Steps In Starting A Small Business

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business-ownerMany people want to start their own small business, yet the majority of time they jump right in with no preplanning for the mental strength it takes. The beginning steps in starting a small business involves the right mindset and understanding what people want. The best way to have a successful small business is to align your thinking and efforts on the needs of other people. There are people who will pay you to help solve their problems, to take tackle their problems and to handle their issues and concerns. There are plenty of

problems and issues in this world that need to be taken care of, it comes down to the fact that people don’t have the knowledge to take care of a situation or they don’t want to, and they would rather pay someone or have someone handle their issues instead of them doing it themselves.

Solve their problems find them answers and the money will come,  become an expert at something, use your knowledge that you have and learn to build it into a problem solving solution for the masses that don’t know how to take care of an issue.

Figure out how to be unique, figure out how to do something different, something more efficient and less time consuming, give them answers.

Your first steps in starting a small business and achieving financial independence is planning.  Figure out where you are right now, what is going on in your life and what you want to change.

  • List out where you want to be in life
  • List out the avenues that that you will have to travel, the obstacles that you will encounter, even the battles you will have to fight
  • Will the business you want to start be a benefit to others? Is it helping their needs?
  • To get started in your own small business find the resources, find the help, to get your plan into action.
  • Make your plan not only realistic, but reachable, keep focused, keep moving forward and work your plan. Your only other option is keeping doing those same daily routine habits, that are holding you back.
  • You need to learn for yourself how to make strong, self supporting decisions that affect the outcome of yothen61bfvdur life.

Whatever your dreams or goals  for a small business, you have to start with a good solid base, find the way to build a strong foundation. That means getting the right information, making a solid plan, finding the right mentor for success that will guide you along the way, it also means  putting in the work and the determination to build your success. Do it right the first time and you will find your success faster. Try to cut corners, skip some steps or do it haphazardly and you will continue to spin your wheels and go nowhere.

Lay out your steps as to what you are going to do each day, the changes you want to make, the goals you want to get done that day and also long term goals, determine how you will get things done in your time frame.

Have the ability to be on the lookout for an alternative route. If something does falter in your plan A be ready to switch to your plan B, and also your plan C. Actually you can have as many backup plans that you want, and the best thing is that you can always make adjustments and improvements to any of your plans

Are you getting things done, just spinning your wheels, or going deeper into that big hole of regret?


  • Have the ability to use your initiative to take action to move yourself forward
  • Get to the point of not being fully attached to items, situations, and certain people. At times you will want to be far removed as possible.  If an object, a person or procedure no longer fits your needs, learn to let go and move on to whatever will sustain a better outcome for you.
  • Educate yourself as much as you can.  You have mastered so many techniques without even thinking about it (such as driving a car, using a computer, even reading a book) so why stop now. Continue to learn something new each day.

When it comes to starting a small business many individuals are setting up passive income businesses. The passive income avenue is building not only financial independence for people but they can also rely on this income for their retirement years.

Finding answers to everyday life issues is what people will always need help with. When determining your steps in starting a small business you need to find solutions for people, give them what they want to buy, help them with a problem and they will be glad to pay you.

Shift your focus on the needs of others, since they need help, they are willing to pay to get their problems solved or they will pay because they need to find a solution


   Never Stop Learning…Angela



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  1. Mark

    I really like your site and think it is very informative. I especially love it gives steps. Anytime I can get steps I love it because I can follow it easier.
    Thanks for all of this great information. I will use this and get into some of these ways to make some money.

    1. Angela

      Hello Mark,

      I spend a good majority of my time do research work and talking with people to see what their needs, likes and dislikes are. Please feel free to share this information with anyone that you would like.

      Come back and visit often.



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