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jitterbug flip phone, Great Call JitterbugAre you  stressing over finding the perfect gift for an elder family member? Here is a great idea to seriously consider – how about a simple, effective, reliable cell phone, or a reliable medical care device that can be of assistance to a family member who can use a phone system or some occasional support with a medical condition?  This holiday season, for any gift idea all year long or “just because”,  the Greatcall Jitterbug  with it’s impeccable phone service, the medical help it provides and all the simple but effective extra’s that it provides, can be  the much needed answer to helping out your loved one, no matter what their situation.


What a great gift idea for senior citizens, some one who is in retirement, who do not need to fill their homes with more items that they will never use. The Greatcall Jitterbug phone is a useful present that at times

can be a truly  “must have” item, if a medical emergency arises or just to keep in touch with the outside world on a daily basis, or on an as needed basis.

I just want to mention that The Great Call company offers the Jitterbug Smart phone and the Jitterbug flip phone. Great Call also has wearable medical devices such as their “Lively” which millions of independent individuals depend on as they go through their daily routines.  



Some of the great options you will get with the Greatcall Jitterbug phones or medical devices include:

jitterbug medical, great call medical alert

5 start urgent response – provides easy-to-use and reliable access to certified 5Star emergency dispatch Agents, 24/7. These agents will confirm your location, evaluate your situation, and get you the help you need.

Urgent care – if something is not right, certified agents will evaluate your situation and the the proper help that you need

Greatcall link  – family members or caregivers can receive updates about the status and well-being of the person using the Great Call product.

Medcoach – is a great service that will help the phone subscriber to when and what medications to take. This service can also connect you to your pharmacy

Daily health tips – every day you will receive fact finding tips on proper exercise, eating healthy, and the best things to keep you healthy and active

Check in call – set up a check in call on a daily basis or whenever that special need arises

Brain games – here you will find challenging and fun games to keep your brain sharp and your visuals alert, your memory in top working condition and to be aware of actions and people around you

Wellness call – this services gives you tips and solutions to live a healthy lifestyle and you will also receive a weekly motivational call to help with health issues that can improve mental, physical outlook

Personal operator – Need help using your phone?  No problem just push the button and a personal operator is waiting to help out. Find phone numbers, update your contacts, find local services

Fall detection  If someone falls, the system is available to call for help

Product replacement – for a small fee your phone or medical device can easily be  if it is lost, stolen or broken


jitterbug-touch-2, great call jitterbug

I would just like to share some interesting facts about Great Call, their fantastic services that  they offer, all surrounding the medical needs and attention that people are looking for to help them keep active and to be there for their daily routines:

  • Great Call is by far the leader in helping family, friends and medical  health services  in staying connected  for the active yet aging  individuals.
  • Not only for the 10,000 baby boomers who every single day enter their retirement times but also for anyone with medical needs, now caregivers can live apart from their loved ones and still keep medically in contact on a daily basis.
  • Millions of individuals, (and not just elders) are finding the first class benefits of Greatcall with its  easy-to-use mobile products and award-winning approach to customer care.
  • The Jitterbug phone helps the rapidly growing aging population, or anyone who just wants the basis, to live  a more independent lifestyle yet allows them to get  the help they need within minutes.
  • At Great Call, their main concern is to  help save lives.  With the Great Call services your loved ones can rest assure that no matter the distance between family members, there will be security and medical help at a push of a button


The Greatcall Jitterbug Phone products and services include: Greatcall alert system

  • The Jitterbug Flip and the Jitterbug Smart phone
  • The Lively Urgent Response device
  • The Lively Wearable
  • Jitterbug phone plans
  • Plus a variety of health, safety and medical apps such as: Urgent Care, GreatCall Link, MedCoach and 5 Star.


Jitterbug phone plans offer:

  • No contracts – you have a simple month to month plan
  • No cancellation fees – you can cancel at anytime
  • No long distance fees in the U.S. – call family members and friends anywhere in the U.S.
  • Unused minutes – rollover minutes up to 60 days


What I find amazing is that even with all the smartphones that people are using in the world today, there are still millions of people that use and prefer the basic flip phone and that is what you will get with the Jitterbug flip phone.   
greatcall jitterbug, jitterbug phone
So, hey, yeah…no matter what Great Call Jitterbug phone you decide to go with, or if you prefer to have a medical alert button, make sure you check out everything that Jitterbug has to offer

Click here to get all the information you need.



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