How To Make Money With A Computer

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thF6NP6151 Millions of people are doing the same thing you are doing, searching on the internet for ways to make extra money, figuring out how to make money with a computer, and trying to find a decent  startup business that can be worked in in a person’s spare time, especially working out of the home

A few benefits that people are

discovering when they get involved with making money with a computer include no commuting, no set hours, no work related stress, no boss related issues.

Although there are plenty of ways to make money online with a computer, what many people fail to realize is that it is not easy and they will not get rich overnight. (that is why scams will make every attempt to pull you in with promoting overnight rags to riches promises)

Learn to be careful out there, you need to determine what is really legitimate sources, what works and the scams to run away from.


What do you need to make extra money online?

  •    First of all the proper mind set
  •    Being able to invest time and effort, how many uninterrupted hours each day can you give to building extra income or building your own business. And let’s be honest, can you really put down the phones, the distractions, and concentrate on getting the job done?
  •    Putting in the commitment, dedication and having the drive to follow through with a job
  •    Review what skills you have, obviously you will need at least average computer skills, accounting skills, customer service skills, just to name a few.
  •   The newer and faster your computer equipment the better. Make sure it is your own computer, where you are not going to be sharing with family members, and especially do not think that you can use public access computers.  It will never work.


Areas where others are finding success in making money with a computer:
Virtual assistant.  This opportunity covers a wide variety of work, including actually do all of the office work for a small business, corresponding with clients, setting up appointments, performing specialized computer work and administrative details for the business. A great source to check out is the International Virtual Assistants Association and also take a look at


Blogging is becoming a huge industry and offers an individual the opportunity to have their own blog to discuss and write about whatever their interest is.


Learn to build your own individualized website.  Whatever your interest you can draw people in that hold the same interest, and from there you can offer products and services that you can earn money from.


The downside of blogging and having your own website is the time it takes to build traffic to come to your site.  Yet it is a rewarding experience and millions of individuals are finding great success with their own site. For more information check out how they are building their own unique website or blog.


thBIYRYM8G One lady I know has the advantage of hitting all the garage sales in her area. She hunts for children items, especially name brand clothing and toys.  Then she will sell the items on Ebay where she makes a decent profit. People are always looking for deals and she is having great results in reselling the items.


Many major companies are now allowing their current employees to perform work at home.  If you desire to work around your family needs and depending on the company you are already with or attempted to find employment with, this can benefit both the business and yourself.



There are many businesses that you can work online

Find what works for you!



Best Selling author Avery Breyer offers a variety of ideas in her current book which is properly titled, Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine, sharing her passion of helping people be in control of their money situation and their life.

Avery shares her step by step process where anyone can turn their computer into a money machine.

I think you need to find out  for yourself her proven method, how she goes about it and how to make money with a computer  because as she claims it has nothing to do with building a website, doing any type of blogging, writing books, filling out endless surveys, it has nothing to do with Ebay selling or getting involved with any type of multi level marketing.  

 Another great source is:  Make Money Online – 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas. You can work for major companies, set your own hours and work around family needs and what fits best for your lifestyle.

No matter what your age, whatever your financial situation is, if need extra money for retirement, if you have a pure desire, to improve your finances, to work from home or still to figure out how to make money with a computer  then I say to you get moving and get started, no one will do it for you. 


Never Stop Learning….Angela



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