Start by working on the following:

  • Learn where and how to begin
  • Learn to change your thinking
  • Take advantage of opportunities.
  • Learn to keep you mind open
  • Make your goals workable
  • Make them achievable
  • Do you have a clear point of success
  • Are you thinking smart in setting goals, working, maintaining and achieving those goals?

There is a big difference in setting goals and fully finding a way of going after those goals.

So what you need to start doing first is to figure out who you are, where your life is right now, what is holding you back, and especially what you want your future to be like. Like it or not it starts with your core values, your beliefs, how you manage and conduct your everyday issues.

Take a hard serious look at your values, beliefs and habits which are all critical for you to make extreme life changes.

The majority of the time people make little attempts to improve or truly value their future outcome. Yes, falling into a routine and never making changes is much easier than setting and working on any type of goals. People talk about having more money, what they would do if they had millions of dollars, yet they are not committed to doing what it takes to acquire the millionaire status.

  • Know your self, know your environment and where you want to be
  • Find you passion, your purpose in life
  • Learn how to set goals associated with your purpose
  • Stay focus, stay committed and motivated
  • Have a clear vision, take action. NOTHING comes with out work.
  • Work with world-class coaching, multiple levels of accountability, and a proven system that will show you how to achieve all of your goals faster and easier than ever thought possible.
  • Studies have shown that the easy act of writing a goal down, can put you leaps and bounds ahead of where you are today. In others words if you don’t write it down, they don’t exist…keep dreaming.

Figuring out and understanding the extent of what is smart goal setting is not a mystery. The answers are all around you and once found can give you the confidence and dedication to gain clarity, develop a strong strategy and create a detailed call of action on your end. Learn to break out of your comfort zone and embrace you own goal setting success patterns.


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  1. zedoka

    I’m so glad I’ve come across this page! Every bit of knowledge helps when you are trying to gain freedom. Freedom as a wish is nothing, we must have it as a goal! I love the fact that I was reminded here again about the commitment, clear vision and staying focused and committing to paper the goals that I imagine!

    1. Angela

      I am so glad you “get it” on what I am trying to express to people. Hopefully people will get their lives in order and work on their future.

  2. Dylan

    Hey i really like the design of the website and it looks really nice. Everything is easy to navigate and you can jump from article to article.

    This is a really important article. The day comes where we all need to retire and we need to have a plan for it. I agree you should know yourself and what type of environment you want to live in. These are questions most people probably never ask themselves.

    Thanks for the information. it was def worth the read.

    1. Angela

      I find it not only amazing but sometimes heart breaking that people do not plan for their future. With the work that I do on a daily basis I hear about and see situations where people are living pay check to pay check with absolutely no plans for the future.

      So I would like to have my readers respond back on how many actually have a solid future retirement plan.??

  3. Brandon

    definitely a great review here. I think most people fill that self pity when it comes to working a job that you don’t like. It sucks. What my goal is, is to be able to work from home…its not that I hate my job with a passion, its not bad it pays the bills but what I hate is that I dot have freedom. But it takes time and patience to be successful.

    1. Angela

      I can see you have the drive and ambition to be successful. I have to say to you Brandon, is to never give up! It’s okay to take a break once in awhile but keep at it. Success will find you!!

  4. Hamza.M

    Hi and thanks for your helpful article. It was so informative.
    I really had no idea where I was going wrong in my life, with management, choosing jobs, and so on.
    But after this, I’m genuinely convinced I can turn it all around. Thank you for your amazing help.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Angela

      Just think what the world would be like if more people set goals and actually worked to achieve those goals. Does it seem that some individuals just float through life with no achievements, or goals? Why ?

  5. Ian

    I think making your goals achievable is the key to getting oneself out of a rut.

    A lot of people try to take on too much at once and get overwhelmed which can lead to getting into the rut in the first place.

    I found the title to be interesting since it reminded me of the SMART goal-setting method : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound

  6. Sammi

    This is a really motivating post and it comes at a great time when we are about to start a new year.

    You are right, we need to set smart goals and not give up but keep pushing on.

    I’m not the best at sticking to long term goals so any motivation helps. What long term goals have you set yourself and are you on track to achieving them?


    1. Angela

      Hey Sammi, I think people make a good attempt to set and achieve goals, yet that motivation and commitment is lost along the way. Perhaps busy schedules, family issues taking more of a commitment. People just need to realize what they truly want and work to stick with those goals. Everyone has to figure out their own plan of action.

  7. Joon

    I also do agree on writing your goals down being so important. If you write something down it’s more likely you’re going to do it then letting it drift inside your head. I’ve accomplished some major long term goals in my life and I’m pursuing other goals at the moment. But I think the most important elements on achieving goals are consistent work and focus. Keep working on it consistently and have your mind focused on achieving the goal. And your confidence builds up once you reach that first major goal then the rest is history.

    1. Angela

      Hey, I certainly agree with you, a person needs that “drive” to accomplish goals. And people really need to have that inner drive to achieve more than others. Keep it going.

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  10. Simon

    Thanks for enlightening me about smart goal setting, a particular subject I was previously ignorant in believing the true potential of and what accomplishments can be achieved until I was first introduced to setting daily, weekly and monthly goals.

    When I first started setting daily goals, I had to fulfil the goal before finishing a day’s work. I was unaware of the results until I had completed my introductory week & quite taken aback with how organised my work progress had become. Furthermore, when I had completed a month’s worth of daily goals I felt I had accomplished building solid business foundations, an objective I wouldn’t have achieved without this knowledge.

    Nowadays I still write my goals down and cross them off once completed. Do you organise your goals this way? I think it’s particularly important to have this type of structure for home-based businesses but I find it highly beneficial for home-life too.

    1. Angela

      Hello Simon,

      Thanks for your interest, I highly suggest that you check out this link,  https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c… you can greatly improve your life and find the success that you are looking for.



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