I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life

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motivation-1Each one of us is the same,  we all have needs, and wants,  we all have desires, dreams, goals, we also have problems, difficulties, sorrows and issues to be resolved.  Yet we defer to the fact of how we handle and accept any of these situations.

Your mind capabilities and your mind control all factors greatly into this situation. Do you have a strong mind or a weak mind?  Do you know?   Do you find yourself asking the question, I don’t know what to do with my life I don’t know where my life is headed.

Do you allow anyone or anything to control

your thoughts, what about your success advancements. Do you have problems finding ways to get ahead in life?


Here is a way to improve your  business success in life:

Find a way to enrich the lives of others, help them solve their problems, seek out opportunities, give people what they want.


In my case here I know people want and need more income for their retirement (I see that opportunity) I give them what they want…. legitimate, workable ways to have extra streams of income, and ways of saving money, flowing into their lives.

I am creating not only a valuable source that anyone of any age can utilize, but hopefully I am helping people be more productive, keeping them healthier in body, mind and energy.


There are many ways to change your personal life around:


  • MagicInMind_300x250Basically it starts with a strong desire to make that improvement or reach that success
  • Maximize your chances,
  • Minimize your mistakes.
  • Watch your carelessness,  it only leads to bigger problems.
  • If you ignore your health, then everything else in your life will follow the path and will go down hill.
  • Learn to make strong choices.
  • Find real solutions for your battles.
  •  Keep mentally active to maintain good brain health


I have set goals, I want to find and enjoy success in life. I have set personal goals for myself to be reached when my next birthday rolls around.


My goals I set for myself:

  • I will invest in myself, my learning process
  • I will not haphazardly throw away my money on useless things or on playing the lottery
  • I will not listen anymore to the naysayers, to the pessimist that keep saying I am going nowhere, that I am of a certain group of people and I will never better myselflife-2
  • I will not allow anyone or anything to hold me down, it might take some time but I will win
  • I will use my time productively
  • I will and I can control my own mind and thoughts.
  • I know I can do better for myself and my future and I will continue to find ways  to accomplish my goals
  • I will not succumb to allowing someone else to control me


Could our world be on a downslide?

People would rather pick up a gun and start shooting all the innocent individuals instead of taking care of their own issues.

People do not want to accept responsibility for their actions

People fall into daily routines without making any attempts for improvements

People expect handouts that are more than necessary

People retire, then they discover that retirement living is different and they don’t know what to do with their time or even how to survive in retirement

People never figure out how to get the most out of life.




Change the way you look at life. Find ways that work for you, to get the most out of your life! 

If you don’t like your life… then make some changes!



Like I said, I am taking more better control of my own life, my own situations, my own future. I am better understanding what the future holds for me and I am making corrections and adjustments in all aspects of my life.  

All in preparation of being stronger more knowledgeable in all aspects of life, mind, health, spirit and finances. To build a stronger future for myself and my family.

I realize that I cannot fight everyone’s’ battles but I can fight my own and that is what I want you to do for yourself. Fight for what is right for you and yours. Don’t be in that group that is always saying, I don’t know what to do with my life, you need to take that first step and start by searching for answers. Do it in your own way, find your purpose in life, find the magic, enjoy the journey.   


Never Stop Learning…Angela

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  1. Keith

    Its my personal opinion that too many people focus on accumulating money for their retirement rather than enjoying their earnings in the here and now. Not recklessly of course you obviously need to put something away for your future, but why kill yourself during your youth to enjoy all that money when you are too old to fully appreciate it.
    Its a really fine balance isn’t it?

    1. Angela

      Yes you certainly got that right, it is a balancing act and certainly having a knowledge about certain things as simple as learning how to save some money for retirement needs to be accomplished. I know it is hard to commit to a long term commitment, But just like working on a long term relationship, it does take work and understanding. Right??



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