How Do I Get More Money?

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Do you have your personal finances organized and planned out for the future? Do you find yourself asking the question of how do I get more money? Are you constantly fighting that nasty evil thing called debt? Should I even ask you about your retirement plans or how many dollars you are attempting to stretch until your next payday? Of course what happens when the next payday hits?  You are once again in that vicious cycle of scraping by, robbing Peter to pay Paul, trying to figure out where and how to get more money, what not to pay and what bills can wait.

Actually you are not alone, people are constantly looking for sources of money, making an attempt of increasing their monthly income, and most of the time just a need for money to pay their mortgage, pay the light bill, put food on the table.

Studies have shown that people get so worked up about their money situations that they overlook the basic elements that could be applied to help fight their crisis.

Actually the more you think and talk about your money issues, the more it will pull you down, and doing nothing to improve your situation is even worse.


I realize that everyone has a different situation and story, so here are just a few starting places that people over look, and yes, you can definitely find and put into everyday action to get some extra money, such as:

  • Getting a part time job ( I know what you are saying,  really? Yes really! Okay so you probably already have a full time job (or maybe not), just get organized and start looking, there are plenty of part time situations you can find, especially in the retail field that can work with you around your hours.
  • Learn to budget:  Have you ever put yourself on a strict budget diet? Start with writing down everything, every little penny that you spend each and every day for a month and track where and how you are spending all of your precious money. You will be surprised at the extra money you could come up with when you learn to cut back, cut down and realize where your money is being spent each day
  • Determine your skills, talent and knowledge: Offer your expertise to others as a consultant, advisor, teacher or service provider, you can offer a much needed service for those who are seeking assistance for specific needs.
  • Sell things: Really?  Yes I am not kidding! Take a serious look around your homestead and figure out what you don’t need, or what you can give up. There was a time for me that I had to sell some family antiques that I had for a long time because I needed the money. (At the time it was extremely hard, but today I do not even miss the items) .

two hands with moneyActually I did not look back, I moved on, and I keep moving forward…


  • Sell things on such places like Ebay, Craigslist, Pennysaver, Etsy, your local flea market. Heck people are even selling their hair on Ebay!
  • Have a garage sale to clean out your house, or switch it up and go to garage sales to find things that you can flip and sell to others.
  • Take on renters if you have an extra room, or a garage, rent it out to an individual that needs to park a vehicle. Take in a friend or family member to help cover household cost.
  • A huge area you can find extra money is by completely eliminating fast food and eating out. Learn to buy food on sale and cook at home.
  • Start your own business. This will take sometime, yet the benefits will most certainly out weigh the objectives. A good place to start with a legitimate online business and having your own website.
  • Learn everything you can about  the best way of handling your personal finances and your money management skills

How do I pay my bills? How do I get more money? Where can I get help?


Were you aware that more than 35% of Americans have unpaid bills that are turned over to a collection agency for a more drastic and aggressive behavior. (Including credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, and in today’s financial world even past due cellphone bills, payday advances and hospital bills are being turned in for collections.

Are you aware that when your unpaid bills are turned over to other collection agencies most of the time your personal information goes with it. Unfortunately it keeps getting turned over from one bill collector to the next.  From there it just totally destroys your credit and everything that goes with it.

How can I get organized and change my financial future?

You need to take a lesson from Dave Ramsey, he lays out the facts on such issues as people not having any money, people not being in control of their money, the poor money habits of the majority of individuals, people approaching retirement years with absolutely no  money and then having to rely on a downtrodden, and broken system that some call social insecurity.

You definitely have some big decisions to make in finding another source of income.   Take a good look at your life, where you are, where you want to be. When asking the big question of How do I get more money, only you can determine the right answer for yourself.

Get serious, get focused, learn to take the proper steps. Thousands of people have already found great success.

The answer to How Do I Get More Money can be  

found with Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

Get moving, your success will only be determined by the work you put into changing your lifestyle.  Yes, it will take work. Make a decision today to make improvements or, you can just keep going in that same old “money pit” cycle.

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  1. Derek Marshall

    HI there my friend,

    What a brilliant and very noble site you have on your hands. Thanks for making it. Peter is tired of being robbed but Paul never complains about getting paid.

    You have given me some ideas that will save me from robbing Peter and make is as well as my own life a little bit better.

    1. Angela

      Thank you for your comments. Yes Peter has been robbing Paul for thousands of years, and over time the names and the techniques change, but is always the same, people always in need of extra money. So how do we stop the process of money controlling us and reverse the situation that we have total control over our own financial matters?? Anyone else want to comment?

  2. Imad


    Great stuff in this article. A lot of motivating notes and the way you addressed this subject is very straightforward.

    One big game changer for me was reading Napoleon Hill’s book “Think & Grow Rich”. It’s a true motivator and a goldmine of valuable tips to start making money. The only thing to do is to keep moving, coming up with ideas and trying possible way to make a living, online or offline.

    We can achieve great things in life and make more money if we want to.


    1. Angela

      I love how you said that we need to keep moving forward! What would happen if people gave up watch the stupid reality shows, stopped playing videos and picked up a book or increased their knowledge on a hobby? How do we make this happen? Any comments?


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