How To Take Control In Your Life

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I always get up early in the morning, take my walk and then while I am doing things around the house I enjoy watching and listening to the daily national business and news networksth7O852OWV

Watching  CNBC Squawk Box  (if you never watched it, give it a try for a few weeks, you can learn some interesting things) and a couple of other shows made me realize that they not only talk about the state of the economy and business news, but they also hit upon life in general, and how people generate success in life.

Basically in a nutshell over the last few weeks it hit me that these shows are giving everyday viewers tidbits on how to take control in your life, take control of a variety of situations, achieve your ultimate goals as well as what they do best of keeping people informed on world business and news reports.

An interesting topic evolved around how our society is functioning (or not functioning) at this present time, along with factoring in the past few years of economic distress and going into a hotly debated presidential election year, there were a few areas of discussion that raised my interest and I just wanted to share them with you in an attempt to get your thought process moving to take control of your whole life situation.


Why people do not take control in their lives:

  • The majority of people believe that Americans are worse off today than they were seven years ago
  • The average household income is considered to be around $52,000, and the majority are finding it hard to make ends meet
  • For some  “unbelievable” reason so many six figure income earners are finding that along with their higher earnings comes higher costs that they have to deal with such as: a higher standard of living, including higher mortgages, insurance, taxes, geographic location, student loans, family needs and the growing so called necessities in life ( I’m talking about the newest and high dollar tech gadgets, attempting to keep everyone linked together)thGGETUG2H
  • Undeniably  the cost of living has risen and put a gigantic mountain smack in the middle of the road to financial success for the middle class and the lower income earners, and to the less fortunate lower class status, the rich still keep get richer.
  • To make matters worse, we have not had a major wage growth  in years
  • People are still slowly recovering from the economic disaster of 2008, still struggling to pay bills
  • College students, spending thousands of dollars on student loans, expect to get more out of life and finding high paying careers is a total challenge . Many are taking on lower paying positions for the fact that their expectations are not met, and competition is huge when it comes to successfully beating out everyone else that is fighting for that one position.
  • Not only college students but people of all ages, and that includes senior citizens, are now taking whatever job they can get to make ends meet
  • Living beyond your means, overspending, not budgeting, not knowing about your family finances and not saving for retirement will definitely put  you over the edge
  • People do not plan out their lives or where they want to be even in the next five years, twenty years, or how they are going to live through their golden retirement years.
  • The top one percent keep finding ways to increase their riches
  • The lower income do not have the “know how” to make successful improvements in their lives

People are not saving for emergency funds, and people are especially are not saving for that long term also known as retirement, which for a lot of people is lasting around thirty years.




Why  do you fail to take total control in your own personal life?

Perhaps, you do not know the avenues or do not have the resources to figure out how to take control in your life to achieving the results that you seek.


Flipping back and forth between a couple of broadcast, and doing some hard core thinking, here is a few thoughts of my own that I want to share with you today….perhaps it will get your brain waves moving in the right direction:


Finding ways to be in control:

    • Everyday try to get a little bit better, whatever you are interested in, your hobby, your interest, just learn to invest in yourself
    • There is no shortcuts in life, people achieve their goals and  succeed at whatever their interest is because they work at it and they keep at it
    • People that want to succeed have a certain drive that keeps pushing them
    • What you do defines your life…What do I mean by this? Sit and watch television day in and day out and doing nothing else in life…well this definitely defines your type of lifestyle.
    • Your perception of a situation could most likely be different than someone else’s perception of the same situation.
    • How you take care of your health, your body and your mind defines your life and will control your life
    • How you educate yourself will define your life and will control your life. Why is it that for the majority of people, education and the learning process stops as soon as they get out of school? Educating yourself should be a lifelong process. I am not talking about the same things they teach in school, you should be more concerned with life lessons and improving your wellbeing.
    • The world can be a scary place, yet it can also be a wonderful place
    • If you want to better yourself, start with the tools you have available to you right now. Your best bet is to gather as much information on the topic you are interested in, educate yourself and learn to grow, work towards achieving your goals
    • Make sure you make yourself and your family members your number one concern in life. Learn to take care of you and yours
    • When you take care of “you and yours”,  a whole outlook on your life and your surroundings will change
    • Boundaries define what you are and what you are not. Learn to identify your boundaries and how to push past those  difficult boundaries
    • Having control of your life is a part of your positive thought process
    • Learn to control your health
    • Learn to control your wealth
    • Learn to control your mind
    • Learn to control your emotions

Learn to control the direction in which your life is going, how to take control in life,  find ways to push yourself and accomplish the things you always wanted to succeed at. Start with the power of self discipline.  If you are true to yourself there can be no excuses only success!

Check out The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, discover how you can take control and find success in the major areas of your life, including personal goals, business, money and overall happiness.

Do you have ways that work for you in your attempt of taking control? Leave me a message


Never stop learning….Angela

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  1. Jagi

    I agree the cost of living has gone up. Many people can’t even see the end of the rainbow of their working life. I personally know people who are now in their 70s, but still need to work, as their retirement just does not cut it. What you say here is very true. Hopefully you will be able to empower more people to take control and retire at whatever age they want, yet still have enough money to do the things they want to do in life.

    1. Angela

      Thanks for visiting Jagi,

      That is my goal – to get people to understand what their retirement money is going to consist of, and I am offering ways to have extra income flowing in. Help spread the word and come back and visit often.



  2. Xaric

    This is a great article Angela.

    I totally agree with all your points.

    People don’t live their lives. They are not being their true selves. We are programmed this way since our early age. Very few people manage to see through this fake reality and even fewer manage to take some action.

    Taking control of our lives is a very challenging purpose, but it is doable. Small steady steps, patience and effort towards a better reality.


    1. Angela

      I totally agree with you, people just fall into daily routines and habits, and they assume that they have to go out and work for someone else. (making that person/company rich). People are always for that “big ship” to come in, yet what they fail to realize is that they have to keep rowing that “small boat” until they reach that big ship…get it??


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