How To Become A Professional Organizer

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Call it what you may, the ability to be organized seems to be a dirty word for the  majority of individuals in this super busy, stressed out, materialistic world.

Most do not realize it but the category of organizing also includes such things as  decluttering, categorizing, cleaning out,  going through years of items to determine what to keep, what not to keep, getting dirty at times, and it really could be unpleasant at times, or bring back good memories, depending on the situation.

thVV5OTNQG When determining the facts and details on how to become a professional organizer and if this type of business could possibly be for you, the first thing you must do is look within yourself and at your life.

Ask yourself such questions as:

    • Is your own personal life organized?
    • How about your house, your belongings?
    • How about your bills, your monthly budget, your legal paperwork?
    • Will you be able to show potential customers how you plan things out?
    • Can you easily show how to keep things together?
    • Do you know exactly where everything is?
    • Can you make the right choice on other’s personal property?


Why the organizing business?

  • Due to the fact that people have too much stuff (and junk) It is a very good time to become a professional organizer
  • Some people are just slops, have no determination to be neat and the majority of pthTG6GU7QYeople have no time to do the work themselves
  • People lack the space or simply do not know how to use space to it’s full capacity
  • There are more hoarders and collectors than ever before


What will it take to be start your own organizing business? 

  • Are you capable of being specific to detail as an organizer?
  •  Do you have the ability to tell people what to do with their stuff or “priceless possessions”?
  • You will have to take into consideration your work style, your interests and energy
  • Determine if you are willing to take on all types of clients
  • Determine if you have the ability to work with customers and literally teach them how to remain organized using specific systems and tools
  • Can you express ideas clearly so your clients can see the big picture?
  • Do you get excited when you see messes?
  • Can you simplify the everyday living needs for your client?
  • Does the client have a certain budget to stay in?
  • Is this going to be a one time thing or will you be returning on a regular basis to keep them “put together”?


You can be a professional organizer, or even just offer your time and services for family and friends

The organizing business can be diverse and a place that you should be able to offer specific details. What I mean by this is the possibilities of such areas as, the difference for organizing a closet for a business person to organizing a garage full of tools, car accessories, and outdoor accessories.

The rewards of a well thought out pattern and knowing where things should be, is a big relief to individuals and family who are materialistic and lack the time or the extreme skill to be organized.

Being an  excellent organizer is having the capability of simplifying the lives of individuals, families, businesses large and small, people from all income brackets, from all ages and all lifestyles.  Your services will give them specialized systems, tips and techniques to keep their lives running more smoothly, at work, at home and even in their minds.


How to get started and have a profitable running business:


You can cut out months and years of learning curves, avoiding mistakes and can get  started immediately with professional advice from Ann Blumer. She is a certified professional organizer and has a long list of credentials to push her to the top of the professional organizer industry. Check out the valuable information she offers with  Get Rich Organizing: The Professional Organizer Survival Guide To Launch, Manage and Grow a Profitable Business.





To get started immediately, knowing where to start,  what training, or certifications you may need when determining how to become a professional organizer, another excellent place to start is Born to Organize by Sara Pedersen. You can find the best possible fundamental guidelines as to how to run your business properly, how to treat your clients, the proper way to deal with touchy situations.



Never stop learning….Angela

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  1. Daniel

    Loved the read! The more I read the more I realized how unorganized I can get in my everyday life. I couldn’t even imagine if I owned a business. Took a lot away from this post! Had no idea one can get create great wealth becoming a professional organizer. Being successful comes with being organized so I love where you are going with this.

    Thanks for the read!

    1. Angela

      I think a lot of people can start with their own home, their vehicles, their paperwork, and organizing their entire life. What do you think??


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