How To Start A Candle Making Business

How to start a candle making business, candle makingWho doesn’t love the wonderful sensual delicious, delightful smells and flickers of candles. Candles are used for all occasions as well as for daily use by millions of households and businesses.  In fact the candle making business is almost a three billion dollar a year industry, so understandably knowing specific details of how to start a candle making business can but you in the right position to make a very decent income from what most consider (more…)

Practical Christmas Gifts For Seniors

ugly Yup it is that time of the year again and I know everyone is going crazy to find that perfect gift, a crazy attempt to get all those extra errands done, spending more time with the family and doing every other crazy thing  that needs to be done during the this wonderful, stressful, (sometimes depressed filled) time of year.  

Gift giving can be nerve racking and sometimes stressful especially when you have no idea of what type of gift to give to a senior. Do you agree that it is especially frustrating in finding or finally deciding on the perfect Christmas gifts for seniors and all of this could leave some family members pushed to the max? 

Do you get into the debatable mode wondering  if grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jane or Uncle Billy would will really like your gift? All I have to say is…. (more…)

What Is The Amazon Echo? Review It Here

What is the Amazon Echo? Amazon Echo speakerWhat is the Amazon Echo?   It is your personal assistant, it is your right hand,  it controls your home for security, it factors in your personal needs and it makes your life more comfortable and organized.  The Amazon Echo is your complete backup for anything and everything you need done, and for finding out any type of information that your are looking for.

The Amazon Echo is a (more…)

The Retirement Plan Should Be Your Plan

The Retirement PlanWhat does the future hold for you? Do you have a good understanding of how and when your so called golden years will begin or how long they will last?

The retirement plan you design should really be your desires, your dreams of what you expect out of retirement.  Yet whatever your personal plan is, it will come with many avenues to consider and of course some major and minor bumps in the road.

Retirement is more than just about saving money for when you are no longer working. It is also about how you control your life, your health, your family your finances and how you manage your financial situation to last your entire life time. Retirement is about making decisions about your monthly income flow, balancing out your resources to estimate how (more…)

The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 Offers Much Needed Possibilities

retirement enhancement and savings act 2016, retirement funds, retirement pensions, saving for retirementDo you really take the time to understand about retirement income, or how it will affect your daily living? Are you ready to do something about preparing for your transition period and the process of flowing easily and comfortably into your retirement years?  Would you like a better understanding of what the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2016 can do for you and for future generations?

Perhaps you already have your finances in (more…)

Christmas and Holiday Season Quotes You Will Enjoy

Christmas and Holiday Season QuotesHere we are again, that wonderful time of the year with the start of the holiday season and we have to get accustom to dealing with a huge variety of  joys, tears, and stressed out situations to accommodate the people we love, the people we are forced to have in our circle, and the people we try to avoid during this glorious time of year.

At the start of this glorious season (I guess it is all how you see it) I just wanted to share some Christmas and holiday season quotes with all of you to enjoy, remember past holidays, and building new memories. This holiday season let’s remember all of (more…)

How to Start An Errand Service Business or Concierge Service

Errand Service Business, personal concierge, concierge businessIf you get along well with others, as well as  enjoy working with people and performing a variety of task then knowing the ins and outs of how to start an errand service business might just be the right type of business for you to get started in. The errand service business can absolutely be started part time, with a great advantage of growing into a full time honest business to service your community.    (more…)

Is It Scary To Retire With A Bag Full Of Debt?


Is it scary to retire with a bag full of debt? If you ask this question to my grandad or even dad, he would instantly say “a big no”. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have interacted with many people who are entangled with debt problems. Some are immersed in credit card debt. Others are postponing their marriage and family plans because of their huge student loan debt. I wonder what these people would do at the time of retirement? What if they can’t pay off their debts before retirement? Is it perfectly fine to retire with a bag full of debt?

Is it bad to retire with debt?   (more…)

9 Successful Time Management Strategy Tips For Spinning Wheels

time management, time management strategies, time management techniques The majority of people are not organized individuals, have no understanding or control on how their time is spent, and at times literally waste their precious time each and every day, almost like lost souls that keep spinning their wheels and not getting things done. If this sounds like your lifestyle then I would like to share a variety of successful time management strategy tips to improve your life and get a better handle on where your time goes each day.

How can you be successful and fully understand how to manage your time if you are not organized and your time is not (more…)

How To Overcome the Fear of Failure In Life

fear of failure, fear of procrastination, fear of failure phobiaWhy do people fear failure.  Why is it the majority of individuals are stuck in their daily routine, with a fear of taking a step out of their protective bubble? Perhaps the unknown of what could happen frightens them. Perhaps the idea of change frights them, or maybe they just do nothing about a situation hoping it will just go away.

Knowing how to overcome the fear of failure in your lifestyle, can lead to you a higher all around success, a better lifestyle and a stronger confidence of self being.

Failure can be taken into consideration when it is mixed with the aspects of the human soul and the outcome of how your perception works for you.  Wait, what?  Do you believe that the fear of failure procrastination starts (more…)

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