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There are millions of people who are desperately thinking of ways to increase their income flow, searching for different avenues to supplement their monthly income to make ends meet. Other people have a variety of personal hobbies, ideas, concerns and issues that they would like to either promote, discuss or express themselves. What they are discovering is how to make a website for free and with the proper training, start or grow a business to successfully fulfill their dreams and goals, and to… make money from doing it right.

Making a website is not hard and it can be accomplished to fit your needs and whatever you are promoting. When building a business or personal website the most important factor is the cost and the ease of the training platform  that is available.

What you should be looking for to build your free website:

  • A legitimate program on how to build a website free
  • A successful program that already has a huge following
  • Proper training, free training, lots of legitimate training
  • Easy to follow, step by step video’s
  • Coaching, and the ability to ask for help and receive it
  • Backup support, unlimited free advice, ability to review a lesson as many times as needed

It can cost a great deal to build a website or to run an online business and if you start adding up the costs on all the different requirements and expenses, it can quickly accumulate into a large reoccurring monthly amount.

Frustration and stress can take a toll with people that have struggled to build a website, have attempted an online business in the past, have no idea where to start or do not know who to trust.

Our society is seeing a surge of small independent business owners both online, (and brick and mortar) especially when it comes to working in spare bedrooms, garages, basements, full time, part time, late at night, weekends only…where ever and whenever creative individuals can spare the time, building a popular website to promote a business or to fill a need is being recognized as key to success.

Who is benefiting from building, maintaining, and profiting from their own business/personal website?
  • Individuals looking to supplement their income                                     
  • People that want their own part-time/fulltime business
  • People that want to build their own website to express themselves
  • Retired people who have extra time and looking for extra income
  • Internet marketers, affiliate marketers
  • College students
  • Bloggers who want to express specific topics
  • People that want to turn their hobby into income
  • People that want to be in control of their financial status
  • People who do not want to work for someone else

It is amazing how individuals who want success, will find success when they follow a legitimate and trustworthy structure. As they seek out advice on how to make a website for free and they realize that they are fulfilling goals, then profits and success will follow.

Remember this, find a program that is well laid out, that has a successful step by step structure to build your own free website, that offers continuous training and has a track record for success.

The advantages of finding and working with a legitimate successful program:
  • Live weekly training classes, work at your own pace
  • Interaction with others web owners
  • Built for beginners through advanced users
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited keyword research
  • Earn commission
  • Unlimited amount of videos, classrooms,
  • Not a get rich over night system
  • Chat with the top guys on any topic
  • Able to build your website on any topic, your hobby, your concerns
  • Ask the main guys questions, get expert answers
  • Quality step by step videos, classrooms
  • Super easy, work at your own speed, get tons of guidance and support
  • Stay a FREE member for life, no requirement to purchase additional services/programs
The disadvantages of working with a legitimate successful program:
  • With so much information available and just starting out, a member could get overwhelmed by the advise. The best way to alleviate that is to follow the steps, take some time to get to know the program, and what is available, keep to the course and watch your work transform into your goals
  • You will NOT make thousands a dollar within your first week or month,
  • No one will build the site for you, you build your own site(you reap the rewards)
  • Getting started is the hardest part to overcome, but the end results are rewarding
  • Commitment, dedication, work, and more work is involved

Finding the best website building program where you can build and promote your very own site for free is vital and should be your first step.

People the world wide have achieved major results, grown their own small business, promoted their hobbies, are free to discuss on whatever issues they want, are profiting and succeeding.

Learn to use proper tools, free hosting and other sources such as free membership. People are realizing that learning how to build a free website and have financial success can be highly achievable. Take that first step.

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  1. Christine

    Hi, You provided a great review. Thank you for that. I have been looking for a program just like you are talking about. What I have run into though with other sites is the training doesn’t always seem to be up to date. How have you found this training? Does it include the latest technologies?


    1. Angela

      I have found the training very easy to follow as I am building and improving my website, things are always being updated and if you have any type of question or problem you can ask for help Most definitely you do have to do the work, no one is going to do it for you.

  2. Sabrina

    Your content is very thorough and explains everything very well. I found this article very helpful to those who may need to earn extra money for whatever reason, even if it was not for retirement. I love how easy to read your stuff is. I was never confused while reading. Good job!

    1. Angela

      Hey Sabrina,

      your remarks are much appreciated, I strive to provide my readers with quality information to make their lives better. Please come back and visit again!

  3. ValerieJoy

    Hi Angela

    I’ve just been reading your website about how to retire with enough money and I was interested to read that it is possible to make money from so many different interests.

    For instance, you say that people are benefiting by turning their hobby into making an income.
    What if their hobby is something like knitting, crochet or embroidery. Is it possible to make money online with these kinds of crafts?

    You also say that to get expert answers ask the main guys. I’ve always been backward in approaching the people at the top of any company. So have you really had positive responses from the leaders of training programs? I’d love to know how this works for you.

    Anyway, I enjoyed visiting your website and hope that I can find a way to make money for my retirement.

    Many thanks.


    1. Angela

      I and many other individuals have had positive results and answers for the top people, they are just average people who are willing to help some one with a question or problem when it comes to building a website. Check out the side bar in my website, and read more about “Turn Your Hobby into A Business”, or visit my pages that offers sources of places to turn to.

      1. Valerie Joy

        Thanks for your answer Angela. I will read more of your articles and in the future I will be brave enough to ask questions of the top people.

        1. Angela (Post author)

          Excellent! They won’t bite! Just keep at it and don’t give up!

  4. John

    Hi Angela,
    Love this site! It’s almost like reading a magazine, nicely structured and east to read.
    With loads of bullet points it’s quick and easy to identify information about this amazing program.
    I just feel that the amount of offers on your side bar are distracting and drawing attention away from your goal.
    Also, all those sidebar offers are taking visitors away from your site.
    Other than that, as I said, great looking site, keep at it!
    Best regards, John.

    1. Angela

      Hey John

      I’m glad you spent some time here, and I appreciate your comments. Everything is a work in process and I will continue to update and upgrade to make improvements to satisfy the needs of my readers.


  5. Simone

    I am currently a stay at home mom, however I will need to go back to work once my children don’t need someone to get them to and from school.

    I really do not want to go back to a 9 to 5 job. I am actually dreading it. Therefore, I have been trying to figure out some ways that I can start a business from home.

    Most of the programs I have looked into turned out to be scams. I also tried networking marketing but haven’t make any money with it.

    A friend told me about affiliate marketing so I have been looking into that. From what I have read (including information on your site) it seems that I will need a website. I am not techy at all so I have a lot to learn. I love that there is a way to make a website for free! I am going to check this out.

    Thank you.

    1. Angela

      Yes give it a try, it is a step by step process, but the biggest issue is that you have to stay with it. You have to put out the work to get the rewards. So please don’t give up!

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  7. Sundar

    As you said having a website of our own i a very good possession which will definitely generate money for us in the go. Earlier some years before it is really a herculean task to create a website, but now it is just a normal task to create a very good website but we need money to get it done. But i was very curious when i saw your post of how to make a website for free.

    1. Angela

      please go back over my article on building a website and check out the sources

      thank you

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