Making Money For Retirement – are you prepared?

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Millions of hardworking individuals are facing the realization that they will desperately need to find ways to supplement their income and creative ways of making money for retirement. With the roller coaster status of our economy, the fallout of retirement funds, pensions and a shaky social security system, people should make it a top priority to add any type of

extra income into their budgets for a more secure lifestyle.

The reality is  that not only  young people are needing extra cash to put into a retirement fund, but the danger lies more with baby boomers and retirees who are living on a fixed income. Realistically having and making money for retirement and a secure future should be on the minds of everyone no matter what age or what the present income source.

There are hundreds of ways to earn extra money by a variety of interesting methods, yet it will be totally up to the individual to make the effort and succeed. Lets face the fact that with social security being unstable, the loss of jobs, the loss of pensions, and an unknown financial future everyone should be in a mindset of how to earn extra cash throughout life, before and during retirement.

Of course the real factor is:

  • the motiviation that each individual would require to fulfill their dreams
  • realizing what would be needed in coming years
  • keeping the brain sharp
  • having the commitment and willingness to go after it.

Comparing the time span, Millennials vs Baby Boomers

  • Millennials have the time
  • Millennials seeking guidance and knowledge
  • Baby boomers having the knowledge, yet not fully using it
  • Baby boomers can adjust and still make up time
  • Retirees need to adjust and determine their best avenues
  • Everyone needs to put forth an effort to build a financial security
  • Everyone can learn how to earn extra cash by keeping in the know and discovering options

Things to take into consideration

  • Your personality
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • Your understanding of the internet and technical issues
  • Your understanding of simple business
  • Realizing that everyone is good at something
  • Finding that “something” and really working towards a goal
  • For example many people have a huge variety of interesting hobbies, yet have no idea of making money for retirement with something they love doing.

No matter where you fall within these issues, how to earn extra cash by using your talents, your “know how”, and your desire, could determine if you have enough money for retirement, to pay your bills, even to experience your wildest dreams. Do not allow your lifestyle and your money situation be dictated by someone else, learn to control your own destiny. Don’t have a hobby? Start One!




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