Practical Christmas Gifts For Seniors

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uglyYup it is that time of the year again and I know everyone is going crazy to find that perfect gift, a crazy attempt to get all those extra errands done, spending more time with the family and doing every other crazy thing  that needs to be done during the this wonderful, stressful, (sometimes depressed filled) time of year.  

Gift giving can be nerve racking and sometimes stressful especially when you have no idea of what type of gift to give to a senior. Do you agree that it is especially frustrating in finding or finally deciding on the perfect Christmas gifts for seniors and all of this could leave some family members pushed to the max? 

Do you get into the debatable mode wondering  if grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jane or Uncle Billy would will really like your gift? All I have to say is….

please don’t give them an ugly holiday sweater – no, not cool.

I have found a few practical gifts that people can use on a daily basis, yet the frustrated and stressed out gift giver does not think of giving them, the majority of the time they are too busy running around trying to grab up last minute items. Really?


Gifts for seniors who have everything and/or gift ideas for seniors who don’t need anything:


How about paying a utility bill for a month or two or perhaps even more? What a necessity that keeps coming in the mail each and every month, and especially for someone that struggles with paying their monthly bills, this could be a hidden blessing.  I only say this because one man I just talked with the other day told me he was looking to do a cash advance to buy some Christmas gifts for a few people, yet he told me he struggles with juggling between paying his electric and his gas bills on a monthly basis.  I told him that maybe he should forget about giving gifts to others this year and just write them a nice letter telling them how much they mean to him. He could even put together some past stories or memories. Perhaps even give them some life lessons that he learned throughout his life. Hey and you know what? Maybe a senior citizen would enjoy some stories written by a younger family member.


How about offer a senior citizens a good personal house cleaning, or helping them get something in order or taken care of issues that need to be done around the house.  So many homeowners can use the extra hand of cleaning out the house, the garage, the basement or attic. Some good memories could even be made when going through items, with digging up the history, the memories and especially the stories that go along with the items. 


  How about helping a senior to get a better understanding of their social security benefits, along with their Medicare and insurance issues and how it all works together. Just remember some day you will be in the same spot, and won’t it be nice to have someone that can explain things to you?


How about a hand held massager? The Enowpo Body Powerful Therapeutic Percussion Massager  can powerfully, accurately and comfortably massage specific acupoints and pressure points. Certainly as we age the aches and pains are apparent and a simple massager can relieve muscle aches, pain, knots, stress tension and stiffness on areas of the lower and upper back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet.   What a great gift to help relieve or reduce some of the symptoms of  chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, joint pain, arthritis, or injuries


A lot of people would enjoy a home spa jacuzzi bath and it is very possible and inexpensive to give this wonderful gift with the Home Spa Jacuzzi Bath Set –  The gentle massage therapeutic spa jet with a comfortable bath spa pillow by Bodyhealt  fits right into the bathtub and it can turn an ordinary tub into a comforting, relaxing  home spa. (Perhaps you should get one for yourself?)


The Jitterbug smart phone or flip phone is an excellent idea for seniors or for anyone of any age that wants simplicity, security and peace of mind. Whatever you decide on the phone or the medical devices that they offer, you can get great service such as:

  • Urgent care – where certified agents will evaluate your situation and get the proper help that you need.
  • Greatcall link –  family members or caregivers can stay informed and receive updates about the status and well-being of the person using the Greatcall product.
  • Medcoach – is a great service that will helps you to remember when and what medications to take. This serviceJitterbug Phone, best phone for seniors can also connect you to your pharmacy.
  • Daily health tips – receive fact finding tips on proper exercise, eating healthy, and the best things to keep you healthy and active.
  • Check in call – set up a check in call on a daily basis, just to make sure everything is going okay.
  • Brain games – here you will find challenging and fun games to keep your brain sharp, your visuals alert, your memory in top working condition, all in an attempt to keep your brain and memory healthy and fit.
  • Wellness call – this services gives you tips and solutions to live a healthy lifestyle and you will also receive a weekly motivational call to help with health issues that can improve mental, physical outlook
  • Personal operator – Need help using your phone?  No problem just push the button and a personal operator is waiting to help out. Find phone numbers, update your contacts, find local services


All this and yes The Jitterbug is a very decent/reliable phone that will make an wonderful gift for anyone. 


How about a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store or to do any type of online shopping. Check out the best gift cards  that anyone can use, young, old or in the middle

how to buy gift cards online, buy gift cards




A great hobby that people of all ages are getting into and enjoy is collecting coins. Check out these  coins and collectible coins to increase someone’s collection or to get someone started in a very interesting past time. And yes this can be a building block for their retirement where to buy coins online, rare coins, collectable coins, how and where to buy gold and silver coins,



Okay, final idea for today is, how about a good old fashion book to read? Yes, people still read books and plenty of them.  Check out this listing of best seller books(you can go crazy here in deciding what books to give as gifts and what books to keep for yourself).  


Use your imagination when considering Christmas gifts for seniors but also remember to keep it practical and useful. What if the tables were turned, if you were a senior citizens what type of gift would you like to receive.  Do you have any ideas that you would like to share with others?  Leave me a message and tell me about some interesting gifts to give.

Happy Holidays and remember….never stop learning!


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