How the Wealthy Affiliate Is Reviewed

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If you are fed up with your present situation, of working for low pay, working for someone else, making them rich, if you are tired of the stack of bills, if you want a better life, if you want to build a successful online business,  then you need to check out where other people are finding great success with their online results. Let me explain how the Wealthy Affiliate is making people extremely successful when it comes to building an online business and earning thousands of dollars or more a month. Are you ready to learn how? Keep reading…

Before you earn any type of income from your online business you need to “learn”.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to make mega bucks in just a few weeks then the program that I am about to tell you about is not for you.

What it comes down to is following and committing to the excellent learning process of this program, the requirement of a  pure desire, and especially a commitment to build your own business and reach the success that you want.


Do you have what it takes? Are you committed, and focused? Do you have a deep inner desire to achieve success? Do you truly want to have your own online business that will make you money?


Are you ready to commit to setting aside a few hours each day, each week to get the proper training?stairs2

Do you have the understanding that you will not be bringing in thousands of dollars by the weekend?  I know that you understand that is what the scams are offering you, right?

Realize that you will be working with professionals that have achieved top status in the online business area.

Be ready to commit your time

Be ready to learn and properly apply the techniques

Promise to never give up. Sometimes this is the hardest part because people will try it for a couple of weeks or months and then just completely stop. 


 Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?
Unfortunately thousands of individuals  get involved with some type of online scam and just lose more money and more time. From there they keep moving from program to program looking for that quick money.

Wealthy Affiliate is completely different and you need to put the scams behind you and realize that you now have found an excellent legitimate, long lasting, program that can take you step by step in building a business that you have always dreamed about.

The best way to earn a legitimate passive income that keeps rolling in month after month is by building your very own website with Wealthy Affiliate.

Over 500,000 members and still growing. does that say legitimate or what?




How the Wealthy Affiliate is right for you and why you need to join today…



With the step by step training, Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how to create your very own money making website. They show how it can be done in 30 seconds, but with me it took about 30 minutes, since I am a “slow reader” and I take my time to familiarize myself with new opportunities.

This program is FREE,  you can get started, build up to 3 legitimate and professional looking websites, and get free hosting and free training. With the premium program, you can absolutely get unlimited training, all the help you need, excellent benefits and plenty of freebies for a low monthly fee.


Price:   Membership $0  (join now)

             Premium Membership $49/month or $359/year  (join now)

Overall Rank:  98 out of 100 

Earnings:  Unlimited

Hands on training:  For newbies – experts



This training also shows you how to rank with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

It demonstrates many techniques that any beginner can easily follow such as how to add content, build pages, add photos and videos, how to use affiliate marketing to grab sales and how to legitimately have a steady stream of monthly income.

After you create a website, the training teaches you how to add content (articles, videos etc) to your website so you can attract visitors for free from within the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

With a push of a button you will be plugged into high quality videos, classrooms, and  weekly training sessions. Then you will find top notch “keep in touch” emails blogs and threads that are updated regularly, or find answers to any questions that you may have.

Once you join up you will be part of a community of like minds that are seriously looking to succeed with making money online.  Ask as many questions as you like. Get into discussion groups. Ask the top successful Wealthy Affiliate involvers any question or ask for help and they will answer.


What is the best #1 online recommendation for succeeding in your own business?

  Find out what the wealthy affiliate is, and what it is not….

Again, this is not an overnight rags to riches program, you set your own pace and  they definitely will take you by the hand and teach you such things as:

  • The fundamentals of building a website
  • How to serve the needs and wants of your potential customers and how to keep them coming back
  • Learning the techniques of having a successful online business
  • Learning and applying the best of online marketing
  • All angles of working as an affiliate marketer
  • How to make consistent and recurring  money online
  • Read about Wealthy Affiliate success stories
  • Discover how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate
  • Works for you as a newbie or as a seasoned online business individual


AND it just doesn’t stop there…

Learn how to build your traffic with such things as SEO optimization, how to properly use and benefit from all of the Social Media avenues that draws millions upon millions of individuals who are looking for information or who are ready to buy.

