What Is Passive Income About?

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What is passive income  about It has always been a drive in my inner soul not only to have money, but to be financially secure and in control of my financial future.  Talking with people from all lifestyles I have discovered that most people feel the same way, yet do nothing about their situation.

The most asked question I am hit with is, what is passive income about?

Not surprisingly this is being asked by thousands of individuals who have been searching for answers to increase their sources of income, yet they do not know where to get help, or  how to get on the right track. If you have a desire for

personal success, you will find your answer about passive income right now, keep reading!

 For years I spent looking around, searching for extra money ideas, sticking my toe in to test the waters and not jumping in.  Then in the last year it really hit me. I really haven’t accomplished anything as far as having the financial security that I often dreamt about. I am still working at a dead end job, not receiving the pay that I desire, always having a fear of being laid off, and not having anything for retirement.

Doing a turn about in my lifestyle I have come to realize that my goal is really not about making a ton of money. What I really want is a technique of having  steady sources of income coming  into my life on a continuous basis, so I did not have to rely on a job. So my friend that is what I am going to share with you today, learning about passive income sources.


Passive income is:

  • Building some sort of income producing revenue source that fits your needsthpyv7fz2h
  • Having the mindset of seeing things through to the end
  • Setting goals and having the desire to be financial secure
  • Not being dependent on a job for your only source of income
  • The ability to set up an autopilot business to make money around the clock
  • Building a system that produces a  reliable continuous income.
  • Building it correctly from the beginning, allowing it to work, and receiving regular weekly, monthly , yearly income
  • All about building a business that gives you freedom instead of a business where you have to commit 50 to 70 hours a week

Passive income Is building your own business that does not need continuous commitment or working on a daily basis. Examples would include such things as real estate, royalties, investments, online opportunities, small local business opportunities, photography, coin operated businesses, business development, automation possibilities.


Most people that understand this format have more than one passive income working for them


Passive income is all about leveraging your time and work methods to achieve success, with the outcome of continuous sources of income.

People are now finding success with setting up a passive income source online that involves such things as social media, smartphones, photography, youtube, public domain, and a variety of other modern legitimate opportunities. 



Passive income or earned income… where do you want to be?


thPSVWE8WZ The most common (old schooled) mindset is go to school, find a decent job, (hopefully you don’t lose that job due to downsizing, layoffs, company outsourcing,) buy a house, go into debt, work until retirement age and hoping you have money to last you through retirement. The lack of job security, a job loss, an unexpected expense, or the biggest issue of not planning out your future, can turn your world upside down

People have the mindset of the way things should be, but few take advantage of seeing the opportunities that surround them on a daily basis. Those who can see the opportunities are pulling in income from a variety of sources that they have set up

A great advantage with modern passive streams of income is that you can take an idea that others are making passive income from, you can completely put your twist on it and come up with new ideas as far as marketing, attracting customers, building a continuous stream of income

With a job you are trading your precious time for set amount of money, that you totally depend on. Do you see how the “big businesses, the bosses” have you under their control?


Relying on one source of income is riskier than starting your own business

Real wealth is not totally about money when you finally realize it, being wealthy is all about discovering and enjoying the wonderful,  memorable experiences in life, and yes,money and success certainly makes life easier.then61bfvd


Look for and develop a system  for yourself that can provide repeated, continuous money producing  income source.


Recommended Source to build your passive income success:


50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep    Check it out right now!


With all the modern technology, advantages, and variety of opportunities available today, there is no reason why you cannot use your skills, knowledge experience and creative abilities to set up a business, find a passive avenue that you can build, work, and then allow the business to be a continuous source of income. How great is that???   


  Never Stop Learning….Angela



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  1. Erin

    Setting up a way to make a passive income just makes good sense. It is like you can do the work upfront and be able to reap the benefits later. The way that we have all been taught to do in life, go into significant debt to go to college, marry and reproduce, buy a house, acquire personal debt, etc is a ridiculous way to live. College degrees often are not worth the paper they are printed on, especially when the lack of jobs is taken into account. In this economic climate, one needs to plan for the future and securing a passive income is good financial planning.

    1. Angela

      Hello Erin,

      Thank you for your comments, I wish everyone had the same thought pattern as you and I. Seems the majority of individuals are dictated as to what to do with their lives. I know my son got his associates degree a couple of years ago in a field that he now has no desire to go into. The only good thing is that he did not drop out so close to the end (he wanted to) but he did finish and received that degree. Now he is paying back loans while he decides on what he wants to do with his life.

      Seems so many people have passed through the same situation. He is now looking into his options of doing some type of passive income for himself.

      Please feel free to pass this along to others.


  2. John

    Having been retired for almost two years, having several streams of income will make your life a little easier. With little or no work, I have four streams of income that require less than 20 hours per week of work from my easy chair. This was due to planning from an early age, as some of this is from interest from money set aside when I worked the 9-5. I do have several websites and sell on E-bay that make me a small extra income monthly. Planning, preparation and action will be the things that make having a passive income possible.

    1. Angela

      Hey John,

      Wonderful to hear that you have extra streams of income coming in. It is my goal to help educate others on the issue of this as they are going into retirement or planning for retirement at an earlier age. You are an inspiration!

      Come back and visit again, and please help spread the word to others.



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