On Social Security and Living On The Edge

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On Social Security, living on the edge Life happens, face it, getting old happens.  Have you prepared for your older years, you know, the golden years, those wonderful retirement years? Are you prepared or will you end up like the millions of individuals who are solely living on Social Security and living on the edge, leaving them to struggle every single month, year after year.

How is it that the majority of older people get into poverty levels and end up depending only on Social Security benefits? Perhaps they make stupid decisions, the wrong choices,  perhaps they don’t take the time to check things out and to think about consequences, they don’t learn from their mistakes, or maybe they have the notion that retirement is way off in the

future and they have plenty of time ( yet we know that time flies by super fast).

For most it is due to low paying jobs through their working years, other reasons include, enormous  bills, unexpected expenses, pension plans, investments drastically changing, retirement funds being cut, downsized or completely wiped out, and perhaps the biggest issue is due to lack of knowledge when it comes to saving and planning things out for retirement years.


Retirement and Social Security facts you need to know:

pig no savings for retirement

    • Of the 48 million individuals who receive social security benefits it is estimated to be approximately over 10 million people who rely solely on Social Security income
    • That comes out to an average of 1 out of 4 people, who are age 65 and older. Are you in this category?
    • Statistics tell us that three out of five people going into retirement years have no retirement savings to fall back on, leaving them with no option but to survive solely on a meager amount.
    • Over 53 percent of people in the workforce have no type of pension.
    • Many retirees are turning to other options such as moving in with family members, setting up residence with others in the same situation to share expenses.
    • Many seniors lose their homes and have no option but to use subsidized housing that takes a percentage of their monthly income.  They get help from and take advantage of local food pantries, free health clinics, and local charities, to help supplement their income
    • What most older people fail to take into consideration is higher medical bills and unexpected expenses and repairs.  



Money issues that people just like yourself are dealing with:

  • People have a real issue when it comes to facing reality with handling money
  • People are embarrassed or ashamed of their debt issues, of their poor management money
  • They are intimidated with the issue of explaining their financial situation to an advisor, their banker, even their family. They do not realize that getting financial advise can lead to a healthier retirement and preventive money problems
  • People literally lack the knowledge of budgeting and handling their own financial money issues
  • People lack planning for retirement skills



Living totally on Social Security and living on the edge

should not be happening

What is your future looking like?

One little bump in the road can cause a  serious major setback, pushing people into a poverty status that forces them to seek help anyway they can.

For most retirees, living on the edge forces them into reality of outliving any type of retirement money. Struggling with the never ending fight of stretching that small amount of  social security benefit each month.



WHAT if you:

commit time each week and planned out your retirement years

learn to handle your own money the proper way.

find ways to eliminate expenses

learn to make plans

learn as much as you can on how to get the most out of your social security benefit, what is best for you

set your own budget plan for now and in the future

keep informed as to what is going on in the world

find ways to keep yourself young and your brain sharp

find extra sources of passive income



Living totally on Social Security and living on the edge can be avoided. It is up to you. Get past the status of being broke, struggling and not knowing how you will make it month after month.  Make changes, plan, and enjoy life! 


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  1. George

    We have to appreciate that everyone has different circumstances and different approaches to life. Some people do plan ahead because they have that ability and probably the skills set to compliment that ability. We also have to accept that money management is NOT accounting or economics and is the one subject that is NOT taught in schools. The few people who are privileged enough to have access to the resources for proper money.management you will find are also those people who were privileged to have a tertiary education or some sort of higher education. So I think in retrospect people don’t make stupid financial decisions but rather not well informed decisions which sometimes culminates in loss of savings or income and the like.

    1. Angela

      obviously the world is full of all types of individuals, some people beleive they create their own lives while others believe that life just happens to them (the good and the bad). Throughout my life I have been around rich people, middle class but more around lower income people. I have seen a variety of sides of life. You are so right in regards to the issue of money management.

      Perhaps in some way those who can, should help those who need more help.

  2. isaac

    Hi there. I honestly think that the only way to avoid living on the edge during retirement depends on our savings and proper planning that is make sure our expenses are kept lower so that our savings can lasts. In short, every working adult should already start thinking and planning on their retirement world. Thanks for this article man.

    1. Angela

      Thanks for the response Isaac. I have to say that sadly not enough people plan out their retirement let alone their lives. Most people just go through daily motions without attempting any efforts to change their future.

      Come back and visit more often.



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