How To Sign Up For Social Security, Simple & Fast

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Everyone knows what social security is but many do not know the reasoning behind what it was originally intended for or the fact that there is over 2,700 rules in the operations manual.  It is your right to receive this benefit but knowing how to sign up for social security and receiving your maximum amount is essential in planning for retirement years and your lively hood.


How to sign up for Social Security


Social security was signed into law in 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt as a federal program designed to help out the older age society and individuals with survivorship, and disability issues. It was intended to promote the welfare of each person with assistance to sufficient resources such as food, shelter and the general health and well being of individuals.

Social security  was meant to be only a buffer for retirement and for disability with individuals having some sort of retirement savings in place as first priority.

Unfortunately for the majority of society what is happening is that people are depending entirely on a monthly income from Social Security and that monthly income is definitely not meeting the needs of the recipient.


Some interesting facts you might not be aware of include:

  • Some 170 million workers pay into the Social Security program by way of taxes through the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (the FICA on your paystub, yes some people do not know what that deduction is for) on their yearly earnings.
  • Almost 60 million people receive some sort of  Social Security benefits on a monthly basis
  • The Social Security website offers valuable information and also helps you sign up through the  “my account” listing




Once you sign up with the “my account” on the official government website you will find a vital source of information such as:

  • Tracking your wages
  • The ability to determine the amount you will be receiving
  • Using the retirement estimator
  • Determining when is a good age for you to retire
  • Accessing your own account online and applying for benefits through the online process.
  • You can better plan your retirement years


Benefits of signing up for an account at any age:

  • You will receive a verification letter, that gives you proof of income to assist you in your personal business matters.
  • Signing up for this account can be done at any age after someone turns 18 and provides access to yearly earnings, government benefits and future personal benefits.
  • Also available to individuals include an array of services covering disability,  medicare and retirement issues.

Consider the following:

  • Not only is your social security benefit amount based on the earnings over a 35 year period it will also factor in the age you start receiving your monthly benefit.
  • The biggest issues for the average American is taking into consideration how long they have worked, the age that they will retire from the work force and any extra money they have put aside
  • You can sign up for your Social Security account  with the “my account”  and then delay your benefits
  • A great advantage that most people over 60 are now doing is waiting until at least the age of 70 to start collecting on their benefits.  Doing this, the annual benefit will increase by approximately 8% for each year that it is delayed.
  • So at the age 62 instead of collecting $10,000 a year, waiting another 8 years until you reach the young age of 70 your annual payment will be approximately $17,600
  • What is working for millions of people is a flexible retirement where they continue working past the age of 65 either part time or full time, if they are capable and are healthy enough to maintain their working situation. Keeping active and working will also keep your mind more alert and slow down the aging process.
  • Keeping track of your social security benefits  should be included in your financial plans and especially in your retirement planning stages.

Some scary thoughts:pig no savings for retirement

  • The majority of people have very little set aside for retirement and many are not making an attempt to figure out how to save or what to do about it.
  • Unfortunately most people just plan on relying on social security
  • Over 40% of people have less than $1,000 dollars in any type of retirement fund

Just recently there was an article about the pension program for “Central States”, how it is running out of money and will be reducing benefits if they cannot get help.

Is your pension going to be next?

Will you be able to live entirely on Social Security?

Do you have a backup plan?

What I am saying is do not rely just completely on the whole Social Security benefit situation.   Do not just rely on your pension because things change in a flash, something like the Central States could also happen to you.

If you want to find out how to sign up for social security make sure you go to official social security website.

Do you want to lose out on your money? Check this out:

Were you aware that Americans leave $25 billion dollars in unclaimed benefits on the table each year? Individually they are losing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars each year, simply by not understanding their full benefit rights.

To get more information on getting the maximum of your full benefit potential, check out the social security retirement guide by Jim Blair, a former social security administrator who shares details, what to expect, and tells you how to get the most money for your social security years.

Life expectancy is longer than ever before. Plan like you are going to live to the age of 100 or more!

Never stop learning…Angela


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  1. Brenna

    You obviously really know your stuff! Great article! I really never knew that much about social security and I learned so much! This could be a very overwhelming topic for some people and I like how you didn’t overwhelm me with too much detailed info, leaving my head swimming, but really broke it down into bite sized pieces. Great content!

    1. Angela

      Thanks Brenna,

      My goal is to get people more informed on not only social security but also the whole retirement process. The majority of individuals are not prepared, and do not have anything saved. Statistics have shown that retirement years are now averaging 30 years! If people think that social security is going to get them through all those years then they are in for a huge shock.

      Come back and visit often

      Thanks Angela


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