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healthy-eating-overweightTaking care of your health should be a top priority, figuring out how to get healthy stay healthy, and keeping your mind and thoughts from deteriorating, should be your “top of the list” of importance as you grow older. Over the years  with the abuse and neglect that was put on your health, your body and mind, it literally forces you into the wear down stage.

Issues will pop up, things will develop and if not taken care of properly you will suffer, your health will deteriorate and which in turn leads to you not being up to par in taking care of your overall well being. Not feeling well not only affects your health and mind, it also puts a strain on daily tasks as well as long term goals being ignore. All leading to a mountain to climb if you are trying to find success in your life.

You are at an advantage with modern technology to find information about any health issue, and especially preventative health issues with the use of the internet.

For example. My aunt has a heart issue, she has signed up online with her doctors office where she can obtain all her own personal records, and she is always connected with the doctor’s office or a doctor after hours if she has a problem and needs to ask a question.

Some insurance companies now are connected with doctors and the internet  where you can log in and talk with a doctor about certain health issues and they can prescribe certain types of medication. All done online without leaving your home and going to an emergency room or your doctor’s office. Sort of like the old days when doctors made house calls.

What I am getting at is if you are not in good health but are dealing with daily health issues, pains, and dihealthy-eatingscomforts, you will most likely put in little or no time on any type of goal or success work. The trickle effect starts: you don’t feel well, you put off working on your dreams, you can’t concentrate properly,  so if you have goals, they are constantly pushed back until you are feeling better. Am I right? Yes, I am.

So learn to get healthy. Check out  for answers, Learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you only have this one body so treat it right.  Remember when you are feeling good other things will fall into place. You will be able to concentrate better on achieving your goals.

It starts with taking care of yourself, good eating, clean eating, maintaining a healthy weight, learning to take care of not only your body but importantly so your mind. There is magic in your mind, find it, use it.

  • Keep your mental faculties in top condition
  • Learn to eliminate the stress.
  • Lose the weight or keep the weight down. Did you know now insurance companies are referencing the importance of BMI body mass index and are factoring in the BMI to determine insurance cost.


So many issues stem from being overweight and out of shape, and of course we all know that the majority of individuals are overweight and some are grossly overweight. Where do you fall into this category?

Clear thinking, sharp thinking not only is good for the mind and soul, it is also good for your entire body and your entire wellbeing.  Learning to focus and think ahead is important to finding your success.

If you are not thinking properly everything else will falter.

Learn to change your habits with your health, strengthen and  increase your mental abilities and knowledge base.  You should never stop learning.

I love this quote from Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then is not an act but a habit”


Start by making small changes, eat a salad instead of that plate of greasy fries

Get moving, take a walk instead of sitting and watching all that TV.

Learn as much as you can when it comes to taking care of your all around health.

Check out  for a huge variety of ways to improve your health, such as quick and easy fat burning recipes, different ways to lose weight once and for all, lose belly fat fast, quick and easy ways to get healthier faster. Find many topics on health issues, fitness, weight loss, preventing illnesses and much more.

As you age you also lose brain and memory power. Remember, figure out how to get healthy stay healthy,  keep your brain active and healthy as well as using it to it’s full capacity. Learn to align your universe keep healthy in all aspects and find whatever success you are looking for.


    Never stop learning….Angela


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  1. Craig

    Hi Angela,

    As someone who is getting older (with the emphasis on getting) I can relate to this. Your outlook definitely changes as you get closer to 50!

    You’re right about getting out more and less TV! My weight has also been a constant issue for me. So much so that it effectively meant I had 2 hernia operations. Something to take note for anyone else reading this. I have since got my weight down a bit but there is still room for improvement.

    Thanks for sharing the links. I checked out the Health link you added and they even have a healthy eggs benedict with smoked salmon which is one of my fav’s.

    1. Angela

      Hey Craig,

      Glad you enjoyed the links and that you discovered some healthy ways to enjoy your food. We all are getting older, that will not stop. The way we handle things and plan for our elder years is vital. Hopefully others see the big picture.



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