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Millions of people talk about it day in and day out and never actually do anything about it. What I am referring to is how people are constantly talking about such things as wishing to have a better life, wishing for more money, or how to be a millionaire,  yet they are stuck in their own dead end lifestyle, a daily cycle of going nowhere.  I do enjoy doing experiments such as this and asking people a variety of questions and it just amazes me as to the responses I receive from talking with people!

So how do people become millionaires? It 100 dollar bill-bannermost certainly is not working a regular 40 hour week job for someone else!

Here are 10 wealth attitudes to consider and to re-adjust your way of thinking:

  • The road to becoming a millionaire could be the hardest road one can travel, or it could be an easy one, it all depends on which road you decide to take.
  • You will never become a millionaire working a regular job for someone else
  • You will have to figure out what you want to do, the old saying is so true, keep doing the same thing and you get the same results
  • You will  most likely have to start your own company, or website
  • Learn all you can about investments, all types, the possibilities, the downfall of investing
  • Inherit it. Okay how many of you can rely on something being handed to you
  • Prepare to work hard, put in long hours
  • Spend less than you earn (seems people can not stick to this)
  • Do not throw away your money on dreams of hitting it big in the lottery
  • Get the process started, figure out how to do it and keep repeating what works best for you

Throughout each day I come into contact with people of all lifestyles. I hear all about their problems, (or as I always call them – issues). What I find out after listening, is that people do not know how to figure out their problems or issues and they are just spinning in the same circle every single day, they are literally stuck in their own rut that they created.

The biggest area I hear about of course is  money issues and so manys individual tell me that their life would change for the better if only they could hit the lottery. Really? I see it all the time, and hear about it, how an individual will spend $50 or more on a weekly basis for that “one out of ten million” hopeless chance of hitting the big jackpot!

Yes, I wanted to get your attention with the topic of how to be a millionaire because you have to add a few things together such as:

  • working towards success
  • commitment to having a better future
  • having the right mindset to get there
  • having the correct tools
  • working with a millionaire mentor

Would you not agree that having the secrets to achieve the millionaire status can get you there faster? Have you had any success with the “get rich overnight” techniques  that surface all the time over the years?

When I tell people that for them to achieve a better more successful, richer future and have control over their finances or to get to that millionaire status, what they need to do is to get educated. I see it in their faces or their remarks that they are thinking they have to return to school for two or more years and that will cost them some big bucks, which they don’t have. So then I have to explain that is not the type of education I am referring to.

Hey, if you want financial success in any form, you need to be above ordinary. You need to learn to work and to achieve differently, you need to have the correct mindset and the ability to think higher and overcome your everyday routine.

So let me tell you that there are many ways to educate yourself without going back to the actual school routine. Keep learning keep reading any and all valuable information that you can. When I tell you to educate yourself, I am not talking about the thousands of get rich fast schemes. Please do not fall into this disastrous territory,

As I said before to achieve the financial lifestyle of the millionaire status, you need a mentor that knows the in’s and outs, someone who can give you a workable action plan. Look for someone that can give you hours of learning time (compared to a book that will only emphasizes positive thinking and constant affirmations)

I’m giving you two choices right now on “how to be a millionaire” …. you decide:

  1. allow your present everyday circumstances, your problems, your lack of money dictate your future, as you remain stuck in your own personal circle of misery

2. Be prepared to spend time on your goal of becoming a millionaire, learn to invest in your future. Decide right now what you want your future to be like and how you are going to get there. Yes, it can be done!

Finding the ways and resources to success and learning how to be a a millionaire is not hard, the hardest part is the commitment, dedication and figuring out how to get out of your dead end cycle, that vicious routine of living paycheck to paycheck. Learn to lose that financial burden that you are living in at the present time. Make a positive change in yourself right now for a much better future down the road. Take it one step at a time, you just have to get started.


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  1. Fred Chong

    You are right about most of us are stuck in our vicious circle of never-ending story of failure. We got to get out of it and “acquire a millionaire mindset” – make a positive change! That is driving me to bookmark your site, to return and read the next post… and more. Thank you!

    1. Angela

      Hey Fred, I really appreciate that. I strive to offer my readers quality information and places where they can get more information to fulfill their own personal needs. Thanks for the follow, please pass this site along to others., social networking, however you want!!

  2. Fred Chong

    You are right about most of us are stuck in our vicious circle of never-ending story of failure. We got to get out of it and “acquire a millionaire mindset” – make a positive change! That is driving me to bookmark your site, to return and read the next post… and more. Thank you!

    1. Angela (Post author)

      yes it seems to me that our society and any type of standards is spiraling out of control, I believe it has to do with too much available information and what people feel they can get away with. Anyone else feel this way? Any suggestions on how to correct this?


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