How To Overcome the Fear of Failure In Life

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fear of failure, fear of procrastination, fear of failure phobiaWhy do people fear failure.  Why is it the majority of individuals are stuck in their daily routine, with a fear of taking a step out of their protective bubble? Perhaps the unknown of what could happen frightens them. Perhaps the idea of change frights them, or maybe they just do nothing about a situation hoping it will just go away.

Knowing how to overcome the fear of failure in your lifestyle, can lead to you a higher all around success, a better lifestyle and a stronger confidence of self being.

Failure can be taken into consideration when it is mixed with the aspects of the human soul and the outcome of how your perception works for you.  Wait, what?  Do you believe that the fear of failure procrastination starts

from within?

Failure can be viewed in different ways, the way of the pessimistic individual, where failure is not believing in yourself and believing nothing good will happen to you. Failure for the optimist is the opportunity to understand that something did not work one way, and there are other options that you can continue to try until you get something right.

Look at anything you try to accomplish in life,  do you always get it right the first time? Of course not, but some kind of drive inside of you will continue to push you to try again, and again, until you find success.  

 How to overcome fear of failure and rejection…


fear of failure, fear of procrastination, fear of failure phobia

Failure can be the start of something new for yourself, such as success. Actually, to achieve success you do need some failure in your journey in life.

Failure is part of life, part of success, and although you will fail at times, the most important thing is to brush yourself off and continue on your path. Learn to make adjustments, but most importantly learn from your mistakes, and your failures. Figure out what went wrong and how to go forward to achieve the goals that you have set.


How about if we change things up a bit and instead of calling it a failure let’s call it “an unsuccessful attempt” or a “halfway there” experience.


  • Learn to accept failure as a learning process and most importantly not to repeat the errors from the past
  • Ask yourself what did I learn from this failure?
  • Was it really a failure or was it a very good learning experience?
  • What would you change so this failure scenario does not happen again?
  • How many positive things can you find in your “halfway successful” attempt?


Being able to accept failed circumstances and having the capability to adapt and change is key to advancement.

Most people do not understand that the fear of failure all deals with mind control . One needs to realize that failure might happen at times but if you know how to minimize things from happening your failure will be less and your success will be far greater. 


Overcoming your fears: fear-of-failure

  • Make a great plan, figure out where you have gone wrong, what needs to be fixed, and what you want to achieve.  Then find the resources, find the help to get your plan into action, figure out ways to make changes, to eliminate the failures and especially the daily habits that have become your routine.
  • Face your fears, learn to shake things up and for today do something that you hate doing. Do whatever you been putting off. Take it one step at a time, keep pushing yourself. When you do the thing you fear, you will achieve your goals and that fear factor will disappear.
  • Reprogram your thinking. If you constantly think about the your problems, remain in a negative thinking mode and stay in the “poor me” attitude, then you are right. You will stay in the negative factor.
  • Learn to fight the fear monsters in your life. Figure out the true reason of your fear, and figure out a way to solve your fear issues.  

Do you have a fear of failure phobia?


No one will do these actions for you. They can’t. You have to take the responsibility of your own actions to advance to a higher class of living in your very near future, and most of all have the type of life that you have always dreamt about or wished would happen, so go ahead conquer your fears.fear of failure, fear of procrastination, fear of failure phobia

Society, news media and especially now social media puts people under pressure to act a certain way.

Most people have a fear of being different or stepping outside of their comfort zone

Fear is a greedy monster, but when you know how to overcome the fear factor in your everyday life you will find the road a lot more easier to handle.


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  1. Dawn Harvey

    I just wrote a similar yet different on this aspect mine was how to love yourself more , however as I was reading through your article they were hitting on the same key points . like not repeating your mistakes , but take the lesson out of the mistake fixing it ,but letting it go. Very interesting how the failure and loving more coincides with each other . Loved the writing on this piece , & I am on the same page as you are..

    1. Angela

      Hey Dawn,

      Isn’t wonderful how minds can work together? Now we just need to get more people to realize how to take better control over their situations and their lives. The fear of failure and how to love yourself can certain work together, if someone applied the techniques, and really worked on improving their lives. Send me your article so I can read it.

      come back and visit again and stay in touch



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