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Are you or someone you know part of the the senior population? If not you will be some day. Senior citizens are multiplying by the millions, in fact, during the coming years, the senior population in America is expected to double,   
growing fast and becoming an area for specific requirements, services and help in daily activities.  For those who desire to start a business or earn extra money this means one thing:  getting involved in Senior Home Care Services could lead to  a wonderful opportunity for compassionate entrepreneurs, and those who have a desire to help others.

Although our aging population is living longer due to advances in medical technology and advances in the prevention of illnesses and diseases, many older adults are still constantly fighting a battle with chronic health issues, mental issues, memory problems, and the fact that aging prevents us from doing the things we use to do.

The current senior population (individuals age 65 and older) totals nearly 485 million! This number is expected to more than double to 974 million by the year 2030.

In comparison the average care for home services depending on what is needed can run from an average of $10,000 to $22,000 a year, which is a major savings for the senior that wants to remain as an independent in their own home.

Many people if given the choice would prefer someone they are comfortable with to receive home visits when the need arises.

Individuals and companies are finding that there is more to this business than just a re-occurring senior care service.  Other areas people are benefiting from this service is with such things as short term recovery care, if someone comes home from a hospital stay and needs help recovering from an illness or surgery. Then there is the area of  family care, child care, pet care, running errands and there is a variety of house care possibilities.

Helping  not only senior citizens but also  those that are housebound are taken into consideration in this fast grow service industry and can fall under a variety names such as:  in home care service, assistance service, care provider, personal assistant, concierge, elder care, just to name a few.

This 10 billion a year and growing business  can open a field of opportunities that can be started as a part time business offering assistance in a variety of ways.

You can literally make it more than just an income. being able to offer a helping hand, a daily lifestyle of integrity, caring, and honesty to build a relationship with those in need.

Statistics I found show that everyday over 8,000 people come into the age of being a senior citizen at the age of 65. Most of those individuals need help  with taking care of such things as:

  • Major and minor health issue
  • Help around the house
  • Transportation, perhaps daily or just a couple times a week
  • Organizing or cleaning out a house
  • Handling money and bill paying
  • Talking over the phone to handle issues
  • Maintaining a home and yard work
  • Doing home cooking
  • Taking care of pets
  • The alarming growth of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Sometimes an individual needs help with task that are ordinary or simple tasks to others, but could be viewed as a complex task and difficult as we get older.
  • How about just being a friend or companion to someone who doesn’t get out often or who does not get visitors.
  • How about taking them for a ride

You can be there as a friend to avoid or decrease the isolation that many seniors experience when living alone. A short visit can pull an elder person out of a depression period and gives them the feeling that someone cares.  Just knowing that someone is coming by to chat for 20 or 30 minutes can increase the spirits of an individual who sees or talks with no one for days at a time.

The way families are spread all over the world now sometimes it is impossible for adult children to be able to help out and take care mom or dad when they are thousands of miles away.   People that specialize in senior care provider services understand this predicament and are available to step in and provide the services that family members can not manager due to the distance problem.

It could also be a one time thing, such as helping an elder out for a few days, one time a week  or as in most cases you would be providing more long term services on a continuous basis.

Starting out you can look at it as being a personal assistant for someone, things they need done, errands that they cannot do on their own, even if it is just to drive them somewhere. So many seniors or even people of all ages do not want to take public transportation, they would prefer someone they know instead of calling a public taxi service. People are a creature of habit and routines when it comes to entrusting their personal lives.

Senior home care services is not a business that is suited for every single person, going into this type of business takes a genuine liking, dedication  and understanding of the aging population and the older generation


Long term care and long term assistance for daily activities is here to stay for a long time. This industry definitely will continue to grow, the idea here is to figure out your own specialty niche and get started. Get established in your community.

Deciding on what type of senior business you want to get into takes planning and a huge amount of thought as to the dedication and commitment you are willing to put out in providing this service.

If you are thinking  to start this sort of personal senior service, here are a few different options available:

  1. Starting on the small side, where you would just find perhaps from 1 to 3 people that you will be willing to assist.  Taking into consideration daily needs and the time you have available to spend with each person. You could start out by offering an errand running service, cleaning service, a concierge service (this personalized business is increasing as people have less time to spend on their errands, commitments, etcetera.
  2. You could also start your own  service business going full force with a commitment of 40 plus hours a week. Being your own boss can definitely work but be sure to include a  business plan of how, when, and what you are setting your sights for, would be essential to accommodate a demanding schedule.
  3. Getting in on the franchise end where you would get guidance, training, licensing and support from a well run company that offers set policies and procedures, and with this opportunity you can branch out to hire individuals to work for you. There are many qualified franchises available, just do your homework. Areas to look at include certification, licensing, marketing,  cost involved and what type of support they will provide.
Assisted living, independent living, home care, adult day care, continuing care, occasional care ….whatever you want to call it, the senior home care services business offers you the opportunity to start a small  ervice business and earn extra income or expand into a quality, in demand business venture.


If you are ready to get started, look for an opportunity that gives you the structure to offer simple companion care, simple daily task, or take it to the top and discover how to legally and financially establish your own senior home care services business, and to offer an opportunity of quality care and dedication.





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  1. jody miller

    Wow I really like you page it is very informative for people who need to know these things. Which I guess would be all of us sooner or later. But you managed to give a lot of resources and directions you could go to help the elderly plus how to help yourself. I think you did a awesome job.

    1. Angela

      Thanks for taking the time here on my site, I am trying my best to get the word out not only to those who are close to retirement but ALSO to the younger generation in their twenties and thirties and the importance of starting some sort of savings for retirement. So feel free to pass the word along to everyone. Do you have a retirement plan in place? That is my question to everyone in the world today, and everyday.



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