How To Start A Small Business From Home

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opportunity signLet me just say that I am a people watcher and a people listener, and it seems to me that wherever I go nowadays I hear people talking improving their lifestyle and finding ways to quit their jobs.

I am finding eager people (just like yourself)  who are fed up with going nowhere, dealing with low paying jobs and are asking the question of: “How To Start A Small Business From Home, how, what  and where do I begin?”

I am finding that people have a fear of being out of their comfort zone. Yet they fall into desperation when the company they work for closes up or does a massive layoff.  What about company retirement pensions being reduced. Yes it is happening!

Getting out of the rat race and working for yourself allows for that ultimate goal of being successful and building a much better future. I bet you would grab the chance if it was offered to you. What is holding you back?

Perhaps it is a fear of stepping outside of your own personal comfort zone, not having the exact  resources or perhaps not having the knowledge of where, how, when to get started and more it importantly, continually operating your business during the difficult times.

If you are ready to take the leap of making positive choices for yourself and your family and eliminate the obstacles that keeps holding you back, then you my friend, are in the right place.

Things will change, and there are times you need to adapt and definitely prepare yourself for a backslide.  So you’re in the right place to find out how to start a small business from home

Only you can decide on the business that is right for you

  • The best way to make that decision of what type of business you want to start at home starts with your desires. What are you passionate about, what do you love doing or getting involved with? Is there a certain topic, or area of interest that you spend hours upon hours of your own personal time.
  • How do you see yourself succeeding? Do you have your plans laid out as far as what you want to achieve or where you want to be in the next five, ten or twenty years.
  • How about going into retirement, are you ready for that? Definitely a small business will help out financially in retirement years
  • Determine your personality type. This is important because it will give you a better understanding of what type of “people” person you are. Perhaps you need to do a self assessment, it will help make a determination as to what level you are capable of dealing with people.
  • Do you have the mindset to put forth a huge amount of time? You will have to put in the work, yes extra hours to arrive at that achievement status that you have been dreaming about. Hey, look at the hours you put in at your job right now, working for someone else or for that large corporation, where they set all of their wacked out rules, and for that low pay, with no type of raise forecast at all, AND no long term promises that you are guaranteed a job (just over broke) for life.


Help! I don’t know where to start!

  • Determine what you are really good at. Do you have special skills or knowledge that others can benefit from?  With any of your combined skills or talents what type of unique business would you truly love to offer to others?
  • Starting and work a home business is not for everyone, Do you have such things as motivation, initiative, perseverance, handling long periods of working on your own, dealing with a variety of customers and their needs, dealing with uncertainty and being able to think outside of the box?
  • Is a  small home based business what you really want? Can you keep working at it until you see some positive results or are you the type to just give up in a short amount of time because things are not working out the way you planned
  • Start making a list of everything you can think about concerning your new business, your needs, your lifestyle
  • Figure out your budget. Will you be able to completely quit your job or will this be a part time while you are still working out of the house?
  • What help, what knowledge what training will you need
  • Who is your competition, how can you attract customers?
  • Understand that not all businesses will work as home based businesses
  • Understand that you are in charge of everything from marketing, to finding customers, to convincing them to buy your products or services
  • You will never get rich working for someone else


Benefits to consider

  • You can take advantage of the flexibility of staying at home, working around your schedule (many people perform their business work at odd hours, such as 2 am, 6 am, whatever fits the household and family needs.  
  • The tax benefits of having your business located on your premises allows you to deduct a section of your home’s depreciation and operating expenses as part of your business expense, as well as other deductions you can take.
  • Perhaps you have a brand new idea for a product or a service, thousands of individuals have been in your spot and they learned how to get over their fears, how to climb that mountain and how to find the answers, leading them to the success they dreamed about. The rewards are great!
  • Remember it all starts with an idea. Anyone who is truly passionate on finding out How To Start A Small Business From Home can achieve it. Put your heart into it, continue to educate yourself on your business and never give up.


Okay, it is time to get off you butt and get your head out of the clouds…it’s time to take action:


To push your “having your own business” thinking into higher standards and make them a reality, check out  How To Start Your Own Business While Employed, you will find answers to your question and will get you going on the right track


For the entrepreneurship dream that you keep pushing off until tomorrow check out:   Small Business: EXACT BLUEPRINT on How to Start a Business – Home Business, Entrepreneur, and Small Business Marketing.   This book has everything you need to get you going, and shows you how to have a successful business including work at home businesses. 

I have just given you two excellent sources to get you started, now it is up to you.

Never stop learning…Angela


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  1. Christopher

    Great site! Absolutely spot on that the reason so many people stay in jobs they don’t like or that don’t provide the income they desire is the fear of going out on their own. Good bullet use too, especially the point of people starting the journey and then giving up as soon as they realize it takes a lot of work. Success won’t come fast and it won’t come easy and too many people fail because they give up too quick. Persistence and consistency is the key to success in business and in life.
    Love the site(make sure to go back and edit spelling mistakes often-they are distracting)
    Feel free to write back-would love to hear from you.

    1. Angela

      Thanks for your encouraging remarks not only to me but this also should be something that everyone should be required to read and then follow through with setting up some type of home business that leads to retirement funds.

      I am always reviewing my site (when I have time haha) thanks for your comments



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