How To Start A Woodworking Business From Home

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thCNT1F05V If you are looking for a way to make extra money you can apply your interests, or hobbies, use your “hands on” abilities, find out how to turn your passion into extra cash, and actually get started working right out of your garage or basement. Knowing how to start a woodworking business from home can fill a need of keeping yourself, a family member busy or giving someone the opportunity to  put working with

wood talents to great use to bring in extra cash or to start a full time business.

This type of industry is definitely a, “hands on” business, yet there are so many options available that allows you to easily  get started in the business, learn as you work on items, and to grow your hobby or turn it into a thriving business.


Get started today in your very own woodworking hobby or business


  • Woodworking is a great area to get started in, and you don’t have to spend a large amounbenchts of money for tools, machinery, or supplies.
  • Can be started even if you have no woodworking experience
  • You can start out as a beginner with no experience and make simple yet in demand products
  • Woodworkers are turning their hobby into a “in demand” business right out of their own homes
  • Now with all the shows that feature home remodeling, hand crafted wood items are making a statement and are fitting in nicely for home accents and creative decorating ideas

 People are finding a corner of the basement or part of the garage to set up a small work area. One guy does his wood working out of a storage unit that he rents! Until he builds his business full time, this layout works for him.

People are buying, giving gifts, and decorating with such items as:  wood signs,  wine racks, wooden toys, decorative boxes, benches, trays, frames, wall designs, tables, stools, even unique coffee tables.

Right now woodworkers are turning old unusable pallets into big selling items  I know it my area the local newspaper gives away their pallets, to anyone who wants them.





For the best results of turning a woodworking hobby into extra cash or a thriving business, here are a few areas to consider to get you on the right track:

  • Working with your hands, your attitude, ability of doing the work and following direction.
  • Do you want to keep it as a hobby or turn it into a complete full time business.
  • Having the satisfaction of turning out quality products. Something that you put some “love” into it with the end result of your customers enjoying and treasuring the unique item for years to come
  • Learning to keep your cost at a minimum.
  • Finding out the secrets of the trade
  • Knowing how to price your treasured item to include the supplies, overhead costs, you labor and making a decent profit
  • How will you sell your items?  Many people sell locally or even Statewide attending shows, flea markets, or getting hooked up with small specialty stores that are always looking for unique items.  How about having your own website where you can sell your products and take special orders?  You can do it and you can set it up for free.

Jim Morgan started his woodworking business  about 15 years ago, when he was jobless, out of money and his finances were on skid row. Jim says he was by no means an expert at woodworking, just playing around with it as a hobby, and in no time he turned his hobby into a full business and these days he is averaging over $12,000 in sales a month.



If you want to follow in Jim’s steps he will show you:

  • How to avoid the mistakes and the areas to stay away from.
  • The steps of how to start a woodworking business from home
  • What are the hottest selling items.
  • Where and how to sell your items, the best marketing tips
  • How to price your items for the highest profit
  • He is going to give you 500 TOP SELLING craft and furniture plans

If you are already into woodworking or want to get involved in this rewarding business,  you can decide if you want to keep it as a hobby or take off with it as full time.

Working with your own unique hand made items, Jim can show you how to grow your business and then the profits will follow. Read about Jim’s story.

If you are looking for a supplier of all things wood working related then you need to check out  

What a wonderful and rewarding way to have an extra source of income flowing in each month.  




Never Stop Learning…Angela





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  1. TBonki

    A very interesting post!
    I had never even thought of considering woodworking as a profitable hobby, because of my lack of experience and materials to work with.

    If I could start from scratch and be anything like Jim Morgan, it would be time and effort well spent.
    I enjoy crafts and making things, so will do more research around this topic right away!
    Thank you,
    – TBonki

    1. Angela

      Thanks for visiting. Many men and women are finding the enjoyment in doing wood working. It keeps a person busy, using motor skills, and well as mental capabilities, along with bringing in some extra cash.. Everyone just needs to find what works for them.

      Never stop learning



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