How to connect your website and information to affiliate programs where you sell other peoples products. Like Amazon that offers millions of products, (and if you haven’t heard of Amazon then you really have been in a cave).  This is definitely the easiest way to get started, and then from there you can promote your own products.


Okay I realize that this sounds like a lot but what you need to do is just get started and follow the step by step program. What are you waiting for?  Check out what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer or…

will you continue to stay in a dead end job, with no money and no goals for the future?


Look at society and the job market. Are you finding that perfect job? Are you a college graduate and you still can not find a decent position? Are you a baby boomer heading into retirement and do not have enough socked away in the mattress? Are you struggling to make ends meet?thDZ37C0YC

Has the stock market, the economy, the housing market, the business world knocked you down?

If you are not already disgruntled and pissed off about your job situation perhaps you should get mad. Look at it this way, You commit 8 hours or more a day to your job (just over broke) making someone else or some big company rich (where the big wigs keep getting richer with their seven figure salaries and million dollar bonuses.  While you accept the meager hourly wage they set for you.

You struggle to pay your bills, skimp and save a few dollars for the future or for retirement, and then what?



With Wealthy Affiliate you can make that extra $500 or $1,000 a month to pay the car payment or the mortgage.  But here is the best part, putting in some time and dedication you can earn thousands more each and every month.  $5,000 a month $10,000 a month, then there are those Wealthy Affiliate associates that have more than one website and are bringing in $50,000 plus each and every month!

Yes that is my goal, I know some day soon I will get there especially since I have the help from the other associates and the top notch training that I can refer to at any time.

Can it get any better?  Well yes it can. If you want to jump start your learning, obtain more precise and in depth details of how to expand, build your traffic and grab thousands of dollars in sales you definitely need to join immediately.    





What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a very legitimate business opportunity that has been in business for over 10 years, helping people achieve the online business success that most only dream about.  So what I have to say to you, is stop the dreaming and the complaining. Get the proper training from an established company with excellent results and resources.

If you can not commit at least an hour or two a day, or do not have the commitment to stay with the program, then all I have to say is keep looking for that get rich quick scam with empty promises.

Let me ask you this, Why are you committing 8 hours or more a day to your job, for that low pay,  with no promises for a better tomorrow?


Use your spare time more wisely and get your online business started today. Turn your hobby, passion or idea into a money making opportunity

With the excellent, hands on, personalized training that you will be receiving from Wealthy Affiliate and adding your own commitment and dedication you will be on track to pulling in that extra monthly income.

Do you truly have a desire or need? Do you want to really find out how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?


Why I highly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate:


  • To save you from the thousands of scams that are littered all over the internet
  • You will find everything you need to make money online
  • Find all the steps you need to build your business website
  • The techniques to exploding your online business is here
  • Finding gratitude to succeed with your (online) business


If you are truly looking for a serious business opportunity that you can run on your own terms, if you are looking for a way to get out of that dead end job, and want to find an excellent opportunity that will support you and your family financially, then here is what you will have to do:


Eat, breathe, sleep all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. Once you get started this will become second nature to you.

Be prepare to do the work, because let me tell you right up front that nobody is going to do the work for you. Look at the successful business people that have proven that it takes putting in the work to achieve success.  I love the new show on televisions called Blue Collar Millionaire, it shows how the average person has put in long hours, sweat and tears, to accomplish their status, and you know what, they did it because they were focused, worked hard and never gave up.

This is how you will have to treat your online business that you want to be successful at.


Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Everyone has a hobby, interest or desire, and everyone is looking for extra income, (just like yourself)  so when you combine these two areas, add in Wealthy Affiliate and some time and commitment you get success.


Hobby/Interest/Business  + Wealthy Affiliate + Commitment = Success!  


 Stop dragging your feet on  how the Wealthy Affiliate is making people successful, or why they are receiving top notch reviews, and find out for yourself. Check it out right now, yes you can build a website, get training for free, and get hooked up with a legitimate source to build your business and your success.  If you have a question then just ask, someone will answer, give you help, or keep pushing you along.

Never Stop Learning….Angela

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