You Can Get Motivated To Reach Your Goals

thPSVWE8WZMost people have a hard time not only of achieving goals, they have extreme difficulty at times working towards goals, setting goals and seeing things through to the end results. Motivation is a big issue, so allow me to say that you can get motivated to reach your goals and achieve the success that you have always dreamed about. Finding and working your motivation comes from within. A person has to have that (more…)

How To Make Extra Money For Retirement

To me my whole business, website, blog, information, whatever you want to call it , is all about providing information on ways to improve your retirement years with more money, extra streams of income. It is all about how to make extra money for retirement and being able to enjoy those years the way you want without having any money worries.

See I understand that people don’t plan, they don’t think retirement will hit them until it actually does, or they just don’t have the (more…)

Flipp Flyers Weekly Ads


thu60ozs3hI found a wonderful website that will help you out tremendously when it comes to your shopping needs.  You have to check out the Flipp flyers weekly ads that are displayed on their website and also available on their app.

We all know how shopping can burn a big hole in your pocket and rapidly increase your debt amount when using those plastic cards. You know credit and debit cards. Understandably the grocery store is a must on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly ritual. There are even people that will go into a grocery store on a daily basis just to get what they need for (more…)

On Social Security and Living On The Edge

On Social Security, living on the edge Life happens, face it, getting old happens.  Have you prepared for your older years, you know, the golden years, those wonderful retirement years? Are you prepared or will you end up like the millions of individuals who are solely living on Social Security and living on the edge, leaving them to struggle every single month, year after year.

How is it that the majority of older people get into poverty levels and end up depending only on Social Security benefits? Perhaps they make stupid decisions, the wrong choices,  perhaps they don’t take the time to check things out and to think about consequences, they don’t learn from their mistakes, or maybe they have the notion that retirement is way off in the

future and they have plenty of time ( yet we know that time flies by super fast). (more…)

Easy Pallet Projects Anyone Can Do


easy pallet projects Did you know there really is a pallet university?   No, really a guy by the name of Brandon who loves pallets, designing all types of furniture, wall hangings, and projects out of pallets, has designed a pallet university for anyone who is into, or would like to start making all types of things involving pallet wood. I think it is a marvelous idea and it is a growing business that ordinary people are making a decent living from. Home made pallet furniture and décor of all types is really a big business yet people are unaware of the idea of making anything out of pallets, being able to do easy pallet projects or how to keep everything simple or the money they can make!

You can always find sources of free pallets around (more…)

101 Ways To Make Quick Cash

thF25X7KXZLate on paying that bill that you have been pushing off? Or you are totally broke and need some extra cash until the next payday rolls around? There are plenty  of legitimate ways to make quick cash, mostly it just takes your imagination, seizing opportunities and getting out there and actually do the work. Because sorry bud, the cash will not just be handed to you!

You can make up some quick flyers and go door to door with a listing of services that you can offer homeowners, senior citizens or people that just don’t have the time to get things done.

Take a look around to get ideas, such as (more…)

Wells Fargo, Is It Just The Beginning?

Wells Fargo, retirement money, money If you have not heard the recent financial news lately then you probably are living with plugs in your ears. The word is out that banking giant, Wells Fargo has been using excessive practices, threatening, applying scare tactics on their employees to bring in more business, forcing their employees to meet extremely high, almost demanding them to fulfill an exorbitant amount of sale quotas.

According to employees, the quotas were set to almost unreachable amounts, setting employees up to (more…)

Work From Home For Yourself

Work From Home

If you have a desire or need to work from home for yourself, the entrepreneur opportunities are plentiful if you know where and how to get started, and especially knowing the in’s and out’s of getting started. Understandably most individuals feel like that first step could be in comparison to  jumping off a cliff. A frightening thought and a major step for most goal seekers, dreamers and opportunist.

In today’s’ world people are not finding desirable career opportunities with (more…)

Where Can I Sell My Crafts?


I know a lot of you make crafts, jewelry,  pet items, unique items and woodworking products, but if you are like most people, I can hear it now, you are always looking for places to take your products perhaps to sell on your own or on consignment. Thousands of crafters are asking that same question of where can I sell my crafts, how do I get started, what are my best options, how do I sell online?  


What Is Passive Income About?

What is passive income  about It has always been a drive in my inner soul not only to have money, but to be financially secure and in control of my financial future.  Talking with people from all lifestyles I have discovered that most people feel the same way, yet do nothing about their situation.

The most asked question I am hit with is, what is passive income about?

Not surprisingly this is being asked by thousands of individuals who have been searching for answers to increase their sources of income, yet they do not know where to get help, or  how to get on the right track. If you have a desire for (more…)

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