How To Get An Organized Home

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clutter2 Is your home surroundings and your personal life cluttered and totally disorganized.

Do you always have trouble finding things? Do you waste way too much time trying to put things in order or trying to find lost items?  Would you like to know how to get an organized home and an organized personal life? Yes, everyone can use some organization in their lives when it comes to not only their homes but also when it comes to work related issues, personal situations and even getting their thoughts and mind in order.

Once you get yourself situated, organized with structured methods  you can keep your home life and all things more manageable and functionable which will free up plenty of time to move onto other adventures.

Being organized is a high priority when it comes to success, having a better lifestyle and achieving your goals.

I still see people carrying their important papers around with them just stuffed in a bag or a purse. I see people throw items in a desk drawer, in a pile of papers or even in the trunks of their cars with no method or understanding of where things are, and yes they are forever looking for misplaced items.

To me being disorganized in your public life, that other people can see, certainly indicates the mess not only in your home life but also in mind and thoughts.

Being organized can make a huge difference in saving time, saving money, finding success and achieving your daily and long term goals.
Getting to the point of being  totally organized and staying that way, takes time, and commitment which in turn leads to having good habits. Structured organization and good habits lead to a higher level of success.


Let’s find out how to get an organized home and all around better lifestyle:


  • learn to simplify your life, get rid of the clutter and the useless items that you do not use. If you have some collectables or in demand items you could earn some extra cash by selling things on Ebay or havingget-organized your own garage sale. Just start by decluttering.
  • if you have a collection of items, such as books, CD’s, then set up your own category system. Such as in alphabetic order, by topic or even by how often you use the item.
  •  find a way to label items such as all things electronic. How many times have you said, what is this charger for? Is there another charge around here that fits my phone, computer, gaming system?
  • use storage boxes to categorize your items. Remember to leave some space in the boxes in case you have to add another item later
  • work with drawer. shelving and closet organizers
  • when it comes to organizing your own life, your paperwork, your home, make yourself knowledgeable. Know where you can get your hands on anything in a matter of minutes, especially all of your personal papers. Make your personal papers easily accessible if something ever happened to you, yet secure enough so outside eyes do not get a hold of your information and cause a nightmare such as identity theft, or just plain old theft.
  • thoroughly destroy any information that you do not need or do not want people to see.   People will literally toss their personal information in the actual trash or leave it out in the public’s eye. Yes your neighbor, the trash tricksters, dumpster divers even the “sanitation engineer”  all have wondering eyes. I have walked into my local bank and found a statement laying on the counter. It revealed the customers name and full account number. How dangerous is that?

While organizing take advantage of cleaning out the items you do not need. My personal rule of thumb is if I have not used an item in over a year then I eliminate it. Again you can take advantage of selling items on Ebay, giving it to a family member or donating it to any of your local charities.  Some of my items were hard to let go at the time, but I have found that I do not miss them, I literally had no use for them, I was able to free up space in my home and at the same time recycle some good products.

There are many items to organize, such as household items, shoes, books, CD’s, clothes, accessories, food items, spices, tools, dishes, toys, paperwork, collectables, work related materials, kitchens, kids rooms, bathrooms, crafts, hobbies, everything in the basement, garage, and attic.  Yes, most importantly you should even get your health issues, health records and all of  your financial matters (daily bills, taxes, investments, long term savings, credit card debt, real estate, final wishes and estate planning),  in order!


  • write it down, keep notes!  Yes you can store reminders, appointments,  “to do lists” and special dates in your smart phone but plenty of people still write and keep physical notes, they use a planner and calendars for their reminders. Whatever works best for you. I keep a pad of sticky notes in my car so I can jot down notes that pop in my head.
  • make a list of things you have to do on a daily basis. when done properly with making a list you can even organize your errands to minimize your overall drive time and shopping time.

Then take the next step and make a list of things you need to do in the next few months, next year and for the rest of your life. Do you have your retirement planned out? Will you have sufficient income to even retire?  It is time to do some serious thinking about this area, so start working on this and get your retirement aligned and organized. 


Start with yourself:

Organizing any and all of your material items will lead you to having a more structured and organized life.

Train yourself, change your daily habits, program yourself  to have the ability to always be looking for an alternative route. Instead of sitting and watching television every night or play video games to wee hours of the morning, try building your knowledge. Yes, organize your mindset.

Learn to map out your strategies a couple steps ahead of time. Being organized will most certainly help you in your planning,  decision making and your all around work habits. If you enjoy all of the aspects of organization, why not think about offering your services to other people who needs help. You could start your own small business and earn some extra cash with your services.

When planning strategies of how to get an organized home, I think one area that is hard, and may hold obstacles is when you have a spouse or family members that don’t share the same accomplishment, or are just plain old slobs. Anyone else have this issue in their household? I would love to hear about your situation and how you handle it. So now it’s time to get organizing, the hardest part is getting started. Send me a message on any tips you may have. 


  Never Stop Learning…Angela


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  1. chase

    I found this article very helpful because I am moving out soon and know for a fact I don’t want a cluttered apartment. I might have to buy the book you suggest and really stick to it. I am a fairly organized person but I also know its hard to stay organized when you live outside your parents house. Thanks for a great read!

    1. Angela

      Hey Chase, Nice to know that you are making a major step in your life. For some people, being organized can become an obsessive passion and for others the complete opposite. Find your medium and figure out what you really need to keep and what you can eliminate.

      Best of luck to you and please feel free to pass this along to others.


  2. Mark

    This is a extremely valuable boo as it seems to help with a problem many people have including myself. I am very interested in this book and will look to purchase. I am always trying to figure out ways to be neater and more organized. My organizational skills in the house are the same with other parts of my life so I think this has more value than even the household…

    1. Angela

      Hey Mark,

      I have to say that you are not alone when it comes to be organized, what I think it comes down to is the lifestyle and the schedules that we keep during our busy lives.

      Best of thinks being organized to you, and make sure you pass along this information to others.

      Are there any OCD, highly organized individuals out there that would like to comment???



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