How Can You Make Money With Blogging?

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Starting and achieving success with a blog can be easy and done simply on your own terms. People from all lifestyles that are having a desire to start, or greatly improve a blog are asking a simple yet vital question of: How Can You Make Money With Blogging? Simply put, millions of average day people are achieving fantastic results with blogging and with the unlimited income possibilities.


How you can make money with bloggingIndividuals of all ages are into the blogging scene for a variety of reasons, such as the ability to discuss a specific issue, writing about experiences, providing information on  specific niches  or life issues, and many bloggers are finding exceptional ways to earn income with their blog for their immediate income needs or income for retirement years.


For those who are in the dark, allow me to explain what a blog is:

  • An area where you provide information, knowledge, and specific talk about a main topic or niche (example:  money, health, retirement, shoes, babies, sports, food, business, news, music, the environment…) there are thousands of niches to work with
  • An area where you have the opportunity to help other people
  • An area where your readers can hold conversations and discussions with each other
  • Ability to express yourself to the world


While building a  blog you will find ways to expand your thinking, develop unique understanding, develop meaningful articles, providing an unique way to share knowledge with your readers, definitely find many avenues to make money and have steady streams of income.

Why start and run a blog? What are the benefits?

  • You can discuss and promote your lifestyle, specific hobbies, interests, concerns
  • You are free to be yourself
  • Connect to others around the world with the same interestopportunity sign
  • Turn it into a full time business
  • Quit your present low paying, stressed out job
  • Earn streams of income on a monthly basis,
  • Have that stream of income for your retirement years
  • Be a hobby blogger or a pro blogger

What are the requirements to set up blog?

  • A desire to help other people
  • Ability to provide information, knowledge on a specific topic or niche. Offer your readers desirable information that they are seeking, give them answers.
  • A commitment to build your blog and your business
  • Using the right platform to design, grow and promote your blog
  • Combining blogging along with affiliate marketing to achieve success
  • No degree needed. You don’t need to quit your present job ( but you will once you get going on your own blog site)
  • Find an excellent mentor, an expert blogger/affiliate marketer who has achieved high success with blogging
  • Time and patience


Discovering How can you make money with blogging is extremely

achievable when you connect your blog

with the benefits of affiliate marketing — Yes others are achieving

wonderful success and you can too!



Making money for beginners or seasoned bloggers:

  • Decide what you are going to write about, what is your passion, what is your hobby, what is your niche?  Give you readers material that they can indulge themselves in. Information that is legitimate, fact finding, interesting, and honest information that they definitely can benefit from and enjoy
  • Understand what you are offering and where you want to go with blog, where you want to be with your information and especially with your readers
  • Learn to do your research, provide quality top notch information, this process will lead to more readers and will build your traffic
  • Who will be reading your material? Will you be targeting the world, a certain geographic area, or a specific group
  • To achieve a successful blog that earns you top notch money, you must use the knowledge of an expert blogger/affiliate marketer.  Find an expert mentor, someone who has been through all the ups and downs and has achieved extreme success with  the magic of incorporating affiliate marketing into a successful blog

Remember  the old saying “Do what you love,

and the money will follow”.  

When you do blogging the right way, the money will follow, You will have a steady stream of income when you combine blogging with affiliate marketing.



Your very first step right now is to find that expert, who can show you the ropes, tips, techniques and how to achieve total success THE RIGHT WAY with affiliate marketing.  One such person is Rosalind Gardner a Super Affiliate Marketer and Pro Blogger since 1998, who earns over a million dollars a year with blogging and affiliate marketing, promoting products and services from a variety of  legitimate sources.


Rosalind shares with her readers step by step  techniques (needing  no no experience) on the fantastic opportunities to  earn unlimited income with a blog.

Your questions and concerns of how can you make money with blogging ends right now.

The answer is be committed to your blog,  make good choices, combine blogging with affiliate marketing and get proper training from a professional blogger who has been where you are now.


Never stop learning….Angela


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  1. Bartholomew

    This is a very awesome and informational website. I totally agree with everything in this website. Nice to see you’re promoting books and wealthy affiliate. I recommend everyone to start with wealthy affiliate especially those who want to start an online business. Its very helpful and will sure guide you towards success. Keep it up and Thank you!

    1. Angela

      Thanks for your comments on my site. my main goal is to people more aware of their situation going into retirement and being capable of having enough money to live on during retirement. I offer plenty of tips and also excellent ways to have extra sources of income. I know everyone has different taste that is why I am aiming to write about a huge variety of topics. Do you do blogging? I would like to hear how others are doing on their blogging. So all you readers, give me a shout out and let me know


  2. Jose

    As a 16 year old kid I dreamed of traveling the world and living life on my own terms all while working from a laptop. Thanks to blogging I made that dream come true and am now currently lying down on my bed in the Bahamas doing some “work” on my laptop. Blogging is the way to go if you’re looking for freedom

    1. Angela

      Hello Jose,

      Thanks for your information on blogging. Can you just tell me (and my readers) how much time a day you sepnd doing your blogging and perhaps how successful you are at it. Thanks



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