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Millions of individuals and families are finding it difficult to keep up with their financial obligations. Debt issues can put stress on income earners and definitely affect future issues within a household.

There are plenty of  good debt settlement companies available for your individualized needs. Finding, coordinating and working with any of these companies takes preparation and a good understanding of what they offer and what will be accomplished to achieve your dreams of being debt free.

Before making a decision on a debt settlement or a debt consolidation  program you need to explore all of your options  There are thousands of debt relief programs. Yes there are good ones, but the majority of them are in the business of preying on desperate people with huge mountains of debt.  Of course when you contact them, you will hear that they  most certainly can reduce, consolidate  or settle your debt amount far less then your balance, all you have to do is turn over your personal information and pay them a monthly amount.

Of course they will convince you that working with them is the right choice. Remember they are in the business to make money so yes they have no problem taking your money.

You cannot just pay them a monthly amount, hand over all of your personal information such as your banking information, credit card numbers, social security number and expect the creditors to magically disappear.  You definitely need to do your homework and check things out to get quality results with you becoming  legally debt free.

paying down debt strategies

If you go with a debt relief program, please investigate all aspects of their operation procedures. I have heard horror stories of individuals that start with a program and they have to pay fees for the debt settlement company first, leaving creditors the advantage of still contacting you and totally ruining your life.  The Federal Trade Commission has completely changed this format but the scammers will still attempt to pull their fees first.  The fees are usually determined by the amount of debt you have, or how many creditors you are dealing with.

When you are deep in debt and are considering a debt settlement or debt consolidation here are a few things to think about.

  • Do not entrust your  personal information and money to just the first company you find or to the first person you talk with. They will definitely tell you that you came to the right place and they will solve all of your money problems.. Check around do your homework.
  • Make sure you check with the Better Business Bureau if you do decide to go with one of these companies. Hey you are already losing money in expensive fees, interest and holding too much debt to your income ratio so you defpaying down debt strategiesinitely do not want to lose any more of your hard earned money. I also recommend you read the information available at
  • Make sure you research the company, check out their procedures, read up on comments from present and past customers, go one step further and see if you can blog with any of these customers and find out their results.
  • Before contacting any company make a budget,  list monthly income coming in, figure out and list ALL of your bills and expenses. Take a look at each individual creditor and list the total amount owed, the interest and fees. Figure out how long it will take you to pay it off if you continue to make the minimum monthly payment.
  • Find ways to cut down on your  spending. Find an extra source of income
  • Make every attempt to work with your creditors on your own, to  have your monthly amount adjusted to fit in your budget. Creditors will be more than glad to work with you than work with a debt settlement company. Make sure you get everything outlined and in writing. You will be saving the huge fees that the debt settlement was going to charge you.

Make a commitment to stick to your budget and your own personal payback method. You can do this yourself. Set up your budget, figure out where you are with all of your bills, get the right  advise on how to handle situations, contact your creditors. keep at it.

Creditor Issues…

  • Be very wary of companies that make such promises of  settling for much less then you owe, creditors have a set amount of what they will settle for.
  • Some creditors will not accept a lower amount of what is owed
  • Stay away from companies that demand their fees in advance of that promised settlement.
  • Some creditors will not work with debt settlement, debt consolidation companies
  • Creditors are under no obligation to accept a settlement on the balance that you owe
  • Creditors can still charge interest, late fees and can file collection lawsuits leading to dealing with court procedures,  judgements against you, wage garnishments and freezing  bank accounts . It depends on the creditors, the type of debt you have and the amount. Of course they want all of their money

Working with the debt settlement company or doing it yourself…

    • Ask the debt settlement company for proof of their success rates. Most individuals drop out or stop paying before their debts are paid. Seems the reason comes down to the issue of not having the money to pay these places. Of course! People did not have the money to pay their creditors on their own so how can they keep up with the DebtFreeCoverpayments to the settlement companies
    • Again settlement is not that much more than what you can do on your own.
    • Again, I have to say figure out your budget
    • Since there is a variety of debt relief options that is available, keep in mind that everyone is different and you must look at your own situation, and how you want to proceed with your debt issues.

Think about this…

  • What is it you want to achieve and how you are going to make changes so you do not fall back into the same “money pit” that you are presently trying to dig your way out of.
  • Nobody is going to care about your financial future like you should. So if you are in a bad place right now find a way to take control of your money situation find a way to handle your debt issues on your own. If you decide to do it on your own check out the Debt Free Miracle 
  • If you go with a settlement company find out if they will also give money budgeting advice, do they help you to reorganize and teach you how to handle your daily money issues.
  • Find a way to overcome debt and to have the opportunity to balance out your life and your money

Settlement vs Bankruptcy…

  • A debt settlement company may be your better option instead of going the route of bankruptcy .
  • You will see a drop in your credit score for both circumstances but the effects will be far less dramatic if you go the route of settlement and stay clear of bankruptcy
  • Rebuilding your credit score will be an easier way to go when you complete a settlement program than if you went the bankruptcy way.  I am not going into the topic of bankruptcy here…that is a gigantic can of worms to open.

To get more information when making your final decision on finding Good Debt Settlement Companies you can always take a different route that millions are finding success with. Take a look at The Debt Free Miracle  program, save yourself a ton of money and be totally in control of your own money situation.

 Remember you have to determine what works best for you and your situation.

Never stop learning….Angela


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  1. Guy

    I would leave everything in the hands of somebody else when it comes to my finances. Let alone paying them monthly fees. If the reason I go see them is because I’m crawling under terrible debts, I don’t see how I can find extra money to pay them like that.

    One thing that have helped me once was to sit down with one of the personal of the bank I put my money in. She helped me calculate my budget and eventually helped me pay off the credit card balance I was owing.

    But it was not easy though. I was on a strict budget for a while. But sometime that solution is not enough because the debt is too high… so I’m not sure what I would suggest then…

    1. Angela

      Hey Guy, I would have to say that at least you are working to get your debt down and your finances in order. It does take a lot of commitment and sometimes you do have to change your plans because life throws some serious curve balls. Just keep at it and continue to come back here to my site and continue to educate yourself.


  2. Taking A Leap Of Faith

    Debt is getting out of hand, not just for the country but also for the everyday citizen. Working with a debt settlement company takes preparation and knowing what exactly it is they offer. The majority prey on desperate people with tons of debt. But there are some good ones out there. All of the companies will tell you they can consolidate, reduce, or settle your debt, but remember they are all out to make money. Giving them your banking info, your credit card info, and your social security number doesn’t make your problems disappear. Some companies will expect you to pay them first and then pay off your creditors which doesn’t help you, because you still get calls from the creditors demanding their money. Do your homework and check the company out first. See if they have good standing, and if they have any referrals whether good or bad. Make an attempt to work with the creditors first on your own, but if that doesn’t work, then you may need help. You will need to have a budget and stick to it. And remember some creditors won’t work with these kinds of companies, so you may have to work out deals with some of your creditors yourself anyway.

    1. Angela

      I can see that you have the same points that I have! Hopefully people educate themselves before they get involved with any debt settlement company. Actually I believe people should try to fix their own debt problems. My advice to all of my readers….go back and reread this article, check out eliminate debt yourself



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