How To Retire Before 30

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Is Early retirement a possibility? Have you ever attempted to figure out how to retire before 30 or wonder if this is something that the average person could possibly achieve?

Obviously it would take such things as a highly skilled disciplined dedicated mind set, an extreme attitude, making it top priority, hard work, creativity, commitment, and doing all of this at an early age (so even if we take a high achiever at the age of 15, that extraordinary person would have 15 years to set goals and figure out a retirement plan before the age of 30) Possible? 

After extensive researching this topic I have found a number of things to take into consideration if anyone has the desire to retire by the extreme age of 30 or even way before the average age which now a days is averaging around age 62 through 65.

If you would like to take on the challenge of retiring early, take into consideration such areas as:
  • Taking strict control and understanding of your finances
  • Living on an extreme tight budget
  • Perhaps working with a retirement planner
  • Doing without any type of luxury items
  • Learn about investing
  • Learn to make your money work for you
  • Find, develop and maintain income sources
  • Eliminate, forego consumer debt while increasing capital investments
  • Learn to be your own handyman, a jack of all trades. Realize it will be a “do it yourself” lifestyle. There are thousands of do it yourself books and videos that are available that offer step by step instructions (heck I recently refinished my bathtub and did it all with self-help videos
  • Learn to understand, improve and control your happiness. What makes you happy? Is it material things, is it money, is it family time, living a satisfied fulfilling lifestyle? Or are you and yours living paycheck to paycheck, drowning in debt, spinning your wheels, not knowing what life holds, more in line with your mindset? If you answered yes to this last question, ask yourself why…until you find a true answer!
  • Will your living expenses, your needs, your money supply be covered by a source that requires you to be working for someone else? Is it enough? Can you retire early? By the age of 30?

Take for example, with “$600,000 in investments, plus a paid-off house. With a 4% return, This is enough to generate $24,000 of spending money, which goes quite far if you have no rent or mortgage to pay and if you can stay within a budget. Could you do this?

4 major steps leading to early retirement:
  1. Manage and build your finances, have a monthly budget and a lifetime budget
  2. Have multiple income streams working for you
  3. Have Investing knowledge and take aggressive investing action
  4. Set goals, become an extreme goal achiever, have your priorities straight, maintain the right mind frame.

Think about skills or abilities that you can channel into extra forms of income.

Start by retraining your thinking, reorganize your every day routines.

Find a way to retire from the work world for which you are only making someone else or the big corporations rich. Learn to work for yourself. Like they say build it once and let it work for you.

I have 2 major issues I feel are important in this area.

1. Never stop learning and

2.Build residual/passive income so you do not have to rely totally on one income that stops when you retire, find different avenues that work for you.

Hey you can still have treats, but learn to control the need for those treats and control your habits as far as spending money, learn to be more in control, spend less, depend on less.

Figure out how to retire from the work force, from a JOB (just over broke) and live off your residual income.

Is it possible? Perhaps if you are strict in all aspects of your financial life, have a clear understanding of what could lie ahead of you in regard to crisis. Yes, longevity and unexpected expenses cold put a damaging hit on any planning.

A starting point if you are trying to figure out how to retire before 30, is to discover the world of residual/passive income and how to make it work for you.

Turning things around can be incredibly fast when you take control of your finances and realize where your money has been leaking out and change your life so that you can save much more of your income.

So to figure out how to retire before 30 again, keep in mind the following:

You have to have your money working for you

Find low risk ideas/opportunities that will return a maximum results

Work on passive income sources now so the results will flow continuously

Think and react with a millionaire mindset

Learn how to keep the motivation going


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  1. Nelson

    Great post for one very important reason and question that everyone asks when they are being slaved in there current 9-5 is how will I retire early? I loved that you offered guides in your website because you really give people the opportunity to have choices regarding which route to take in order to retire early.

    Great work

    1. Angela

      Hello Nelson, I see it on a daily basis with the work that I do and the people I talk with. It is frightening to me and it should be to everyone on the issue of being able to retire comfortably. My goal is to get quality info out to the masses…can anyone out there spread the word on social media for me????

  2. Simone

    My husband and I are striving for early retirement, however, not at 30 since we are already 40. Ideally we would like to be able to retire by the age of 50 (which nowadays seems young to most people).

    I am actually a stay at home mom but have decided to try earning money online. I started a website just over a year ago in hopes that this will bring in money when we are retired. Right now its not quite paying the bills but I still have some time.

    My husband works full time and does not enjoy it. Hence hoping to be retired by the age of 50 (10 years from now).

    We are following many of your tips such as not spending money on many material items. Most of the money we spend is on family trips.

    We have used some extra money that we got through a small inheritance to purchase 2 rental properties.

    We know once we are retired we will need to have a few sources of income.

    I hope others read your article so that they can learn that with a bit of dedication early retirement is a possibility for many people.

    1. Angela

      Hey there Simone, this is great that you are taking your future into your own hands! Learn to make good quality changes and good things will happen, it just won’t be over night. Still it seems to me that you are on the right path for what lies ahead for you and your family. Best of luck and make sure you share this information with others.



  3. Jose

    Wow very interesting and good use of the headline, I was hooked in right away. I agree with you on never to stop learning. Learning is a process and all the richest and most successful people in life are still learning on a day to day basis. Learning is a part of life and the more you know and the more you learn the more learn. Nice tips.

    1. Angela

      Hello Jose,

      Thanks for compliments. Hopefully people can see that those who succeed and are rich, never really stop working or learning. I think the majority of people never grasp the concept of self learning.

      Come back and visit often


  4. Gary

    I would add to your list, don’t get married or have kids. Both can ruin you financially. I know this won’t be popular advice, but it’s true.

    I’m 59 years old. I’ve been married and divorced twice. Each time I had to start over financially. When you marry someone, you are giving them control over your finances whether you realize it or not.

    Kids can be an endless liability too.

    1. Angela

      there are a lot of things that people can add to the list, perhaps it is the way each individual handles their own situation? Does anyone else have any comments?


  5. Marlaine

    It certainly would take a LOT of smart work to build up enough of a nest egg to retire at 30!!
    I wonder if anyone would actually be content to retire at 30 though. Maybe for a few years, but then wouldn’t he or she get bored with not being a productive member of society? Perhaps that’s where building residual income streams comes in… playing around with “hobbies” that start bringing in income on the side keeping your brain busy.

    1. Angela

      I agree with what you are saying, seems to me that it would take a unique opportunity and person to pull this off and I think those that do, just keep in the work force on a “as needed basis”. Wouldn’t it be great if more people had the thought process to be able to do this?



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