How To Be Grateful For What You Have

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How to be grateful for what you haveApplying and using gratitude in your daily life can really make you happier, have a more positive outlook, helps in reducing negative thoughts and reducing negative or bad outcomes.

If you learn to appreciate, and understand how to be grateful for what you have, it would give you more of advantage to understanding the process of working towards total betterment, making changes to advance your 

mindset and to improve on your life in many aspects.



  • Gratitude
  • Compassion, Caring
  • Empathy
  • Forgiveness
  • Happiness
  • Mindfulness

They all affect your mind and body, when you fully understanding how each one works and how they work together, shows that you have a greater understanding of life and how to use these emotional effects to alter or adapt to a better lifestyle and perhaps finding peace with the world. and especially within your own bubble.

Showing and expressing gratitude, is an affirmation of goodness, it is the understanding that everything in our lives is a gift to us and accepting or acknowledging these gifts allow our lives to be more in harmony and enriching.
how to be grateful
It is hard to stay gratified and frustrated at the same time. To be grateful in your life you need to know what you can commit to, continually use the forces on a daily basis and realize that your life is a gift.

Get focused on the things around you and what you want to happen, find ways to make the changes that you need to make in order to change the outcome of your life.


When you are being grateful it also spread to others and

affects their lives in a good way.


Being grateful for everything in your life leads to clarity and confidence.


Design and plan out your day, how you would like it to be the best that it can be and what you want to accomplish.  Successful people learn how to clear their minds and program their day to achieve their best results.


One way to find the gratitude that you need to get through your day is by holding unto the goodness that you have already experienced in your past.  Another way is to image the best possible situation of how you want things to turn out in your life. 

Whatever you have going on in your life, be thankful for it, it will literally help you find ways to improve that situation.


At times it can be difficult to express gratitude when we keep thoughts of hardships in our thoughts.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings of gratitude can definitely put your whole outlook into a different perspective

How to be grateful for what you have

Having gratitude is a work in progress and needs to be actively practiced:

  • Do a good deed for someone else
  • Express your thanks for everything
  • Learn from the hard times and find ways to make things better, easier, more comforting
  • Being grateful gives you an upper hand on your goal setting
  • Realize that the people around you are probably having a bad day and they are stuck in their negativity world. Do not allow this to drag you down.
  • Stay grateful for what you have and especially for what you plan on having in the future.



No matter how bad you think your situation is just remember that there are people that are going through worse situations and worse times. Let me explain:


I was blown over by a blind man…..

The other day I walked into a convenience store to get a cup of coffee and a saw a blind man in the coffee area.  Now I regularly see this man walking outside walking and he has to cross over five lanes of traffic to get to this convenience store. I am always amazed and sometimes nervous as I sit at the stop light in my car and I watch him waiting to cross or as he is crossing over. Actually with the amount of traffic that races through that intersection each day it is amazing how he has the confidence to cross that intersection.blind

But here I am in the store and I say “Good Morning” to him to let him know that I am coming up behind him.

Here is how the conversation went:

Blind man: “ma’am can you tell me if I made a mess on the counter, I was getting my coffee and I tried to clean up after myself”

Me:  “No sir there is no mess here, you are just fine”

Blind man:   “Thank you I just don’t want to leave a coffee mess here”

Me: “”Everything is fine here, you have a good day”

Blind man: (as he is slowly making his way to the checkout counter) “You have a good day also, and thank you for your eyes”

With that remark of “thank you for your eyes” from a blind man, I just stood there staring at him with my mouth sort of hanging open, as he walked away. I realized that he was grateful for my honest help and I was the blind one by taking my sight for granted.

Has something like this ever happen to you?



Did you know that expressing gratitude also leads to:

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
  • Better sleep and rest time
  • Being more resilient and strong when it comes to confrontations
  • Improving our bodies, reduces symptoms of illness, soothes the body of aches and pains,
  • Improves our brain activity and mental capacity
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Gives us a daily satisfaction and an overall life satisfaction
  • Shows compassion and understanding of others
  • Having a better understanding of those we come in contact with

Most people only express their thanks, solace and gratitude on Thanksgiving Day, and the next day they go out and fight other shoppers for that hot item. The rest of the year they don’t even think about expressing what they are thankful for. Imagine if everyone express gratitude and thanks for what they have, and especially for what they are expecting in their future, and what if they did this on a daily basis?

Expressing gratitude may not always find you the immediate success and happiness that you want, but it will definitely help to  lessen your load and those dark shadows will turn into some form of light.

You need to check out  A Simple Act of Gratitude, a rare memoir by author John Kralik  who gives his readers memorable and doable examples of how to live a fulfilling miraculous life. As some put it, “To read A Simple Act of Gratitude is to be changed”.
A Simple Act of Gratitude
As you go through your day today, find ways of expressing and understanding how to be grateful for what you have. It can dig deep into the realms of your inner soul. Learn to do daily tasks of gratuity and then grow your thankfulness to enrich your life.

To get more information on working in areas of gratitude you should check out “Greater Good” The Science of a Meaningful Life. There is a tremendous amount of excellent  information that will definitely make changes in you life. 

  I would love to hear about your gratitude story so leave your comments here. 





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