How To Start A Candle Making Business

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How to start a candle making business, candle makingWho doesn’t love the wonderful sensual delicious, delightful smells and flickers of candles. Candles are used for all occasions as well as for daily use by millions of households and businesses.  In fact the candle making business is almost a three billion dollar a year industry, so understandably knowing specific details of how to start a candle making business can but you in the right position to make a very decent income from what most consider

it as a hobby.

You can begin with the basics and quickly master the techniques to become an expert candle maker. Start out with the basic molds then build your business with varieties such as votive, beeswax, tea light, rolled, layered, all shapes, sizes and especially every scent  and aroma imaginable.


Other areas of candle making and design that you can quickly master and especially find the secrets to having a successful candle business include:

  • Knowing how and where to obtain the best materials and candle making equipment that is needed.
  • Having an excellent understanding of the scents. Understanding specialized candles for usage in spa’s, massage businesses,  for therapeutic and for health benefits, the relaxing modes and those that heightens the body senses.
  • How to use essential oils and the understanding the principles of aromatherapy for the best scented candle making
  • How to design your own candle styles and candle molds.
  • Everything you need to know about high quality professional looking candles that your customers will grab up.


There is even an art of understanding the burn time, the best possible way to control your burn time, and making clean burning candles. How to start a candle making business, candle making

Once you find a niche of the type of candle you want to produce or the market you want to sell to, you can get started designing your own candles right out of your home, and watch your  candle making business take off.

Most people start off making candles for their own use, or enjoy doing it as  a hobby and selling at flea markets or craft shows, yet there are many possibilities to sell your products.



I would certain suggest that starting or building your candle making business should begin with Candle Making 4 you.

Candle making 4 U, How to start a candle making business

“Candle Making 4 You” is an excellent  guideline that will give you everything you need to know about having your own very successful candle making business.


Here are just a few areas of the candle making process that the Candle Making 4 U covers, to get you started right away:

  • How to properly get started with your own small candle-making business.
  • Keeping expenses down and finding the best supplies
  • How to properly promote your business, where to sell your products
  • Keeping your  total costs to a minimum to maximize your profits
  • The  proper process for producing your specialized candles
  • The best way to package your candles
  • Finding and keeping customers, retail, wholesale even business clients
  • The best possible ways to promote your business
  • How to avoid the errors and mistakes of beginning candle makers
  • How to take your business to top speed and have a steady stream of repeat income


The Candle Making 4 You information will also share with you:

  • Ways to make your own molds
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • How to sell at craft fairs, specialty shops,
  • How to sell online and to businesses
  • How to make soap
  • How to make perfume
  • Aromatherapy tips


Here are a couple of areas to take into consideration:

How to start a candle making business

As you build your candle business you will realize the advantage of having your own website. You can easily build your own  business website for free with step by step instructions. Click here…

Were you aware that there is a National Candle Association? Check them out, they have some wonderful tips for safety, industry standards and all around tips and ideas that will be an asset to your business.

Many are starting in the candle business for an extra source of income during their retirement years.


With a candle making business…

If you  already have a crafty sense or want to learn this business, just remember that there are many possibilities to grow this type of business:

  • Personalized gifts
  • Doing gift baskets
  • Special occasions
  • Getting business accounts
  • Having a huge resource of repeat customers
  • Getting into upscale stores or specialized stores
  • Women and men both love using candles
  • Find a special niche and your business will continue to grow


  Having the right secrets, tips and knowing the in’s and outs of how to start a candle making business will make a huge difference for your success. Make sure you get it right.

candle making 4 U, candle making

Please leave your comments below, tell me your experiences with candle making.


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  1. Junbwabiz

    Wow! This is rare kind of business opportunity. The niche unique and I think this will create a wave in the industry,

    I have a little idea about candle making when I was working with an NGO before, but what I see in your website, you presented the business side – how to get started, linking it to a website, a couple of areas to consider, what to expect if your will venture into the business.

    Good site. Images are suits the theme. At the onset, you might hunger for more information, but it was provided in the site referred to.

    Great job. Keep up the good work.

    1. Angela

      Thank you for your interest in


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