How To Get Rid Of A Bad Habit

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th3SOXHXBE Have you ever stop to think of how your habits are taking over your life?

Did you know that our lives are basically controlled by our habits by our routines, our thoughts, and especially how we program or do not program our minds. Figuring out how to get rid of a bad habit only takes the process of making changes, making good choices and staying committed to those changes. The majority of everything that we do is developed from a habit, good or bad.

We develop habits over a period of time and mixed with automatic responses we end up doing things without even thinking about the outcome or having an attempt in making an improvement.

Look at your daily routine. For me it is getting up at a certain time, taking my daily run, making coffee, sitting down to work on my website and then I am lost in the world of fascination and more discoveries then I know what to do with. Yep I realized that my routine has formed a habit of daily rituals that I fallen into, and I am realizing that there are definite areas that I need to change, to get to where I want to be.



Studies have shown that our habits form in the basal ganglia,  part of the brain that also develops such things as recognition, emotions, and memories. Which allows us to perform routine tasks without even thinking of the process.



Once you form good habits, the power that comes with them is enormous




  • A workable time frame  of developing good habits will get you started on the road to where you want to be.
  • Forming and working good habits takes successful individuals on the journey of processing things differently and improving on good habits which in itself, is a good habit.
  • Steps in the direction of making positive changes and a great opportunity of developing a lifetime of quality results can be achieved by working on changing  or eliminating those bad habits




  • Be aware of the habits you are now doing. Make a list of your bad habits and your good habits. What needs to changed?
  • Find ways to condition/improve eliminate those basic boring routines, the bad habits and make or find positive life changing opportunities.
  • Learn to develop and grow high standards of habits.
  • Remember you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.
  • You can consciously learn how to change your thinking pattern which in turn will change your habits.   Which will have a dramatic change on your outcomes 
  • Demand ONLY THE BEST, it is your right



Why is it that people talk all the time about wishing for things, hoping for things yet make little or no attempt to change routine habits for a better outcome? Perhaps  it is due to the fact that we are so use to our daily habits which in turn  only allows us to use  a minimal conscious thinking process. We do things routinely without ever thinking about what we are actually doing. herefore our habits are formed.


Just remember, your life can switch in an instant. The outcome of your life is decided by thousands of choices that you face each day. If you continue to allow others to make choices for you then you will eventually end up like a puppet on a string.


You should be in control of your life thinking and the choices you make, they will develop your future.


Practice, keep learning, develop positive energy, adjust, expand, fix, eliminate, develop, expand your thinking, never give up on reaching your goals





  • Find out what works for you and be consistent
  • Turn your time into quality time
  • Work on your personal growth, self awareness, figure out how you can improve
  • How can you make not just good choices, but great choices
  • Find the ways that develop and grow your life in the right direction, find a mentor or leader that keeps you inspired
  • Stay away from the negative (going nowhere) people, those who drag you down, learn to switch your thinking around to get away from negatively
  • Look at everything you do each day. Is what you are doing a (good or bad)  habit?
  • Are you using positive or negative energy flow?




Take a list of your daily routines, your habits your “lost in space” time. Come up with a solution of how you can flip things around and improve.

You can do with your mind and your life, the same as what renovators do with houses. They find the most run down, dilapidated houses and putting in the work, they are transformed into beautiful stylish homes.

Go ahead try it, flip your bad habits, forming your future with style, classy changes and success



If you truly have a desire to figure out on how to get rid of a bad habit then start out small, start by changing your routine, learn to change your thought pattern. Invest in yourself,  follow an excellent mentor.

Your only other choice is to stay in a negative lifestyle.



Recommended Source …. check out the “6 Minutes To Success”. Discover the secret to changing your habits and having good luck.









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  1. Ian

    Good article. I think you’re right, many people talk about what they would rather be doing or the goals they will get to – but they make little or no concerted effort to get there! I think this is mostly to do with change and motivation – people generally don’t like change firstly and secondly there’s a theory (I forget its name) which states that primarily people are motivated by the avoidance of pain – so if change takes effort, it’s less likely to happen… Additionally, I think I remember reading that to create a new habit, it takes at least 30 days of doing the new activity before it becomes a habit..

    1. Angela

      I love your remarks, just to add my thoughts, I think the majority of people just follow the same path that the people they surround themselves with. They do not understand the importance of improving your mind and working towards goals. They literally fall into a daily routine and do not make any attempt to educate themselves as to the improvement they can do with their lives.

      Come back and visit often



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