The Purpose Of A Home Based Business For People Over 50

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thPTFOGSYAHave you ever dreamed of having your own business, a business that gives you financial security and the freedom to express yourself, a business that fits in with your hobbies or interests,  perhaps something that will leave your legacy for future generations to build and continue.  Nowadays not only is it is it an advantage to have a home based business for people over 50 but the reality is certainly evolving for people of all ages.  Having a home based business allows the business owner to enjoy  a variety of options, rewards and maintain a steady stream of income.


Surveys have shown that people over the age of 50 are the fastest growing group of new business startups entrepreneurs and also businesses that are started by someone over the age of 50 are more likely to succeed than any other age group.  Perhaps it is due to years of knowledge and hands on experience. Perhaps it is the ability to be more committed to the business or the awareness of what is going around them. Perhaps it is the understanding of human nature and the needs of individuals.  


  You Will Never Get Rich Working For Someone Else



Statistics have shown that more people over the age of 50 are starting some sort of home based business to not only help with an extra source of income, but also for the purpose of the ability to keep busy, to keep the brain in a better function  mode, and to literally keep themselves more in a younger state of mind. Virtually slowing down the aging process.

What are the reverse options?  Well …growing older – faster, losing brain mentality, losing bodily functions.  Keeping busy and keeping the brain involved in some sort of challenging function keeps the whole body and mind in a better state of health.

Lets face it, the average person living  or going into retirement is now estimated to spend 30 plus years being in the retirement phase.  Factoring in the age they retire, life expectancy, medical technologies,  and their mental capabilities leads to a long lifestyle of retirement years.
Would you not agree that the biggest issue is how someone living for 30 plus retirement years will be sufficient in their monthly income.

The majority of individuals past the age of 40 are now realizing that  turning to some sort of small time business, work from home business, being their own boss business that will bring in some sort of extra income is not only a necessity but if done correctly can be an interesting fulfillment that will keep them younger and more active as the years go by.


What Are Your Thoughts When It Comes To Operating A Home Based Business For People over 50?



Think about this…. thF25X7KXZ

  • Will I have enough to  even retire?
  • Will I have enough to last me through all of my retirement years?
  • Will I have the ability to do extra activities, to fulfill my dreams?
  • Am I going to keep mobile, keep my brain active, keep my health in top condition?
  • Will I allow society or my health to drag me down, to put me in the corner of a room?  To claim that I am too old to do anything and that I am just a burden of weight to the family to society?




When preparing for your future retirement years, ask yourself:

  • How do I avoid living the rest of my life NOT in poverty?
  • How do I avoid the “just getting by” lifestyle?
  • How do I find that extra source of income
  • How do I control my own destiny?
  • If you can see the reality in everything I just mentioned here, you have taken the first step on a new journey!
  • Then figure out a way to start and run a home based business no matter what your age.



You Will Never Have The Retirement Money You Want Or Need,

 If You Do Not Prepare For Your Future Years!

Go at it part time, use your knowledge your skills your expertise  and learn to expand. You have all the right advantages, learn to protect yourself. The only thing that restricts your possibilities is your lack of imagination, commitment and desire.


What’s holding you back? What’s your reason for not getting started?

If you want success and to be financial secure you need to figure out a way to have extra streams of income flowing into your hands. It will not happen if you are just working for someone else

You can not push a business idea into reality on wishes and dreams, you got to make things happen, and knowing the shortcuts is what it is all about. Be your own boss, find out what people want and take your hobby, interest or love of something and turn it into a thriving business.


The Challenge…

Right now I want you to take a bold step, put the doubts and fears away. take a challenge that can change your life.

I want you to open your mind, change your way of thinking! Get moving, stay active!

Many business professionals recommend a home based business for people over 50, but  also agree that it is a fantastic opportunity for people at any age.


Take a look at a  few recommended sources:


 Over 50? Start Your Business!: Build Wealth. Control Your Destiny. Leave A Legacy.  Although this book is geared for people age 50 and up, this book is actually a must read for any age that is thinking about starting a small business. This book will show you a variety of possibilities and how to take advantage of every aspect in your life.





The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future  will get you on the right track to get your business started and have a steady stream of income flowing in.  You gotta read about Michael’s story, being a twenty five year sales professional. In one day his whole work environment changed and with some advice from a friend he figured out how to change his life around, start his own business and found success.




How To Start An Online Store: How To Start an Online Store: The Complete Step-by-Step Beginners Guide To Starting Your Online Business.     This is a step by step guide for beginners, based on hundreds of case studies  and years of experience. Learn how to build a side income or start a whole new career. 





Having a home based business for people over 50 or at any age, holds many rewards and for some will be a vital necessity in order to survive with a decent monthly income.

 Here is another fabulous source of other information that offers 130 work from home ideas to get you on the right track.


Do not allow someone else to control your life, do not allow the system to dictate the money you should have in retirement years,   I challenge you to make a positive change in your life.


                                                 Never stop learning…Angela

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  1. Samira

    Your website it is very helpful and informational. Your website is very detailed and easy to navigate through. I also think it is a great niche that a lot of people are ignorant towards. I enjoyed your different topics on your site. “you will never get rich working for someone” That is the statement that made me change my life around.

    1. Angela

      Hey Samira, I am glad that my information was an eye opener for you. Hopefully others will realize what their future holds and they do something about it. Like preparing for retirement.

      Thanks for the visit, come back again,


  2. Mike

    Really thorough and thoughtful post and I learned a number of things reading it. I had no idea that the over 50 demographic was the fast growing segment in terms of starting a home based-business or that they were the most likely to succeed doing so. I think the reasons you laid out for why that is make a lot of sense. I also appreciate the sources you cited so I can do further research.

    1. Angela

      Hey Mike,

      I am glad you enjoyed it, please feel free to pass it along to others who are reaching the retirement years. Everyone needs to plan



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