The Power In Positive Thinking

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It is no secret that people are truly discovering the powerful effects when it comes to positive thinking.

Millions of  individuals have found ways to incorporate  the power in positive thinking into their daily lives to achieve amazing success and happiness. People of all ages are finding their own ways to change their attitude, build their self esteem and total control over what happens to them on a daily basis, and are securely building a quality lifestyle that screams success and rewards for their future.

To achieve positive thinking, the qualities one must work on include…..

Optimism – are you able to find ways to think about having a future situation turn out absolutely the way you envisioned it? Can you train your brain to believe that good will ultimately prevail over a bad situation?th7L1KFDWB

Confidence – do you have a strong well being of self assurance? Can you find ways to build your abilities and qualities? Do you work at it?

Happiness – are you content with the way your life is going? Can you make quality changes to find more happiness? Decide to be happy, make it a daily habit

  • It will take work to achieve whatever it is you want out of life! You can speed it up with the power of positive thinking! Start now and keep working on it.
  • Look for the good in everything, in a bad situation find a way to turn it into a positive
  • Look for opportunities
  • Keep your thoughts on whatever it is you want to accomplish
  • Keep looking for ways to get things done and to make changes
  • You can be down and out or you can have a bright positive attitude. What you think about definitely affects your thinking and your entire outlook. Make a decision to change you attitude, to be happy,
  • Applying your mind set and figuring out how to turn a bad situation into a good will along with the power in positive thinking

When you learn to transform your way of thinking, how you speak and the ability in making good choices you can literally change the pattern of your lifestyle and change your entire life. Your outlook on how you see and handle just about everything in your daily activities will have a lot of pull when determining your outcome.

The power in positive thinking is the ability of making better choices  and judgements in a more pleasant, productive and rewarding way.   It’s about reprogramming your thinking and attitude.


What does it take to have or improve positive thinking?  


Learn to stay positive

What are you, an optimist or pessimist?  As you go through your daily routines do you emit signs of being a optimistic or a pessimistic individual?

The pessimist sees themselves and the world around them in a negative way with chronic complaining about everything and anything. They passively accept that life is not fair and they never get any breaks, good things never happen to them. Individuals falling into this category make little attempts to change or get ahead in life and they never will,they are stuck on that hamster wheel .

The optimist sees the good in almost everything. Optimis finds a way to change a bad issue or mistake into a good outcome. An optimist looks, finds and develops good opportunities in all things, which eventually will turn into positive outcomes. An optimist developes happiness in themselves and in things they do.

An optimist will find ways to  fix problems and develop their own path while a pessimist looks for handouts and puts the blame on others.

Find ways to build your self confidence

Keep those positive thoughts with you at all times, negatives thoughts and actions from yourself or others will just tear you down. Build your power of concentration, willpower, find ways to create the life you truly want to live.

Have the right mindset focus-your-mind

Allow yourself to be happy, find happy thoughts, work happiness into your daily life, focus your mind. Happiness and positive thinking work amazingly well together and will build a strong bond to give you answers to what you are looking for.

Learn to expand your thinking and to flex those brain muscles, find ways to accept innovative ideas, develop ways to build your own opportunities, allow yourself to be happy. Your thoughts fill you mind continuously, even when you sleep. Get rid of the negative thoughts!

Leave the past behind, but learn from it and figure out how to fix mistakes that were made so they do not happen again. Learn to make good quality choices.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects high quality, positive results


Studies from the Mayo Clinic has shown that positive thinking can benefit health and well being in areas such as:thM5HC3X8H

  • Increased life span
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Reduce issues from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during times of stress


Mistakes are made, do not rinse and repeat

We all make mistakes and errors and stupid moves, yet a lot of individual keep repeating their mistakes over and over again. Whatever their personal reason is they cannot get out of the cycle they are in, they are literally stuck in a drab lifestyle.

So you made mistakes, learn what went wrong, use those brain muscles and figure out how not to make those mistakes again. Move forward with the use of positive thinking.

Are you willing make to make an inner change within yourself and incorporate the power in positive thinking?


  • Change your way of thinking
  • Find ways to fill your life with happiness
  • Take action, don’t be passive, stay busy in a positive way mentally and physically.
  • Inner work on yourself is necessary your thoughts and attitude will not change completely overnight it will take work (this is a good type of work…enjoy it)
  • Learn to focus your mind, you do have special powers when you know how to use your mind.

Be in control of your own life, the power in positive thinking  can absolutely change your entire outcome. How you approach the matter at hand will determine how the outcome will be. Do the positive thing and check out the Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams and Goals guide.


Never stop learning….Angela

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  1. Ray

    I really believe that a positive outlook has a profound physical effect upon the brain in that it can alter its structure. Unfortunately, thinking in the opposite way i.e negatively, probably has a damaging effect. We really are responsible for our state of mind, and ultimately the consequence this has upon our brain. This is a very thorough and engaging article about a power that we have at our disposal.

    1. Angela

      Hey Ray,

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone was able to find a way to use their brain in a positive way? Think of all the bad things that would be eliminated. It definitely sad to see so many people go thru life with respect or recourse to better themselves.. Come back and visit often.


  2. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Angela,
    What a timely reminder for me. Sometimes I get caught up in a pessimistic attitude and it really is draining and just down right awful. I have to really work at this and I am generally a happy person who does see the good in most things. But I guess we do have those down days. I think it is part of doing things daily, like being grateful for what we have and being around good positive minds. Really good read and article so thanks for that!
    Cheers Sharon

    1. Angela

      Hey Sharon, thanks for the visit, I think people are so caught up in issues and problems that hit them, that they totally forget about using positive thinking. People really are more in the negative pattern than they are in a positive pattern, so yeah they do have to figure out how to stay positive. If anyone has ideas they would like to share on how they stay positive, please some comments here.

      Come back and visit often.



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