How To Get Out Of Debt For Free

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paying down debt strategies To me it was not really a shock when I found out that over 77 million Americans are deep in debt and have the majority of their accounts in some sort of collection status. One out of three people have collection debt ranging from $100 to over $100,000.

If you are reading this it could be perhaps, you are in debt yourself and you want to know the answer of how to get out of debt for free or perhaps you just want to compare your money situation with that of others to see where you stand in the nasty battle of handling debt.

Whatever your reason for getting in this gigantic hole, you should be concerned about your own personal debt issues, how you can get rid of the debt and getting

on the right path to improving your finances.

Getting into debt and staying there can and will affect your credit scores, which in turn can restrict your chances of getting any type of low percentage loan. That’s why so many individuals frequent those (legalized loan shark) payday places. Large amounts of debt can raise your auto insurance, home insurance, and affect your job search. How often are you getting denied?


Why people get themselves into debt:

  • Over extending lifestyle expenses, cars, houses, boats, vacations, expensive hobbies, yes even bad habits
  • Not being able to put away the credit cards
  • Allowing the kids and other family members to run the family finances into the ground. How? By not being able to say no every time one of the kids ask for something,  or sees an item in the store and goes into that “got to have it now”  situation.
  • By buying everything name brand, shall we say shoes, clothes, phones, computers, games, toys
  • By buying the newest and most expensive gadgets, phones, carsHow to get out of debt for free
  • Unexpected big expenses such as medical, a job loss, a death in the family
  • Not knowing how to budget
  • Not knowing how to being in control of their own money, finances
  • Hiding bills and expenses from a spouse
  • Not having a plan 
  • Waiting to hit the “big one”

Can we say that  instant gratification and certainly no proper planning has turned into an ugly monster. In most cases parents feel guilty for whatever reason and they just go out and buy, buy, buy.  Pulling out that credit card gets to be so easy. And not having a plan of how to pay off the balance turns into a nightmare. 


Here’s an idea to try:


Get the kids involved in the family finances. Sure depending on their age, they do not need to know all of the financial details but set up a small budget they can buy their own things. Is allowance an old fashion term now? I really don’t hear people or kids talking about a weekly allowance, or saving their allowance. Nowadays everything  is a “have to have it right away” attitude. Which leads to, not knowing the techniques or the advantages of having to save for that specithJC27RFZ9al item.  


Start by setting up a budget and keeping to that budget. Do you really know where your money is going every month or do you just do what you have to do in order to make it through until the next payday. 


It’s your debt, find a way to get rid of it, the sooner the better, then start building your future!


So we know that getting into debt it is one road that millions of people take in life. Perhaps because it takes work, time and commitment to get yourself on another road. I’m talking about the road to financial security and being debt free.

People are  getting educated to their options. They get tired of their debt situation, they find answers, they learn to fight back. How you may ask?   By learning as much as possible in regards to eliminating their debt and paying down their debt AND not keeping their head stuck in the sand!
Face it. For whatever the reason, you created your debt you have to take care of it because  no matter how long you leave it go, and even if the statute of limitations runs out, the  so called bottom of the barrow debt collectors will still contact you, year after year,  all in an attempt to get you to pay or settle your account.

Yes they have a right to collect if the debt is still out there, and it doesn’t matter how many times it has been sold. The statute of limitations can prevent lawsuits, but until it is paid or satisfied in some way, the debt belongs to someone, and the collectors will make every attempt to collect whatever they can for years to come.  

Now they are getting more aggressive and they are actually filing lawsuits for old debts that are hanging around. If this happens they can go after your house by putting a lien against it, they can garnish your wages, or even attack your personal accounts (if you originally agreed to automatic withdraws). 


Resources to help you get out of debt free:


So a word of advice: settle your debts, pay off your debts, do what you have to do, but make sure you keep good records of what you have done. Pull your credit reports often to see what is showing, and fix whatever needs to be fixed. You can do this for free at
If you want help and don’t want to spend money on lawyers, or debt consolidation companies, then check out the Debt Relief Miracle System. 

Check out:   Where you can find all sorts of issues, problems, answers, and how people are getting their situations back on track. You can even ask personal questions about your debt situation. There is also a bunch of debt books you can download.

Check out:   Another source where you can find free information, tips and getting help depending on you situation.

If you want to take control of your financial situation then take a look at best selling author, Dave Ramsey and his assortment of books and advise on how to pay down and eliminate debt.


Are you fed up with the games of robbing peter to pay paul, are you sick of the debt collectors calling constantly?

Knowing how to get out of debt for free and actually doing it yourself, can be done, it depends on your mindset, determination, the work you put into it, and how you plan out your future.  So pick up a book and start reading, check out the sources I just gave you and get to work. Learn to take control of your finances and your life. Done right, the results will have a positive change in your lifestyle.  


Never Stop Learning…Angela


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  1. Kristof

    Great article with very useful and practical tips; thanks. People are nowadays indebted in many countries, so it’s not only problems for Americans. I really like most of your tips and I’m going to apply some of them in my family too. I also really like some of the resources you have given at the end of your article, especially Dave Ramsey’s books. Thanks again!

    1. Angela

      I am on a mission of helping people to find resources to help them out in their daily lives. It seems to me that the majority of people struggle with their finances or at some times in their lives they hit a major bump in the road that upsets the apple cart. Feel free to pass this information along to others.


  2. Caroline

    Great article that highlights just how easy it can be to get into debt without even realising. I’m a parent of a 2 year old and already can see how difficult it must be to say no to your child when they start to ask for all the latest toys and gadgets that their friends have.

    One more tip for getting out of debt is to always make sure you are paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first. That way you reduce the amount of money you are throwing at the interest payment. It can make a huge difference to how fast you can get rid of debt 🙂

    1. Angela

      Thanks, Caroline, You are right about paying off the high interest percentage first. Also people just need to keep focus on what and where their money is going. It is so easy to get side tracked with all of the daily distractions going on.

      To all my readers I have to say, know and understand your money situation. Be in control.


  3. Kiev

    Hi, Angela… What an awesome post! The problem of bad debt is indeed a pressing and alarming finance issue in the world. In my opinion, the inability of differentiating liability purchase and asset acquiring is the most important source of all the trailing problems. Once you know what you’ll purchase is a liability, then you won’t take up a debt to close the deal. I always control my liability purchase amount to within what I would budgeted to spend according to the savings amount I have. Even sometimes I need to use credit card, I’ll never use more than the much amount of money I have in my possession. Unless necessary, I don’t buy the idea to have many cars or mansions or an expensive hobby. However, the opposite goes to acquiring assets. As assets can generate income, I’ll never hesitate to take up as much loan as I can to leverage its power of income generation. Of course this decision should be backed by a sound investment plan. Cheers~

    1. Angela

      you make some very good points here. Hopefully others read this and learn how to handle their debt and financials issues. So many people just live for the day pushing problems back until it is a mountain.

    2. Angela

      Hey Kiev,

      Thank you for sharing your steps and financial actions with us. Obviously you get the whole thing about not getting over extended and knowing when and how much should be charged on a credit card. Sadly for the majority of individuals they use a credit card and buy items without even thinking about the outcome.

      thank you



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