How To Get The Most Out Of Social Security

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What category  do you fall into when it comes to your future?th86D2F3OI

  • You are already in retirement, having a wonderful time.
  • You are already in retirement and  struggling to get by each and every month?
  • You are in pre-retirement and attempting to figure out how to get the most out of social security, wishing you knew where to turn for answers and help
  • You are still so young, you just can’t fathom the thought of retirement


Can you believe that….

Americans leave behind $25 Billion in unclaimed social security benefits every year!

Do you personally know the best age for you to retire or are you just going  to “wing” it  and retire when you hit a certain age?


So many individuals approaching what they think is a reasonable age to leave the workforce and head into golden years, do not realize the full impact, that they are giving up a steady  reliable income, and then during retirement they will be living on whatever savings, if any they have accumulated.

Unless properly prepared for the later years with a company work pension, individual retirement account, annuities, or whatever your nest egg contains, the only other option is to fall back on Social Security.thH1A6N3ZX

Yet the Social Security benefit was only meant to supplement an individual with approximately 40% of retirement.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Studies have shown that that only about one third of people have tucked away anything for retirement. It is estimated that 60%  of workers have less than $25,000 saved for the glorious retirement years.
  • The majority of  people are not on track with retirement money.
  • The majority of people do not realize the benefit options, and  the money they are leaving on the table. If only they wait a few more years to start collecting, they might be surprised to discover ways on how to get the most out of social security and receiving a larger monthly benefit amount.

Allow me to ask this question:  do you have a nest egg, will it support you for 10 to 40 plus years after you leave the regular work force?

Not understanding how and when  social security would work best for you could turn into a tangled maze if you allow it and if you approach it unprepared.thQUL2K4D4

For many people that magical age of 62 or 65 is what they have always expected retirement to be for them, just because it has been that way through the years, They are basically told  by friends and family that they should retire at as soon as they can.

Yet many individuals do not take the time to figure out the advantages or disadvantages when it comes to the exact age that will work for them with factoring income, personal information and their life expectancy. What is usually ignored with their later years is not keeping informed on finances and inflation, and lack of preparation. Attempting to live on a small fixed income  reality hits home and the money is simply not flowing in.

Again I ask, has it sunk in yet that it could be possible that you could be losing hundreds if not thousands of Social Security income dollars if you go ahead and file too soon, or if you did not take the time to factor in  such things as your spouse’s options or you failed to coordinate your benefits together?

For example:   if the breadwinner dies first the loss will totally affect the surviving spouse. Do you know how?


You could almost compare going into retirement as students finishing up high school or college,:

    • Students can’t wait to be done with school,   retirees can’t wait to be done working,
    • Students bounce around not knowing what direction to go in, retirees do the same without guidance or proper knowledge.
    • After awhile  students put the fun times aside and get serious about their lifestyle, their jobs. With retirees, the easement of going into retirement years is over and reality sets in that you are labeled in this “old age” category.
    • Both students and retirees realize they have to make adjustments, and gain more knowledge, if they want to achieve improvements an a more quality of life .


Here are vital points that you need to take into consideration when planning for  the proper time to start taking your benefits:

  • make yourself knowledgeable on how to get the most out of social security and what your first steps should be including such things as your financials, your living arrangements, estate planning, final arrangements.
  • Prepare yourself on your options involving Social Security benefits. Do not allow yourself to be like the mass crowd of people who just sign up and take the dollar amount that is given to them.
  • Your best option would be for you to continue working, stay employed, prolonging for five to seven years will make a noticeable increase in your monthly amount.
  • Waiting a few more years to start claiming your income you are literally building up your monthly income. Social Security will factor mostly the last few years of your working time
  • I hear so many people say they are taking their benefits as soon as  they turn 62 or 65. Perhaps they have a stockpile of retirement money, and just want their government money now.
  • Chances are you are going to live longer than you expected and if you take it too early and have no other money to fall back on, your social security might not be enough to cover your future expenses.

Remember social security was set up as a buffer. It was meant to only cover approx 40% of your money  needs throughout retirement.

Check out the Social Security website to get a good understanding of the types of benefits available pertaining to:

  • Individual, married, divorced, spousal benefits,  death benefits, hey even ex spouses can go after your benefits.
  • Other areas to take into consideration include:  disability,  medicare, survivorship.
  • Should a couple take their benefits at the same time or should one take benefits before the other?
  • What starting age should be considered for both the breadwinner and the spouse?
  • How does taking medicare at age 65 affect your social security benefits, will it be beneficial to wait until you are 66, 67 or older?

Here are some other important factors you definitely need to look at:

  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) are usually added to benefits on a yearly basis. Unfortunately for 2016 people did not receive this increase due basically to the fact of low inflation over the last year and as some same, due to the low oil prices in our economy.
  • Know your PIA number, probably the most important number  in your social security record is your Primary Insurance amount.  It is the monthly benefit that you would be receiving if you retired at your full retirement age
  • Learn to downsize or as some call it rightsize, get your actual living house in order, get your financial house in order, and get your spiritual house in order.
  • Your best strategy is to plan on living until you are 100 and prepare accordingly!
  • Realize that when you stop working your regular flow of income will also stop, then you have to start withdrawing from any retirement funds you have built up.

Social security is not the same for each person. Learn all you can, what works best for you and your situation. To figure out how to get the most out of social security, many people are finding answers with:

The Social Security Retirement Guide


Unless you have a secure pot of gold for retirement Figure out how to stay in the workforce as long as you can, prolong the usage of you benefits and pensions.

You have choices, you can get creative, understand your options and possibilities.

You do not want to run out of money. Hello?

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  1. sundra

    Hello, I was just reading your site about retiring. Very informative. We all need to know that information. I sure do need to make sure I have a retirement when Im at that age. I will read more on your site as I get time.A lot of information to read.

    1. Angela

      Hello Sundra, thanks for visiting and for understanding the need for people to build their retirement. I will continue to pass along quality information that people can use. Hopefully individuals will not totally rely on that “almost broke” social security thing. I would like to hear from people if they are just living off of social security and how they are surviving….. any comments??

  2. John Rivera

    This website is extremely helpful. Currently my mother is going through a horrible time trying to get her social security benefits. I wish I knew about this site sooner, I would have told her to read up on this before she purchased a lawyer to help her with pretty much everything that you have pointed out on your website. But be sure I will still refer her to this website to continue getting further information and better understanding the process. Thanks again.

    1. Angela

      Hey John,

      Thanks for the visit and the comments, my goal is to help people make good choices and to take responsibility for their money issues. I talk with many people on a daily basis and I am finding out that most do not have any set plans for their retirement. How many people do? Please respond


      1. Angela (Post author)

        Never Stop Learning, Make Good Choices, Make Changes …It’s your life – do something with it!


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