How to Start An Errand Service Business or Concierge Service

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Errand Service Business, personal concierge, concierge businessIf you get along well with others, as well as  enjoy working with people and performing a variety of task then knowing the ins and outs of how to start an errand service business might just be the right type of business for you to get started in. The errand service business can absolutely be started part time, with a great advantage of growing into a full time honest business to service your community.   

Why a personal assistant, errand service business or concierge service? It is all about time starved individuals, those who have more tasks then they do time, and offering top notch service to help them out.

It seems that everyone has high demands and are pushed to their limits when it comes to everyday  task that involved personal issues, family matters and work related issues.

Yes everyone has to get errands done, going to the grocery store, getting car repairs done, taking care of animals, going to doctor visits, all this and more and  sometimes in different cities and in an already “stuffed to the max” time frame.

How about standing in line at the bank or to send a package out, even to pick up personal items. Hey I know some people that freak out about having to stand in the checkout line at stores. For all you people that  love to shop, there are just as many people that hate shopping and everything that goes with it. The drive time, being late for something else, the crowds, the frustration of not getting what you went into the store for, the waiting in line, and someone invading your space.

A variety of individuals such as senior citizens, home bound individuals,new moms, one parent families, professionals,  people with medical issues may need assistance for store runs,  making appointments and reservations. Taking care of pets,  picking up kids from extra activities  are just a few ways you could be helping out and offering your services.  
Errand Service Business, personal concierge, concierge business
While your client cannot be in two places at one time, shopping for presents or everyday items, running  all types of errands, paying their bills, or even attempting to finding ways to free up  some extra spare time, is something that your clients will be willing to  pay for, and will be happy to know that they can call you for your service.


Trying to get things done in their stress filled, jammed packed lives, most people can only wish that they could clone themselves so they can get things accomplished on a daily basis.

That is where you come in and offer your services as a personal assistant, a concierge or as an errand service provider.  Whatever you want to call it, or what you deem your title to be.  Actually a Concierge once known for performing services for guests and regular clients in hotels, hospitals  and office buildings has spread to individuals starting their own personal errand and tasks business, or as a personal assistant. Find someone that is busy and you will find a personal assistant or errand assistant that is associated with them.


Being successful in the errand business is all about giving quality service, which is a MUST to make someone else’s life easier, less stressful and more simplified.

With a variety of errand service rates, you can customize everything where you can provide services on a “as needed” basis, and take in as many customers that you feel you can handle or find one or two individuals that are looking for full time help.

You can build your client base and can bill on an hourly basis, or on a flat weekly or monthly retainer fee. At the same time that you are collecting your fee you can also include such things as mileage costs and any extra needs such as admittance cost and parking fees if you are driving someone to an event or specialized venue.

Errand Service Business, personal concierge, concierge business

What does it take?

Being a personal assistant, errand service assistant or concierge takes on many tasks, responsibilities to fulfill the needs of those who need legitimate specific help in getting things done.

Are you good at multitasking?

Are you a highly organized  individual?

Are you good working with people and their specific needs?

Can you keep excellent records?

Can you find satisfaction in helping others?

Can you deal with stressful situations and at times other people’s problems?

If you want to know how to start an errand service business, a personal assistant or a concierge business in your local area then take a look at these recommended sources, where you will find help on setting up your business. Use the tips  and ideas to build  and develop a special niche in your own home based business, such as  how to start an errand service for seniors, or how to start an errand running business.

conscierge business, errand service business,

If you are serious about starting your own errand business or concierge business then definitely take a look at the Concierge Society


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  1. Dathanmas


    Excellent idea. There are many people who can benefit from such a concierge service.

    From the elderly, to stay at home moms and people with schedules which do not allow them to take care of certain obligations, the market is rich with clientele in just about every major city in America!

    Thank you for the great info!

    1. Angela

      Yes it is a great idea and for those a good imagination they can always add special services and to groups such as the elderly that does not want to take public transportation. This certainly is something that can be started on a small basis and have great ability to grow.

      Please pass this info along to others and come back and visit often


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