How To Start A Lawn Care Business

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How to start a lawn care businessWell here it is spring time again, the flowers are starting to bud the birds are chirping and that green stuff covering our lawns needs to be cut, trimmed, watered, maintained and then repeat again and again.  For those who are looking for a way to earn extra money or to start their own business, figuring out How to start a lawn care business can be a great adventure by getting started immediately you can be your own boss, take on as many customers that you can handle, and possibly grow by hiring workers to do the lawn work for you.

The Professional Lawn Care World has stats showing that more than 22 million households spend almost 15 billion on professional landscape and lawn care services. Hello? That is professional, the majority of homeowners would prefer a well kept lawn at reduced prices. This is where you come in.

The lawn cutting and lawn service is a much in demand business due to a number of  of reasons such as:

  • The busy schedules that people keep
  • People do not have the right equipment and they really don’t want to go out and buy it
  • They absolutely hate cutting grass and maintaining the yard work
  • They are physically unable to do the work themselves

The positive outlook for growing your own highly profitable lawn care service is that it does not require a college education. You can enter this business at an entry position and then start offering more detail services to your customers.thLH46AXCN

If repairs are needed, just look for someone in your area that works on mowers, trimmers and equipment. (actually this is another great idea for anyone looking to make extra money, and is good at equipment repair. There is a high demand of opportunities of fixing mowers, trimmers, edgers, snow blowers, garden equipment, etcetera).

  • The lawn care service does not require a lot of time, and you set your own hours, you can customize your schedule according to your customer needs
  • You determine how many customers and lawns you can handle
  • You will be working outdoors, instead of enclosed in a cubicle, a factory or some smelly, dirty and  boring building
  • You can have your business started the same day that you make the decision to change your income stream
  • You set your own pricing and call your own shots, you can hire people to work for you, or do it all yourself

th6VB6VQ84You can grow your service and have an outrageous and profitable lawn care business and best of all you can start with no business experience. It seems in this economy your answer to finding customers lies in busy home owners, the older generation, housebound individuals, or those who have absolutely no desire to maintain their own yards.

About five years ago when my son was in high school, he did not want to work a summer job that would be demanding him to work odd hours since it would have interfered with his school sports commitments. He decided to start cutting grass for a few neighbors. Of course he used our mower, trimmer, basic equipment and gas. He started out with just a few customers and then he decided to take on more so we walked the neighborhoods around us and put flyers (that we made up ourselves) on every door, he got more inquires, built up his customer listing and in no time was up to 17 lawns, which was plenty for his time schedule.

Figuring out How to start a lawn care service begins with giving quality customer service and being able to provide standout services


Knowing how to properly provide a lawn care service can bring fast turnaround profits, providing you know the smart way of successfully finding and keep satisfied customers.

Unlike other businesses in which you may be waiting months or even years to make money or break even, in as little as a few hours, you can begin making money with your own lawn business, money that stays in your pocket.

Even If you have a limited amount of the right equipment, tools,  but have the vital resources and expert advice you could literally be starting your lawn care tomorrow and have cash in you pocket the same day.

I know one guy that takes on only the amount of yards that he can handle on a weekly basis, with the cutting, trimming and upkeep. In the spring time he offers yard and brush clean up, flower, plant and  landscape service, maintains his cutting service in the summer months and then going into fall he offers again a yard clean up, leaf raking, and prepping for the winter months. This gentleman is in his sixties, enjoying his retirement  and brings in over $40,000 a year on his own terms.

If you pushed yourself you could be making a top manager’s salary by operating your own lawn care business (yes some individuals are bringing in 6 figures.)

You can own a successful business where customers are literally begging you to cut their lawns. Learn from the best, look for sources that offer:

Expertise advice on lawn care basics and beyondthTUJ2788B

Residential lawn care

Commercial lawn care

Going solo or hiring employees

Safety issues

Ins and outs of handling the money and books

When determining How To Start A Lawn Care Business you need to know what properly works and what does not work.


Anyone can cut grass but since people are looking for a service offering quality maintenance, it is best to follow a step by step proven system and make your own lawn care business stand out from others. So I have to say if you are looking for an extra stream of income, take a serious look and check out the lawn care business.

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  1. Marilyn

    What a great post on starting up a law mowing business. You know, my brother has retired and is involved with home maintenance, most of which is mowing lawns and care. I had no idea he was in such a potentially lucrative business!

    The area he lives in has seen a tremendous amount of rain this last year and I know it’s kept him extremely busy.

    This post is certainly helpful… I’m going to get my son to read it! I think anyone, especially a very young or retired person, would do well to read your website before taking it on.

    Thanks for sharing. Marilyn

    1. Angela

      Thanks for your comments Marilyn, the lawn care business is a huge billion dollar industry and it just keeps growing. Anyone can have a small parttime business and grow into any size of lawn service. It’s amazing how much people spend on cutting and maintaining lawns. Then you have actual landscaping which could be another great business to get into. Has anyone else out there had experience with their own private lawn business? Let me know…

  2. Mike

    You know starting a lawn care business is something that I never thought of but reading your post it does seem to make a lot of sense. I would think that lawn care is sort of a recession proof business too. Would you agree? I mean, grass always need to be cut right? And sure, people can do that themselves, but still, it seems like it’d be a pretty steady business regardless of economic conditions.

    1. Angela

      Yes It is a recession proof type of business, but what I have found out this summer in my area is that if there is no rain, then the grass does not grow. But I know people who have this type of business is finding ways to get around that by offering other types of lawn and yard services, such as landscaping, cleaning up yards. And they are also extending services to doing other things around the house, such as painting, gutter cleaning, tree trimming. There are many opportunities out there, any one else had the problem with the grass not growing and a dry summer?


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