How To Start An Office Cleaning Business

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Have you ever thought of having your own cleaning business? Even though thereth97HDESFK is dirt involved, knowing the proper procedures and the secrets of how to start an office cleaning business can lead to excellent income and a rewarding career if you do your homework and run this type of business properly.

There are two main sections of the cleaning industry which is basically the home/residential area and then there is the commercial area which covers offices, store fronts, and all types of businesses, including even factories.

I myself have never had a cleaning business come into my home and many people feel the same as I do that that they do not want someone else invading their personal space. Yet on the other hand a friend of mine has used a service for years and loves it. Her thinking is that if you work outside of the home you deserve to have the cleaning of your home done for you.  Again, everyone has their own perceptive of how things should be done.

But with a business it is of utmost importance for the success of the business, to attract new customers, and maintain the customers or clients that they have, and this cannot be achieved if their work environment is not showcasing a clean and inviting atmosphere.


Things you need to think about when starting a cleaning business:thB91D14R2

  • How do I get started, do I follow an established program or do I just wing it?
  • How do I find quality lasting clients?
  • How do I keep the clients once I get them?
  • How and when to use service contracts?
  • How to out beat the competition on pricing?
  • How to determine service costs?
  • How to out beat the competition on the quality of service?
  • What type of licensing  and insurance is needed?
  • Do I do it all myself or hire employees?


You can go the route of cleaning homes and start part time,or you can take the higher road of where the money’s at and get into different avenues of office and commercial cleaning.


The possibilities are endless as to what services you can offer:  here are just a few:

  • Small offices or corporate offices
  • Specialty store fronts
  • Restaurant kitchens, (there are people who just clean exhaust fans and hoods)
  • Air duct cleaning business
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Foreclosure cleaning
  • Windows, windows and more windows!


I recently talked with a man in his thirties that has a pickup truck, buckets, squeegees, cleaning supplies and all he does is windows for small businesses. He is not trapped at a desk, or at a factory for eight or more hours a day, he is his own boss, AND he is pulling in $60.00 plus, an hour!


An excellent source to help you get started in your own cleaning business is with someone who has been in the industry for years, who has actually done the work, made the mistakes, knows what works and does not work and can give you all the know how and legitimate advice to achieve your goals.

I would suggest that you check out Sam Rodman and read his story of how he started out with just a spray bottle and has grown his business into a high end service that people readily hand over money for his excellent service work. Something you hardly ever see is the fact that he even offers his phone number to all those “doubting Thomas’s”.

Here is what you will learn….and why others seek out his advise:office cleaning bus

  • How to get started fast and easy
  • How to get business the smart way without expensive advertising
  • How to organize each job to finish faster, and create more profit
  • How to project a professional image and get top dollar for your service
  • How much to charge, a simple formula that’s right on the money
  • What kind of people to hire to do the work
  • A risk-free proven method of getting customers in your area
  • How to get started with little or no money
  • Professional high quality legal documents that you can utilize
  • Layouts and charts of how to estimate the cost per job
  • Sources of leads and ways to easily market your services


Discover why others are well satisfied with Ron’s advise:

Find out why he recommends to go after smaller office account

Find out why he recommends not going after just one large account

Find out why Ron, with his experience, states that this is the most lucrative service business that anyone can easily start and maintain


Read about Barbara, who cleans just one office and is earning over $600.00 a month

What you need is quality information that will show you how to start an office cleaning business, how to properly build your business, how to get clients, how to use proper techniques, all leading to fantastic success.”

Start with the “Instant Office Cleaning Kit” and discover how to quickly having a continuous monthly income flow. This is a business that can be easily started no matter what your age and can be sold or passed down to your next generation.


Never stop learning….Angela

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  1. Heathguy33

    Great review me and a buddy of mine was talking about starting an office cleaning business years ago. But we lacked important information to do so. But thanks to your article i’ll be giving him a call in the morning and see if he’s will to look back into it.

    But if he’s not i’ll start it on my own. I want to be that guy making $60 an hour.

    1. Angela

      That is great news! I have always said that the hardest part is getting started and then sticking with it until you see results. Good Luck on what ever road you take, and just remember that you need to build your retirement



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