How To Start A Business From Home

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Have you been thinking about opening a business, do you have a great idea for a product or service but don’t know what to do first or the proper steps to lead to success?  Would you like to open an actual storefront where customers come to you? A service industry where you go to your customers? Or do you want to find out how to start a business from home, working online?  There are many opportunities available to work on your own, as an affiliate, an advisor, co-owner ,promoter, investor, website owner? There are plenty of avenues for any individual to get started and have a successful business.

thO0Q5O43DThe trend now is leaning  more towards the service industry or the work from home industry. On your own terms, providing quality, legitimate services and products, reaping the rewards.

So how do others get started, or figure out how to start a business from home? Here is few ways to get your wheels spinning:

1. Decide on what type of products or services you are interested in promoting or servicing

What are you good at? Do you have a passion or desire on a certain topic or do you have an interesting in a certain topic or hobby?   You need to enjoy your business you’re going into to and be able to offer excellent customer service excellent value and superior service or products.

Do you want to have an actual brick and mortar building that your customers come to you, do you want to offer services that you go to your customers? Or would you prefer to do everything online with your own website?

People are way too busy in their own family lives to take care of all the  situations in their lives or around the house and they are constantly needing repairs done or help in certain areas.  The service industry is huge. Take a business idea and put your own twist to it to offer a unique service that can offer a variety of benefits. For example: do you enjoy cooking? Start a catering service, be a personal chef, offer cooking classes, teach kids the ways of the kitchen.

2. What is your niche going to be?

The more specific and detailed you are in your service or merchandise, the more successful your business will be.    What is the growth opportunity for the niche you want to promote?  Is there different opportunities or avenues you can go down to expand your business.

3. Determine who your market will be

A certain group of people, a certain age, or perhaps people looking for certain products and merchandise. Will be in your local area or will be by means of the internet.
What  and who is your competition? Can you out beat them in quality products or services? Can you add a twist or improve something to get attention and grab the customers?  Learn to stand out from your competition. Figure out what the customer wants and find the best possible way to present it to them so they will return time after time.

4. Make a plan

Write things down as far as what you want to do, and how you are going to accomplish things. Don’t just wing it, beware of the scams that swarm the internet. One excellent place to start with is with wealthy affiliate, where you can get your own business started, and build a website for free. You can also find an excellent source of training videos and also a network of business minded individuals that are willing to help out in all situations.

5. What licenses or permits will you need?

If you are going the route of opening or starting a local business, double check on any licenses or zoning laws that need to be addressed.  Perhaps you need a federal tax I.D. number, what about state and local regulations?  Check it out.

6. Be totally committed

Have that burning desire to help you get started and to keep you going through the rough times.  If you do something half ass or with little desire then that will be the results that you end up with.

7. Be creative

Offer only the best services or products. Find ways to be better than your competition.

8. Hang with the same crowd

Network and socialize with a group of people who are already in the type of business that you are interested in starting. Use the tips and advice from a good business coach


What thousands of people are now doing is starting a business online, which could conform with your personal time schedule and also can be started while you hold down your job with your present employer.  With a website you can reach out to the whole world and it is an inexpensive way to present your services and or merchandise.

A website also allows you to take advantage of every opportunity of selling your niche ideas and products.   There are many options to take with having a business online, for example selling on Amazon is a great way to get started and you do not even have to touch any of the products.  Check out Theo’s story and the extreme success that she has achieved with Amazon.


People are now figuring out how to start a  business from home and not only be in control of their lives but they are also building success and a  solid financial foundation for the future which includes retirement.  Now is your opportunity to get started, make good choices and get going.

Never stop learning…Angela

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  2. Anh Nguyen

    I am an avid online marketer who has started working on their own online business for about 11 months now and still found this post useful.

    In the end, I think the most important factor is to have a good plan and believe in yourself. Most of all, like all things worth having in life, you’ve just gotta persevere.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Angela

      Well I hope you can spend some time here and check things out. My motto that live by is “never stop learning”. Everyone can learn something each and everyday, but sadly people for some reason feel that they no longer need to learn anything new once they leave the school system. Life is always about learning.



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