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The best jobs for seniorsDo you seem to be pushing off retirement? Or are you totally prepared for the next era in your life? Have you found ways to occupy your time when you do go into retirement? If you are finding these questions hard to answer, then keep reading, because I want to help you find some answers.

Baby Boomers or anyone over the age of 50 are nowadays delaying their retirement years and are opting for opportunities such as, to continue working, finding out that some of the best jobs for seniors are within their grasp, getting involved more in their community, working with organizations and especially finding ways to work within a

field or topic that they are passionate about. And to go along with that, as they realize that they are getting older, they are making serious attempts to get healthy and live a more productive, happy and memorable lifestyle.  Are you in this way of life or are you just still dreaming about it, hoping some day you ship will arrive?

Yes my friend, please understand that for your best retirement years everything does go hand in hand, retirement years, staying healthy in body, mind and soul, finding ways to stay active and of course being on top of your financial needs.

When I get out in my community, I talk with and listen to  many senior citizens that talk about having a “dream” desire to have a better retirement, but it definitely is obvious to me that that do not know how to go about making the much needed changes  in their lifestyles or even where to start looking.

Retirement certainly is a time frame where most people look forward to, but studies have shown that people who are not prepared for those golden years seem to fall into despair and even depression. Retirement might sound like a good idea, a wonderful lifestyle, but with 10,000 people turning 65 years old each day, people really are discovering that staying active, working in the outside workforce, finding fun part time jobs for retirees, or even starting their own small (at home) business keeps them active, mentally The Best Jobs For Seniorsalert, more physically fit, and having more control over their financial situation with an extra source of income.


Are you with me so far? Yes you can start your own small business. (I will be giving you resources to get you started) there are many avenues  that you can take.

So if you are at the age of being close to retiring, then what do you do? Experts are telling baby boomers to stay in the workforce as long as they can, and to delay taking Social Security until the age of 70.

Okay I can hear you now, you already put in years of working and now it’s time to enjoy your later years, and yes I “get it”. But let’s take a view from a different angle, and perhaps you should take a different approach to working.

Such as finding something that you enjoy doing  in your retirement years, even if the pay is not what you were use to before, it will keep you busy, active and have an extra source of income.

With the life expectancy to be 90 years of age or more, people need to refactor how much money they will need in retirement or if there is any possibility that they could run out of money.


People are understanding that they do not have to completely retire. Take a serious look at your life and your work cycle. Learn to restructure where you are at in life and where you want to be. Learn to reevaluate what you will need in your coming years. And yes there will still be bumps in the roads, unexpected bills and expenses will pop up. Be ready.

The Best Jobs For Seniors

 Cut down on your hours, yes stop the overtime, cut out the 40 hour workweek and go for a part time position working maybe 4 hours a day or two or three days a week. Many companies are now offering part time jobs for seniors over 65, because they realize the work ethics and knowledge an older worker can contribute.

A great place to start looking is upscale retail stores, banks, credit unions, even hospitals are hiring older individuals on a part time basis.

If money is not a big issue for you then find volunteer work, again at hospitals, nursing homes, with local organizations, pet shelters, public parks, coffee shops,.

I know a local theatre in my area  that brings in entertainment and live shows, it is always looking for part time paid workers and also volunteers for bigger events.  And the best part is that workers get to watch the shows as they are working.

Here are some other ideas that you can put your creative ideas together and transform yourself into an independent worker, offering your services to help others in need.

Be an advisor, a consultant, a trainer, a coach, a mentor. You have plenty of years that you have build up experiences, so you just need to find a unique way to offer your services and knowledge.

Be a freelancer or writer. This can be done on a local level for your area newspaper, schools, organizations. Many people are putting their skills out there and are writing for business on the internet. This is a humongous area as all businesses and websites, need articles, news releases, stories, and reports written for them.

Offer your services as a handyman or performing household services. With millions of aging people staying in their homes, they need help with minor and some major repairs. People are always looking for a trusted person that can be called to come into their homes. Find a niche, carry a toolbox in your trunk and start handing out some business cards.

Run a private errand service or concierge service. Again, there are plenty of individuals such as elder people, professional people, stressed out individuals, over worked moms that can use an extra hand to run errands, to pick up items at stores, to drive someone to an appointment.

The Best Jobs For Seniors, What Age Can I Retire At

If you are in or near your retirement years and are thinking about finding a different type of career of just a part time job for a steady income then check out the following sources:


Take a look at:   What Age Can I Retire At?

This is a wonderful site and is fill with legitimate and excellent choices for jobs, ways to save money, businesses you can start on your own during retirement and before going into retirement. Actually this site is for people of all ages, those in retirement, those close to retiring and all those millennials who need to start saving for retirement years. 

Remember you want to build extra sources of income as well as to stay busy, healthy and mentally alert.


Other sources you can check out include:



What are the best jobs for seniors, baby boomers and pre-retirees? 

It will end up being what ever is going to make you happy, productive and enjoying your later years. So I have to say stop being a couch potato, because change will not happen unless you start doing something about your situation.  Figure out what you can contribute to the world, figure out your assets and learn to build on them.

Never Stop Learning…Angela


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