Starting A Gift Basket Business

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Talking with a colleague recently I was informed of a wonder business that is easy to start and can offer a huge profit opportunity to have a fantastic stream of income.

Individuals who are crafty, imaginative, organized and can come up with theme ideas are finding that starting a gift basket business right out of the comfort of their own home is an excellent opportunity to have a small business and have extra income flowing in on a continuous basis.

If you are capable of listening to, and able to fulfill your customers needs, being artistic, coming up with  creative and a variety of ideas, then putting together baskets from scratch can definitely get you earning a decent profit in this billion dollar industry.

Starting and running a gift basket business can cover a wide variety of areas such as holidays, special days, special occasions for all ages, and especially the business world.  Small businesses as well as corporate business always appreciate unique type of gifts and promotional items to give their clients,  and customers.

Here is a list of just a few great opportunities to offer gift baskets themes and get your business going:

  • Babies
  • thRRSAOD3HKids
  • Pets
  • Weddings
  • Sports
  • Retirement
  • Get well, better health
  • Senior citizens
  • Women/men
  • Mother’s day, fathers day, birthdays
  • Feminine/masculine
  • Hotels and convention organizers are always looking for unique items to give as gifts… show them how a basket can grab attention  and could greatly benefit  sales
  • Corporations, organizations, clubs,  groups, specialty stores,  (these are huge)
  • How about a divorce basket or even a “had a bad day” basket

Baskets can  consist of a variety of themed items, hard to find specialties, and sometimes extremely personalized items planned especially for the receivers.

Just a few  theme ideas include wine baskets, chocolate baskets, baby items, adult items, food baskets, gift card baskets, hey the possibilities are endless!

You could even branch out in other avenues such as romance, balloon bouquet, just, learn to use your imagination

Things to think about when starting a gift basket business…

  • People are always looking for ideas for presents. When you offer your basket ideas to them they can provide the likes and dislikes of the person receiving the basket gift. With your ideas and resources you will be able to pull together a dynamic array of personalized gifts to display in a decorative basket
  • The person receiving the basket will love that it is personalized to their own taste and would appreciate the items much more so than a present that they would have to return
  • Customized baskets can be done when your customer provides special things to add to the basket such as an heirloom, personalized items, special messages
  • You can go into the business of designing specialty  gift baskets, and then have a side business of a delivery service
  • Starting at home in a spare room will eliminate costs of rent, utilities, leases, overhead
  • The sales opportunities and profit potential is virtually limitless
  • It does take commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and a flare to put it all together.

With a gift basket business you can:

  • Get started on a part time basis
  • 2_250x250Work out of your home
  • Begin with a low startup cost
  • Can venture off into similar businesses, unique gift businesses

I found a great source that will give you professional and proven gift basket details such as:

  • How to get started
  • Knowing what gift baskets sell the best
  • What advertising works the best and what doesn’t
  • A wonderful source of wholesale places to keep your costs down
  • What you should be charging for your baskets
  • Building a website, which will be vital to your business
  • A step by step guide to get your gift business started
  • How to grow your profits

You can work with a proven leader in the specialty gift field, receive all these guidelines and much more. Rita Wilhelm who has started and operated her own gift basket business and has achieved a quarter a million dollars a year in sales is more than willing to share her ideas and winning techniques.

Starting a gift basket business can definitely bring in an extra source of income if started and worked properly.. Find out what Rita Has to say about it….click here to read her story.


Never stop learning…Angela


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  1. Wendy

    A gift basket business seems like something that would be pretty easy to do, especially if you are pretty artistic. It seems like if someone had some extra space to store the merchandise it would work. I think the biggest challenge would be setting up a website. Do you have a program that could help people with this?

    1. Angela

      Hello Wendy, I have to agree that I think a gift basket business is a great starting point. Think of all the possibilities, such as the huge number of themes to build on and not to mention personalized requests.

      A great starting place to build your own website is with Wealthy Affiliate. If offers free starting points, and you can build your website as you grow your business. Check it out at


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